Aaryn approaches Jessie and apologizes for the fight last night, said she felt hurt and betrayed. She said she respects her and hopes she understands where she was coming from.

Howard and Spencer ask Elissa, Andy, Jessie, Helen and Judd to assemble in the HOH room. BB kept calling one of them to the DR, so they were waiting a bit to hear what they had to say. When Helen was in the DR for a while, Howard decided that he would talk to the rest and catch Helen up later. This is the conversation they had: Howard decides to tell Helen later, and proceeds to begin. Says coming in his plan was to be one of the first guys to come in and play honest. He was gonna align with whoever came to him first and the guys came to him. He says along the way he didn't like how one of the guys represented himself. Says he disrespects women, and is a bully. He says he teaches kids to be against bullying. Says he was the 4th vote and he did it to frame Amanda. Says Amanda spread a lot about him. Tells Elissa he knew she would stay. He says to not be mad at him or Spencer; they wanted to get away from Jeremy. Says they found a way out of Moving Co. and decided to join them instead. He says he runs every morning, he can beat Jeremy, but he hasn't wanted to. He asks them to believe he's loyal and he is with them. He says he's loyal to them with his heart. Says he's gonna talk to McCrae and Amanda too. Says if the other side wins HOH their true ugliness will come back out, they are crying now cuz they don't have power. He says if they hear something come ask him, he hopes they can forgive him and he hopes they don't believe the hype from the other side.

Elissa hugs Howard and says I really trusted you and I can't believe someone like you aligned with Jeremy. Candice says she wants good people to win and be in jury house. Spencer stands up and starts his speech. Candice first makes Spencer clarify when he told her to evict Elissa right before the David vote. He does, and Candice says she wants Elissa to know they pulled the wool over her eyes. Elissa nods. Spencer explaining Moving Crew, he says they began to realize what kind of person Jeremy was. Then he outs Nick on being a pro roller-blader and he went to Yale but didn't graduate, everyone seems surprised. He says he's gotten closer to everyone in HOH and he and Howard wanted to flip and be in the alliance with them and Elissa's MVP. Andy points out that Spencer framed Jessie for the Nick vote. Howard says Spencer didn't know, it was all him. Spencer says he threw Amanda and was onto him and he was torn on what to do. Tells Andy he loves him. Andy tears up and says I am so hurt. Spencer says he knows. Judd says y'all weren't very good, talking in front of everyone. Spencer knows and says he hopes they can forgive. Elissa says let's just get 'them' out and play the game from there. Spencer says his group did bad things but he's not a bigot that's not who he is. Howard says they will see when they watch the show how much Candice went through last night and it was all he could do to control himself. 

Elissa asks to talk to Helen alone. Helen assures her that she is her best friend in the house. That the show does not want her to put up Howard! Elissa said she had to talk to Amanda and McCrea because they want Howard up and out.

McCrae, Amanda, Elissa, Helen in HOH. McCrae and Amanda want Howard up via MVP. Elissa asks them if they will really protect her. Amanda says of course, and Helen says well you're still here. Amanda says it makes sense to nominate Howard and Elissa has a good reason because Howard voted to evict her. Helen says Howard only came clean when he found out she already knew. Elissa wants an alternative to Howard since Jeremy is the target. She's afraid Howard will come after her. Amanda seems irritated and tells Elissa "We saved you, don't f**k this up." Amanda says to blame her or McCrae. McCrae agrees enthusiastically. Elissa is not convinced yet; Amanda says Elissa, “He lied on the bible.” Elissa says she feels like she's doing all the dirty work. McCrae says he will gladly tell them he is MVP; he is so pissed at Howard. Amanda says if Elissa doesn't put Howard up it will be bad for her. Helen is joining McCrae and Amanda in convincing Elissa to use MVP on Howard. Helen says tell Howard they need him to win veto. Helen says she'll act like she's MVP if Elissa wants her to. Elissa asks Helen why she didn't put up Howard. Helen says the problem was she couldn't decide on Spencer or Howard, she asked the DR if she could talk to Spencer first.


McCrea then went around the house telling everyone he got MVP. Meanwhile Elissa is telling people she did not get MVP this week. Amanda got pissed and demanded she tell her if she got MVP or if she nominated someone else other than Howard. Elissa said she will see later. They go back and forth and then Elissa admits she put up Spencer with MVP. So Elissa is MVP. Elissa said she could not do something her gut wouldn’t let her do and that everyone wants her to do the dirty work for them with MVP nomination. She starts to cry over the fight she had with Amanda. McCrea said she had a deal with him and he is pissed.

After McCrea leaves he gets a deal from Howie saying he won’t put him up this week with MVP if he promises not to put him up next week. Howie agrees.

Amanda spent the remainder of the night mad at Elissa’s nomination choice and complaining.

All were asleep by 3:34 AM.

Who will win VETO? Who will get evicted, is the back door open for Jeremy? Will Elissa be the only MVP this season? Why did production interfere with them putting Howard up? Who knows! Thanks updaters you’re the best!