McCrae is followed into Lounge by GM who closes the door and who's talking a mile a minute. Elissa enters as we go to commercial.  McCrae nominates GM and Elissa.

LIVE VETO is navigating a toy car thru a maze to the end. The maze is a long ramp thing. Judd wins veto (Elissa looked last.) Way to go, Judd!

Competition complete, GM seems to be hounding Judd, hugging him. GM yells at Elissa why Judd begged Elissa not to evict him. Andy is heard trying to blame Amanda leaving and blaming Judd's eviction on Elissa. Elissa defends she had no idea about Judd. Andy says that everybody but Judd knew about it. Spencer says he didn't know. GM says she didn't know.

LIVE VETO CEREMONY: Elissa says she wants to stay and tells Judd she didn't know about the backdoor. It was Amanda, Helen and Aaryn. That he said that he would save her if he won veto and hopes he honors that. GM says she has Judd's back and he was always cool with her. GM accuses Elissa of being in on Judd's eviction with Helen and that's why he begged, but GM was always left in the dark and is always truthful.

Judd decides not to use the veto "Good luck, ladies!" he says, returning the Veto to it's box. GM says she appreciates that.

LIVE PRE-EVICTION Speeches are in just a few minutes.

Elissa says she's never lied to Judd and never nominated Spencer except for the MVP. She'd appreciate their votes and will work with them. GM has more votes in jury. "Andy," she continues, "I didn't lie to you." GM tells them they all know she's loyal to the death... the proof is in the pudding... I'm good at some things and stink at others..Go hard or go home..I'm loyal... and I never, ever, ever steered any of you guys wrong.

Elissa is evicted. She wants to get her bag first, and walks towards the back bedroom but is called outside by Julie. She is shaken as she walks by the HouseGuests and noone offers and she gives noone a hug as she walks out the door to thundering applause.

Julie asks if there's anything Elissa could have done differently?  Elissa honestly thought McCrae changed his vote because Andy looked "so shocked." She doesn't know. Julie asks if it's confusing for her.Julie mentions Amanda taunting her and then voting for her to stay. "How hard was it to put all that garbage aside?" she asks Elissa. Elissa didn't want to think with her emotions and McManda being a showmance was a bigger target. She felt it would buy her another week with McManda going up. She should have won the HOH.

Julie says Elissa should feel proud of how she did, that Rachel made it to week 5 but she made it to week 10. Rachel told Elissa to stay emotionless and make deep connections and make two week deals and form alliances. "It was crazy!" Elissa finishes. Julie says it's a crazy game and Elissa is now officially a  member of the jury.  Elissa receives loud applause.

Julie tells us to tune in Sunday to find out who the new HOH will be. A former BB winner will surprise the HouseGuests.

7:02PM  KITCHEN  - GM is congratulating herself as the last girl. Andy notes at one point that there were 7 girls and 3 guys. McCrae is psyched to get a letter. All are talking about the comps and congratulating themselves and comparing battle wounds. GM says she didn't realize Elissa was so fishy, "I  tried to be nice to her, I tried. At least I got my hair done before she left!" she brags. GM is happy to still have her own bed.

Judd says he doesn't want to sound like he's arrogant or cocky but he's sooo glad Elissa is gone, "She don't even deserve this experience," he decides. Andy says they can talk freely now she's gone. Spencer agrees, and the boys launch into a long tirade of  assorted obscenities and cuss words (in front of GM.)

Andy hopes "America saw how terrible she was, but when I voted her out I thought I heard groans and the audience wasn't happy." Judd calls Elissa "the biggest liar and psychotic."     Spencer boasts if she wins AFP he's going to drop his drawers and poop on stage. Judd says Elissa unnecessarily lied to him, that she was always coming up to him and saying F2 to him F2, F2. She didn't have to even say that, because he doesn't win anything. McCrae says, "she was, I dunno."

Nobody is ready to sit down yet. Everyone noticed the audience cheered when McCrae won. Andy tells again about the groan when he voted Elissa out. Judd thinks everybody there now 'deserves' to stay. He really didn't want Elissa to win the POV and complains that Elissa started acting "wierd towards me the last couple of days out of nowhere. She'd like look at me and laugh hysterically when I wasn't doing anything," he continues, "and she'd just say, "oh, Judd."  Andy tells GM that he's a little sad because Amanda was his friend, even though she and Amanda had a blowup. He wanders off.

7:09PM  - COLOR ROOM - GM is jumping around in joy. Andy whispers, "FU Elissa" as GM jumps around. Andy asks did GM hear Elissa when she left? Judd said, "I love you" and Elissa said "whatever." GM thinks it's funny that Elissa "looked (not her best)" when she left.

Andy says "FU Elissa" again as they exit. He comes into the kitchen proclaiming, "OMG, Elissa isn't in this house!" Judd complains again that Elissa would look at him and smile and say, "Oh, Judd" and he didn't like that.

HALL BEDROOM - Andy and Judd take a moment to high-five each other and crow. Spencer is followed back into the bedroom by Judd who says they're basically going to have fun with this HOH. Spencer wants to win because he wants pictures but it doesn't matter. McCrae joins them and Spencer's glad McCrae got the veto. Judd says he told Elissa he wasn't voting her out. Judd doesn't want to pack her things because he doesn't "want to be liable for what she says we break." Spencer says Elissa was a (poor) game player, "but you'd have to admire at the end, if she would had made it to F2, because she's been a target since week 1 and was Rachel's sister."

Spencer comes out of the SR and screams, 'Does everybody know what time it is? Time to pack that b... (stuff)!" and he literally slings Elissa's suitcase across the living room. He takes a bottle of pills out of Elissa's luggage that have an "m" on them and calls them "B.... Pills" and says she hasn't been taking them. He wants to pack her cosmetics without the lids on them. Judd wants to just throw her things in the suitcase, but Spencer tells him to be careful with everything. Judd thinks Elissa will say they broke her stuff. Spencer wants somebody from production to pack her things.

Spencer says McCrae got out the "most unstable, most undeserving. b.... it was cool."  Andy thinks "the sane, awesome people" in America are celebrating right now.  Spencer thinks the Brenchel Army are drinking the spiked koolaid like Jonestown. Judd says the people who watch the show might be upset but the people that watch the feeds know what's going on. "She's a looney toon and the personality of a fish."  FISH

Spencer is furious Elissa would win AFP. "Don't give it to (her)," he says. They all agree Elissa is a horrible person; she's "filthy rich." Judd says it's all worked out how it should have worked out. McCrae says he hoped for the best but planned for the worst. Andy says Amanda started a bunch of stuff and put McCrae in the middle of it. McCrae says it was always how it was going to be - she was a "space shuttle" where she flies him "to the highest atmosphere" and he takes it from there.

Judd tells the boys to just soak it in that they are Final 5 - everybody loves the game; they would do it if it wasn't televised. Andy says he wouldn't and makes a slam at those who want to become 'a famous actress.' Spencer says he'd do it even if there was no money.

Judd says with Elissa gone he doesn't have to be "paranoid" anymore. McCrae says he doesn't have to be walking on eggshells with anything he says. Spencer says he wanted to say 'FU b...' and kick Elissa as she walked out the door. They all noticed she didn't hug anyone and agree they wouldn't have hugged her anyway. Judd says she was trying to fight with him going out the door when he was evicted by saying that she didn't know about his eviction. Andy says Elissa knew "everything" about Judd leaving, he can attest to it.

Spencer wants to put Elissa's chair in the SR. Andy says at least she went out classier than (Judd.) Andy says when Judd said "I love you," Elissa said, "whatever." Andy would have punched her in the face if Elissa had stood up with a DPV. Spencer says he intentionally ticked her off today when she complained about her hip hurting by saying, "I thought yoga was supposed to make you feel better." They talk about how they think Elissa looked better without makeup and "regular color hair." Spencer says he was not sexually attracted to her whatever.(thank goodness). Andy thinks that anyone who thinks a conversation with Elissa was better than a conversation with any of them "is a moron." He can't imagine what she and Helen ever talked about.

Standing at the memory wall, Andy says the girls are idiots; they could never have worked with each other. He loves the energy that Amanda brought to the house but he hates everything about Elissa. Elissa bashing switches to Amanda bashing and back to Elissa bashing.

Judd says Elissa had crocodile tears before she left. Andy claims that Elissa can't cry. He thinks she's incapable of crying. Elissa getting HOH was terrifying, "because if you look at her funny or don't compliment her child's artwork or tell her her yoga mat is the best she'll put you up." 

GM comes out of the DR to say they need to pack Elissa's stuff.  If they see anything of Elissas to let her know. They want to put "rotten meat" (head cheese) into Elissa's luggage.  Momentarily out of steam, the boys' bashing breaks down into a game of "Bulls..t".

GM continues to gather Elissa's stuff and is folding Elissa's clothes by folding over twice, and then stuffing them in Elissa's suitcase, whether it's a blouse, jacket or a dress (she's not being as neat as she was when packing her own suitcase. She is, however, checking all the labels.)

McCrae takes one of the yellow balls from Elissa's things that Elissa had set aside for her son and claims that Elissa took it from him. He stops pacing to watch GM pack. GM says she likes to talk to McCrae more than she liked to talk to Amanda. She thinks Amanda brought McCrae down and it's Amanda's fault that McCrae was 'attached to the hip." She was "too paranoid crazy." He's a good guy but she was too much. McCrae says he totally understands. GM says she wasn't scared of Amanda.

Judd complains about Elissa. Spencer says he's tired of seeing Elissa's "stupid...face." GM pipes up to say she doesn't care how much money Elissa has, it doesn't make her any better than GM. She may have fancier clothes but..." and trails off. Judd's tired of people thinking they're above someone else. That everyone left are the people who "all love the game and are all on the same level." He says Elissa felt 'entitled'. McCrae brings up Elissa saying, "I don't want to go to jury.." GM wonders if Elissa will walk. Judd calls her a name. Spencer says she's a "(bleeping).. disgrace." Noone thinks she will walk from jury because it's all girls. Spencer thinks Elissa "hates guys."

GM says she got out two of the biggest out, between Candice and Amanda. What blew her off the edge was when Amanda grinned, or smirked after she talked to Elissa about kicking Elissa out of her downstairs bed. GM thinks that Amanda was starting stuff because she'd already talked to Elissa about it. Judd talks about how Elissa would look at him and laugh and she'd say, "Nothing, Judd," and he's glad she's gone. He doesn't care if he gets her jury vote, "Screw her jury vote," he brags.

8:09PM - Spencer wants to put on Elissa's underwear and "prance" around the house. GM is complaining Elissa's clothes are "all designer stuff." Spencer complains that Elissa said her overweight charge for baggage was $200.  GM thought Elissa had more than one suitcase.

Andy asks about one of Elissa's dresses. Spencer says again he wants to put on Elissa's underwear and run around saying, "Look at me, I'm a b...."  Andy laughs and repeats it. Judd asks what? and Spencer repeats it in a high voice. Judd laughs and then brags about telling Elissa to STFU. McCrae thought that was "so awesome."