2:09AM - Who wants to see my HOH Room?!  Judd says, "We miss you, Candice." Andy calls her his "sweet angel."

Spencer has a picture of Marilyn and of himself without a beard.There's a UCA Sweatshirt (his alma mater), a new shirt and Alaska shirt, beef jerky, caramel apples and loads of candy. Marilyn made him a Murdock pawprint. In the fridge is yogurt, chocolate cake, sandwich meat, beer and cokes. They all exclaim how pretty Marilyn is. His CD is Nirvana #9. Spencer reads his letter from Marilyn


Hey Spencer, I'm so proud of you and I get so giddy thinking about you following your dream. I have such faith in you. You can do anything. This is your summer....Murdock is getting used to just me being around here, he's completely reigns over the bed. He has taken to roughly nuzzling his way under my arm once my alarm goes off.  He's trying to be sweet, but let's just say it gets me up pretty quickly.  Your parents had a blast in Alaska...

(the Drill sergeant blows his whistle for Judd to do 15 jumping jacks.)

Spencer continues to read: "Dutch continues to be completely unaware you aren't here...Your parents had a blast in Alaska.. I miss you so much but we are all doing fine. Remember every time you set your mind to something you do it.  So do it. Stay focused and stay strong. I love you so very much and am so blessed to have you in my life. Love, Marilyn"

The Drill sergeant blows his whistle again and orders Judd to do situps.

Spencer describes his pictures and is happy he has two pictures of Marilyn. He invites everyone up any time. Talk turns to Spencer's dogs and then auditioning for BB. GM is trying to take an old-fashioned cap off the bottle of coke. Judd goes down for a church key and to grab one of McCrae's beers for him. Spencer goes back to describing his family. One brother is a pharm rep and another is a DA. GM calls for a toast to Final 5 and congratulates Spencer on his first HOH. Spencer makes an outrageous remark about Elissa's son. FISH

Spencer thinks Elissa got mad at him for saying F the Royal Family and he doesn't understand why she got mad at him and then brings up that she wants to go to the 2016 Olympics. It made him want to throw up. GM adds, "and her friend has so much money he has a helicopter."  "She said that she had no votes in jury," Andy piles on.

3:02AM - The house is startled by the Drill sergeant asking Judd to give him 25 squats, which he does in the shower.

Andy comes up to say he has tunnel vision. McCrae suggests water. Spencer says McCrae might read his letter. They want to wait for Judd to come up. GM is called to the DR.

Judd knocks and comes in. Andy asks what a squat is. Spencer demonstrates. Judd takes a seat. Spencer says GM ate all the caramel off the apple but didn't eat the apple. Andy says that's the least shocking thing he's ever heard.

Andy wants to say it was a miracle what they pulled off but it's not. They're all competent and did what they needed to do. Spencer says GM grabbed McCrae and took him to the cockpit immediately. Spencer knew that Elissa would get mad at Andy and Judd asks if McCrae still believes that Elissa voted Amanda out. Andy laughs that he totally believes that Elissa tried to frame Andy. Judd says Elissa is going to hate Andy for that. Andy laughs that he "Spencer-ed" Elissa, and that she was telling the truth." I totally F'd Elissa." He laughs again.

3:27AM -  The Drill sergeant calls for Judd to do 25 lunges. He doesn't know how and Spencer shows him. He does them wrong, stepping backward instead of lunging forward, but gets through 25.

Spencer says Amanda annoyed him. Andy says (Elissa and Amanda) were the two that bothered him the most.  Spencer goes back to bashing Amanda.

3:29AM -  The drill sergeant calls for 10 sit-ups. Judd protests that Amanda only had "5" spraytans. He continues to protest and the drill sergeant comes back on saying "stop whining."

Spencer wants Andy to get all $5,000 and to tell GM he got $20. Judd thinks it will be a money pit. Andy thinks he will suck at it like he did digging for the dogbones. Andy was overconfident about the morph and thought he had it before they started

Andy admits he and Spencer were 'total d...ks' when they voted Elissa out. He wonders, "what if America hates the Exterminators and love Amanda and Elissa?" Judd says, and we get shot! Andy thinks he'll have "death threats." Judd calls him "the Shelley of the season." Andy says just being, like,  "Elissa I know you lied. You're a liar!" he snarls. "It was fun, like saying FU Elissa,"  he brags. Spencer says she didn't hug anybody.

Spencer reports McCrae already tried to make a F2 deal with GM. Andy volunteers, "He made one with me too." Judd says he also made one with him. Andy asks Spencer what McCrae said to GM when he offered her a F2 deal. Spencer says she told him, 'hey buddy, she's not making no deals' and they laugh. Judd thinks she needs her own show. Judd asks Spencer what GM said to McCrae again. Andy says, she said no. Spencer says that basically McCrae was trying to make a F2 deal with her and said 'what good will it do to make a F2 deal when we may both end up on the block this week and one of us goes home?' 

3:45AM -  Andy says he was reminiscing with GM how he walked up to GM in front of Elissa.  Judd asks what Elissa said. She said nothing. Judd asks Andy,  "Remember that time you and McCrae made fun of her religion?  Why did she even think that?" Andy says it was a week when she was 'screaming about Kaitlin" and about Howard and when "we were wary of Howard too," and he said, "Elissa you're being kind of loud and she kept talking loudly, and I tried to shush her, and McCrae thought it was funny. And apparently she'd been talking about religion like, 2 minutes earlier, and I don't know, she somehow put two and two together and thought that I was making fun of her religion and was mad at McCrae for laughing."  Judd asks who gets mad at someone laughing at something? Spencer says, Elissa the crazy f.. b....  Judd continues, and then a few weeks later she was laughing when Candice and Jessie get nominated. That was an inappropriate time to laugh but he laughed and nobody got mad at him. 

3:57AM -  McCrae reads his letter: 

Mac, way to go, pal. If you're reading this letter you've won Head of Household. Mom and Dad are so proud of you, and so am I.  I couldn't think of anyone else who deserves to be in the house more than you. I can't tell you how weird it is not talking to my best friend. I'm definitely having withdrawals. But look at what you're doing.  I can't think of a person who deserves this opportunity more. Just want to let you know that we all love and miss you. If you're feeling lonely or homesick just don't forget how proud we are of you.  Just remember what Dad said, If you run with the big dogs don't pee like a puppy. Love and miss you, fool.

The Houseguests cheer. Spencer says he's going to get ready for bed.

McCrae says you can tell he comes from his Dad because he's always saying stupid quotes, like "good riddance to bad rubbish." Andy says, "haha, Elissa."

FISH We come back to McCrae discussing how his Dad knew about some of the competitions from his Mom being a fan, and that the popsickle was a big F U to his Dad. His Dad doesn't really know him at all; they don't really have a relationship. GM says boys are boys, and they're not supposed to be like their Moms, as she pours herself some more soda.

McCrae always wanted to ask Andy, with Andy's dad being Republican, was..(and he trails off.)  Andy responds he never really talked about (his homosexuality) but he never disowned him; that his Dad was a NRA gun-toting conservative Republican. McCrae says he never would expect Andy's dad to be..  (and trails off again.) Andy says he's really cool and had asked Andy if he was going to tell everyone he was gay. Andy says he told his Dad, look at me! of course I am!  Andy felt for the first three weeks of the game everyone  told him he wasn't the target. Judd and McCrae agree it was the same with them. Andy thinks his intelligence was "underminded" at the beginning of the game.

GM is on a sugar high and starting to get louder. She tells McCrae, just so he knows, that Elissa was upset that McCrae had defaced his Bible and felt it was "disgusting" that he used it as a drawing book when he "don't even read it." GM defends that McCrae's friends did the drawings because it was "funny" and "cute" and "you can't reference anything?" that Elissa's Bible was "perfectly packaged" in a "pink binder." Andy says Elissa's Bible was the Busy Mom's Bible. America loves Moms! McCrae says he didn't buy his Bible. That it bothers him so much because he didn't have the Bible before he came here and his "friend" gave it to him and it's "a full testament." Judd says he didn't buy his either, it was given to him. GM says, GM was like, "she just has anything nasty to say about anybody."   FISH

4:17AM -  McCrae, attempting to master the victim role he mentioned playing previously, I saying if he's reading his Bible, "then good for you, you're getting the Word of God, anything like that. Oh, you're writing in your Bible? Like, one, I didn't write in my bible once." Judd says, "well she's the type that, you're not as good a Christian than I am." McCrae says, "Exactly."  Andy says if it makes McCrae feel any better, that he and Helen and Elissa were writing in her Bible with makeup when they were studying for a competition. McCrae says, YEAH! Judd says it's people like Elissa "that make people not even want to go to church." 

GM instigates, "Didn't she say she wanted to be Jewish, anyway?  And she wants to be a Canadian?Is Canadian people Jewish?"  Judd asks, "she wants to be Jewish?" McCrae says that's what Amanda said. Judd says Elissa doesn't know what she's talking about. It makes no sense. GM says she doesn't know which one has more split personalities, her or Amanda, "but when you talk to Elissa she seemed somewhat normal, sometimes."  Judd says For a Christian to change into Jewish makes no sense. Because then you're saying you don't believe in Jesus and that's the biggest part of Christianity. McCrae says, "that IS the biggest part. I don't get it. Just like, Well, I'll pick and choose what I want to do."  Judd rubs his head, "Oh God, I'm just never talking to her again."  GM laughs. McCrae laughs and says, "It's just wierd, I dunno."

Judd tells McCrae he sees McCrae read the Bible every day. Andy gets excited and says McCrae is "free to do whatever the F he wants to do with that. It's not (Elissa's place) to say or judge what he's doing." That is what irritates him, 'with religious people like That,' he continues, "I have so much respect for people that are really religious that you wouldn't know when they talk to you about it because they don't preach it  to you..  "

4:20AM - Andy tells Spencer that GM was throwing candy and says OMG, walking up to GM and saying to her in front of Elissa that she wasn't going anywhere was "one of the top five moments" of Andy's life. Spencer says he was sitting there saying 'you cool MF" but he was worried she had a coup de tat.

Spencer says she wanted to cry but she couldn't.  Andy says, like when she was reading her letter, she was making sounds like she should have been crying but nothing was happening. GM says "her face don't move...and I've never seen her cry." McCrae says he's never seen her cry either, "she was a robot."  Spencer wanted to put the chicken hat on her and make her do a dance. "Dance for me b...!"

GM exclaims, "Look how free we are, boys!" Spencer says the house has a different atmosphere now. GM says "We can walk around with our boxers on now. I feel like one of the boys."  Spencer says when he woke up he'd put on his shorts because he thought she'd get offended if he was in his boxers. "Robert England is gone." (the man who plays Freddy Kruger in a slasher movie)

Andy asks, "Remember how mad she got when McCrae said her photos didn't look like her?" GM says "three hours, it took that conversation." McCrae says Elissa is a 'scooby doo villian. that's all there is to it. She's a dom woman who's really pissed off at all the HG because..".FISH "...and, like, her face didn't look real, and any of the pictures we saw were not her, Like, she was the groundskeeper for BB."