4:25AM  - Spencer says it's just weird to him because "she's obviously a real person, she's had life experiences and we lived in a house with her for 77 days and nobody knows anything much about her. (everyone says nothing! nothing!) No emotional connection with anybody at all. He tried to have a conversation with her and Elissa said she didn't like to talk about superheros. She wanted to talk about important issues like child hunger around the world. McCrae says he doesn't want to talk about child hunger he wants to talk about childhood dogs.

Spencer continues, "Like you said earlier, you can't even criticize the Royal Family without this b... stepping in and taking up for them." McCrae says that drives him nuts, "The Royal Family? Divine Right bulls..t? like STFU, just because you're born into something... that's why she cares so much about that.. because she was born...she wasn't born but....it's like she wants that so bad." GM adds, "I know, like the little princess she is."

Andy says he's not going to lie, he's really happy with the people that are here because there are people like Candice and Elissa and even Amanda at times that would get into stories about people  they knew, and celebrities and the houses they've been to. And it's not that Andy was jealous or anything but it's a life that's not even close to the life he lives. Andy asks McCrae if Amanda's family is "super-loaded." McCrae thinks they must be. 

4:30AM - New Control Room "we'll be right back" screen flashes and we're back to FISH and back to Control Room panel and back to FISH and back to Control Room panel and back to Fish and back to Control Room panel where we stay for a while. and we get FISH again at 4:37.

4:44AM - BB announces, "You're one day closer to $500,000! "

Judd stays behind in the HOH room. He feels he's picked up where he left, he doesn't feel like he's been gone. Spencer says he got the best thing to happen in the game, to get outside and refocus and get back in.

They agree Helen was pre-Exterminator, but they'll take credit because she was hard to get rid of.  Judd says she's so convincing and wonders what she thinks of Judd. Spencer says F her, who gives a F.  Spencer says he'll keep up with Andy and GM and Judd and one or two others but he doesn't give a F about keeping up with the others.

COLOR ROOM - GM doesn't mind if McCrae sleeps in his boxers. GM admits that she just made up that her foot hurt because she didn't want Elissa sleeping with her. Andy is frustrated that Judd isn't in bed and doesn't want Judd waking him up when he comes in. GM belches again and adds a toot for good measure, which is matched by one from McCrae.

5:00AM - Spencer opens the door to the Color Room and tells them to hush Andy is trying to sleep. He says he can smell the room.  Judd congratulates a  tooth-brushing Spencer and heads off to bed. Spencer heads back to the HoH room and gets comfy for his first time in the HOH bed with a little laugh at 5:08AM, and it's nighty night for Spencer.

5:05AM - Andy, McCrae and GM are tooting and kidding around. They say they've never heard Judd toot and think he's a robot, too. Judd comes in and dumps everything off his bed. GM makes a lewd reference. Andy screams "F Elissa Rielly, I hate her!" GM starts singing, "Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead" and we go to FISH

5:10AM - The Drill sergeant tells Judd to do 15 jumping jacks, and final goodnights are said.

5:15AM - The Drill sergeant tells Judd to do 10 situps.

Well folks, it's been an exciting day in the Big Brother house on this 500th Episode Anniversary. Will Spencer nominate GinaMarie and McCrae? Who will win the veto? Will they ever stop talking about Elissa? And what IS going on in the Jury House?

Stay tuned for answers to these and more questions in the days to follow!