Julie announces a game-changing  twist. "During next Thursday's live show, a juror will return to the game."  Candice, Judd, Jessie and whoever is evicted next week will be eligible to return.

7:02PM BBT  Feeds return.  

7:02PM  Andy counts the chairs and one is missing.  GM just can't be a HaveNot for her birthday.

DOWNSTAIRS BATH - Aaryn, at the sink, tells Amanda that when Amanda told her to give her the comp, she was waiting for her to ring in, but too much time was going by.

LOUNGE - Amanda complains she was saved to the end and still didn't win. She plays poor loser again, leaves the Lounge and goes and crawls under the cabinets in the SR, using the trashbin to hide herself (!) Elissa makes small-talk with McCrae and says that Amanda has a great social game. Aaryn passes through and leaves as Andy joins the conversation (the door to the Lounge is still open). Elissa says she's having a tough time not seeing her family. Helen couldn't understand the songs.

7:10PM COLOR ROOM - Aaryn tells GM she is upset that Elissa made a comment just before HOH and "you don't do that before an HOH unless your 'bat..crazy'.". GM didn't hear anything. Aaryn says that she'll say Elissa's comment in front of everybody (as she walks into the Color Room and closes the door). GM asks what the comment was? She says again she didn't hear anything. Aaryn says Elissa said she didn't want to sit by GM or Aaryn because "we're basically disgusting freaks and she feels gross sitting next to us."  She says that comment hurt her.

GM asks, "Why, because I don't have money?"  Aaryn replies, "It's because we're not politically correct all the time and we talk." GM asks again if it's because GM doesn't have money and Aaryn replies it's because of they way 'they' talk.  GM isn't changing 'for nobody." Aaryn complains that Elissa made a comment that 'really actually affected me" and "almost made me want to cry" and made her feel like she's not good enough to sit next to Elissa. GM thinks Elissa did the same thing to Nick. Aaryn doesn't feel "it's right to make people feel they're not good enough." 

Helen comes in to cheerlead Aaryn. She's calls her "Janelle," even better than Janelle. Everyone in the house hated her and now admires her and Aaryn is so bright and so humble. GM pipes up to say she doesn't know why people think they're better than other people. Helen says everyone's got their gift and what they bring to the table, so let's have some fun and enjoy it.

As soon as Helen leaves, GM continues with her rant (based on something she never actually heard). She complains about Elissa as Aaryn keeps saying, I know, I know babe. Amanda comes in saying she heard them say someone's attitude sucks. Aaryn says they were talking about how stupid it was for Elissa to 'do that' right before a HOH comp.  Aaryn says again it "legitimately affected" her and how it hurts her and, why is Elissa better than Aaryn? And why did Aaryn get asked about confrontations by Julie on live show? Was she being portrayed as the one who starts confrontations? Aaryn doesn't like it.

Amanda thinks the comp was for her to win. She didn't get picked until the end and then McCrae yelled at her, why couldn't she win anything? Amanda's not annoyed that Aaryn won but she wanted to win and starts to cry and calls herself a baby.

7:20PM LOUNGE - In the meantime, Elissa is chatting with Spencer about the game and they're joined by Helen and Andy. Elissa is worried she'll go up. Spencer can't answer why he picked Elissa to go up against Aaryn. Spencer and Helen tell Elissa not to worry, that she's capable, confident and smart and will get the Veto. Elissa says she's having a really rough day today missing her boy and missing his first day of school. She's mad she got picked to go up second in the HoH comp. Spencer tells Elissa she's an awesome mom and when he's older, her son will see her on the show and be really proud of her. Spencer tells Elissa her day is coming, for sure, as he leaves to go to the Color Room. Helen doesn't think Aaryn will put Helen up. She says don't be defeated, it's the game, meet the challenge, and she exits, leaving Elissa alone. 

7:24PM COLOR ROOM - Spencer tells GM, Aaryn and Andy that McCrae said something insensitive to Amanda about not winning. Helen comes in to cheerlead GM. GM is happy she's "smarter than Helen today!"

LOUNGE - Aaryn tells McCrae she'll put Elissa up with Helen. She wants Elissa to think she's the target but they'll vote Helen out. Aaryn wants safety. Andy joins and agrees. Andy tells Amanda that GM and Spencer have a 'wierd little bond." Amanda brags to Andy that they've controlled the game since week 1 and Andy agrees that adding Aaryn was a good move for both of them.

8:07-8:20PM FISH

As GM hides next to the Living Room desk to scare Spencer when he comes out of the DR,  Andy and Amanda comment that half of the Memory Wall is black and white. GM continues to hide as Amanda teases GM that with GM's bond with Candice it was hard for GM to let Candice go. GM yells back an expletive. Helen needs alcohol. Andy thinks it's stupid to have 4 HaveNots.

8:25PM KITCHEN -. Helen, making mashed potatoes, doesn't think it's racist to say she eats rice, after McCrae comments, with an Irish husband, Helen's children have "potatoes in their blood." She thinks racist is a negative connotation and she wouldn't be offended by stereotyping, "because it's true!" Helen thinks racist is, "slant-eyed Asians, that's all they ever eat is rice."  Aaryn gets ticked off if people call her or her dad a redneck or a hillbilly.

Spencer comes out of the DR and GM lobs her bag of mung beans at Spencer but misses. He headlocks her and jokingly promises he'll get her back later. We come back from FISH to see Spencer with baby powder on his face (!) and GM laughing.  FISH as antics continue.