Aaryn asks if anyone had a similar thought, that Helen was crying over a lost jury vote like she expected to be in F2, and everyone noticed. Aaryn thinks that BB didn't expect her to win the Schoolhouse competition because she's failing in college. McCrae wants to "psychologically warfare" on Elissa so she doesn't do well in POV. Andy exits to go to bed.

McCrae says if Helen goes this week, his picture will look awesome (surrounded by grey). Spencer says even if it's deciphering Chinese he'll break the code and win. McCrae wants one person to go for all the luxury items and suggests GM. Spencer wants to take prizes but Amanda thinks he's already got a vacation, so Spencer needs to take punishments. If it's a time drop, drop right after Helen. Aaryn imitates taunting Janelle. Amanda wants Aaryn to say "I will have sex with (a producer)." FISH

Amanda asks what she's going to regret from saying tonite.  Spencer says "the racial stuff" and the "R" word. FISH  McCrae can't wait until Helen leaves and then he's going to go crazy. Spencer says he and McCrae will be like Heckle and Jeckle. He'll make life miserable for Elissa. FISH  He'll ejaculate on Elissa's bed and see if it breaks out Elissa's skin. He thinks they can torture Elissa so much she'll DOR "by Saturday afternooon."

Andy checks on Helen.  She says that she has to go to the DR to 'clean it up a little." She says she's sad "for Elissa."

2:00AM  HOH - Marathon and Elissa bashfest continues.  Amanda and Spencer talk about Aaryn's cameltoe. Spencer acts out with the HOH pillows. Aaryn complains that Spencer 'one-upped' her.  

Spencer and Amanda watch Aaryn on the TV screen.  Amanda: "I love her racist a..." Spencer: "you should have heard GM earlier."

Aaryn returns. Spencer leaves. Amanda asks Aaryn if she felt bad about Helen and says when Helen was crying Amanda had to think of "puppies in a blender" to try to shed a tear. FISH 

Aaryn yells to stop making fun of her farts and then yells it's too hot. Spencer returns and says Elissa is a 'pizza rusher' that she doesn't leave it in the oven long enough. He continues, "I'm nominating you because yoga sucks and you suck." Spencer says Aaryn should say she's nominating Helen and Elissa because she 'hates moms.'  Aaryn thinks she should say everything in her speech that Helen and Elissa would say behind her back, that she's a 22yo child with no culture. Amanda suggests she also add because Aaryn's racist.  Aaryn doesn't think that makes sense because racist people aren't against Asians. Spencer thinks they can be and  FISH.

Spencer bring up the town hall meeting. He calls the Brenchel Army a 'bunch of morons." He wants to say, "Elissa hates America."  Aaryn says," she should go back to Canada, this is an American show. And you have Canadian fingernails and you're obviously prejudiced against all Americans!"

Amanda wants to say Elissa's "not even qualified to be a floater."  Spencer says "quitters should grab theirsuitcase." Spencer hates that Elissa lives "high on the hog" and hates her "lifestyle." Spencer thinks Helen is closer to him in status and wealth, and Elissa is higher. Aaryn complains Elissa said she travels "every weekend." Amanda says "You've had a leg-up because your sister is a legend." Spencer thinks that gives her too much. Amanda says Rachel is a legend but Elissa's been "riding her coat-tails all her life."  Aaryn says, "she's been riding coat-tails and it's time for her to step up and maybe I'll respect her if she wins the veto."

Amanda wants to bring up America's Player, "My goal is not just to evict you but to have you walk from Jury, and just because of your sister, you get American's Player, which you don't deserve because your husband drives a f.." FISH   Spencer says she's playing for 'toilet paper,' doesn't deserve to win and wants her to walk before veto is even played. FISH

2:30AM Spencer and McCrae hit the toothbrushes. Spencer makes an off color remark.  McCrae takes up position in the Lounge as Amanda comes in and wants to put a blanket over them. McCrae says he feels sick. He says that when Elissa said to him this morning that she didn't appreciate his suggestions, that was it for him. He thinks he may talk to Elissa outside of the house but she's an "elitist." McCrae says the fact that Elissa didn't want to sit between GM and Aaryn on the couch shows her brain isn't developed and she can't separate game from life.

Andy is roused when Spencer goes to bed. The kitchen noise was keeping him up.  McCrae and Amanda go into the bedroom. 

2:40AM  HOH - GM is cozied up to Aaryn. She wants to win HOH on her birthday. Aaryn thinks that Amanda and McCrae would rather have Spencer in the game. She says every time she brings him up they don't respond. Talk turns to HaveNot comps.

2:51AM After a few minutes of silence, GM asks how the Elissa thing started.  Aaryn said she legitimately had "no idea." That Elissa was curling her hair in the bathroom and that she asked Elissa twice if she was ok and Elissa didn't respond.

GM asks who told Aaryn what Elissa said, and Aaryn says, McCrae. GM asks, (if Elissa said that to McCrae) about both of us? Aaryn: "Yes." Aaryn says Amanda put a banana with a condom on it on Elissa's dresser, but Amanda blamed it on Aaryn. Elissa didn't like that, and said that Aaryn and GM are 'such freaks' and told McCrae she wondered if she should tell the DR that GM and Aaryn were acting inappropriately.

GM thinks (a condomed banana) is  the equivalent of throwing mung beans at Spencer.  Aaryn thinks the DR "would just laugh" and if Production has a problem with how they behave they would "already be in trouble" because 'they see everything we do." 

Aaryn says  that Elissa said to McCrae, "I can't believe I have to sit in between them; they're so disgusting." GM wants to fart next to her. Aaryn doesn't think she or GM do anything disgusting. GM asks if Elissa really didn't stay in the hotel with them and Aaryn claims that Elissa "stayed with Rachel... because.. she's 'exempt'."  FISH  GM loves to beat Elissa (at comps) because "she always cries." "Cry baby, cry, the f..yoga don't do s.. " Aaryn thinks that Elissa's "genetics" keep her in the shape she's in, not yoga.  GM criticizes Elissa's appearance and voice. Aaryn giggles in delight, happy to be back with a flunky, and once again in her natural state of trashing women far more accomplished than she.

2:50AM GM and Aaryn run downstairs to get Nick's hat. GM tells Aaryn she's tough and she's gone from low to high. GM says it was good when Elissa had MVP but now they don't need that it's time for her to go. That Elissa always had an advantage over them. Aaryn says Elissa won't go to jury because "she's too good for jury." GM thinks she and Aaryn will win from now on out. Aaryn thinks Spencer is more loyal to Amanda and McCrae.

3:00AM  HOH - GM says Amanda wants to take control and GM doesn't always want to do what Amanda wants to do. Amanda overthinks things; she doesn't want to be on a team with her. Spencer put GM up second in the HOH competition and GM is still mad, thinking he wanted her knocked out. GM felt good voting for Jessie to go, it was "for Nick." They decide they liked Judd. GM didn't like that Amanda took over his HOH  room.  Aaryn says there's a lot of things people do but she just 'turns her cheek."

3:16AM  HALL BEDROOM - Spencer sits up in bed and looks over towards McCrae and Amanda and Andy who is snoring. Someone is moaning in their sleep. He stares for a bit, looks up at the camera, then turns over and faces the wall.  GM and Aaryn are still talking in HOH.

3:22AM  Spencer is up to the bathroom and drinks a cup of water standing by the Memory Wall. Getting back in bed he seems more awake than asleep.

Will Helen and Elissa be nominated tomorrow? Will GM realize that Aaryn lied to her about Elissa? Will Elissa find out that Helen tried to take her down? Tomorrow promises to be a very interesting day.

Thanks JokersUpdaters for all the hard work!