11:50PM Outside  the LOUNGE - Helen grabs Elissa's arms and cuts her off mid-sentence. She tells Elissa she needs to get it together. They miss their families and they could either be in the jury house with "all the crazy people" or here.  Elissa says she's not going there; if she gets evicted she will "be home." Helen says, "So if I were to make it to the end, you won't be there to vote for me? If Andy makes it to the end, you're not there to vote for Andy? She tells Elissa, "think about that, Elissa" and walks off.

Elissa goes in to brush her teeth as Helen sits at the top of the stairs and starts the waterworks in preparation for a dramatic visit to the HOH where she will proportedly use an entire box of Kleenex.  Elissa gets ready for bed.

11:53PM  HOH - Helen comes in, smiles, takes a drink of her wine, and when Andy asks her how Elissa is doing she says she's 'sad' and starts tearless crying. She declares, "I just can't help her anymore." She doesn't want to cry and Andy asks her not to leave. Helen sits down again. 

Helen laments, "I just feel like I can't save her any more" and she's "carried her so far in this game!" Helen cries she won't have any jury votes if Elissa doesn't go to jury and Elissa said she'll just leave. Helen says she tried to practice with her and keep her spirits up but she just can't anymore.  She says Elissa says she's not staying in Jury, "I'm not trying to throw her under the bus but I can't help her anymore. It's not fair. I don't want her to go home, you know?"  McCrae says it's a slap in the face. Aaryn parrots and reminds everyone she wanted her out too weeks ago.  Helen cries, "I don't want her to go home.! I don't want her to go home!"

Aaryn wants Helen to tell Elissa to self-evict. Andy thinks it's bad sportsmanship to not stay for Jury. Mccray joins the bash Elissa train - "...she'll walk, she doesn't need the money. She doesn't care..."  Everybody agrees they all need every single penny. Aaryn says she wants to self evict because of her "pride."  She wants to meet Elissa's husband "so bad!"  Helen blows her nose.  Aaryn asks if Elissa is a part-time mom? GM asks, or a part-time lover? Helen covers her eyes again and goes back to the fake crying.

Aaryn is saying "I figured the first time you found out about Elissa's lies, you'd be over it."  Helen, trying to cry harder now, says this is the first day Elissa's said she has no intention of going to jury. She blows her nose. Amanda says if Elissa doesn't go to jury Elissa won't win America's Player. Helen blows her nose again. Spencer says that Elissa wasn't sequestered in the hotel. FISH.  McCrae tells a sniffling Helen that since Helen was with Elissa from the start, Helen will get all of Rachel's fanbase. (HA!) Helen breaks into the pathetic, tiny voice "It's like..." and she trails off into her Kleenex. 

"It's like. It's not like I just sit around and treat people like s..t because I miss my family!" Helen wails.  Aaryn says Elissa brings Helen down. Helen says in a tiny voice, "I try to help her.. I.. I just can't do it any more!"  GM slams Rachel. Amanda tells Helen it would bother Amanda if Elissa walked away with 25 grand for "another vacation."  Aaryn adds, "to Bora Bora."  Helen blows her nose. Amanda tells Helen to remember who she came into the house with. Helen replies, "Myself, I know, I know" in  the same tiny voice.

Andy asks if Elissa flat out said she wouldn't go to jury. Helen whimpers she asked, "what if I made it to the end? You wouldn't be there to vote for me?" Andy asks what did she say? Helen continues," she said I just don't know." But Helen would stick it out and would want it to be someone who was good to her in this game. She squeezes two tears out. She signed up until Sept 25 not until she got evicted and why wouldn't she just stick it out in jury for her friends. 

Helen blows her nose and says "maybe she's just angry." GM rants on. Spencer offers that maybe Elissa is having a bad day. GM cuts him off to say what bad day? She's been like this since week 1, bro. Where you been coming up with this trying to protect her? Did she die? Did she get run over by a truck? No. She started this her own way. We didn't even do the competition and she was in a bad mood. Give me a break. 

Helen says she quit her job and she's so....Amanda says we all sacrificed to be here... (Helen cries, I quit my job! into her Kleenex).. and the game isn't over when she's in jury.  GM says Elissa acts like 'she's so special."  Helen says "i wasn't here to badmouth her in any way," as GM continues to badmouth Elissa. FISH

KITCHEN: McCrae follows Aaryn down to the kitchen. He wants to go say something to Elissa "so bad" and ask Aaryn if it's "all game." McCrae says the reason they keep Elissa around is because she's "such a sh...ty player." Aaryn says, "when Rachel won it was a travesty. Not one in the final 2 that was fabulous." Aaryn suggests they go give Helen a beer. 

McCrae says it's taking "everything to not say anything because it hurts me inside." Aaryn says "this is what I've been going thru and now you can see it."  McCrae hopes Helen wins POV; he will be so happy sending Elissa home. Aaryn says it scares her if this is gameplay. McCrae says Elissa is "Dr. Will" but she's so annoying. Aaryn retorts, "Except people respected him and I have no respect for her." Aaryn says Dr. Will knew what he was doing.  Aaryn says it's the worst when people fall into good things by chance. 

Spencer comes to the kitchen and Aaryn asks 'Is that not horrible? it's almost as bad as my cameltoe in these pants."  Amanda comes down and says she doesn't feel bad for Helen. McCrae says he does. Amanda says again she doesn't have any sympathy (for Helen). Amanda asks, "why does Elissa keep doing this?" and Spencer thinks Elissa should follow Helen out the door.  Their conversation moves to the bathroom hallway and finally into the

LOUNGE - Spencer can't wait for Helen to go because he's going to be mean to Elissa. McCrae says he'll be "the biggest dickhead" to her. Spencer talks again about harassing Elissa. Amanda thinks it's 'glorious'. McCrae is going to put lotion on himself and go rub all over Elissa's bed.  They trip out more on the idea of Elissa walking out of Jury and now they want to make her leave so she can't get AFP.

Spencer says he enjoyed watching Helen cry. Amanda says that Helen is doing the same thing with Elissa that she did with Jesssie; she's throwing Elissa under the bus.  Amanda says little does Helen know she needs to be protecting herself more than Elissa.

HOH - GM continues her rant as Aaryn comes in to offer Helen a beer. Helen blows her nose. "This was not to badmouth her at all. Mainly I've tried to keep her spirits up and tried to keep her in the game and if she doesn't want to stick it out in jury...she's just not going to do it?" She wipes tears.  Aaryn thinks Elissa coming on BigBrother was a publicity stunt to get Elissercise and endorsements and whatever off the ground. It wasn't to play a game and Aaryn promises Helen that with all her heart.  GM starts ranting again. Helen interrupts to cry that she has no jury votes and Jessie will taint the jury on Helen. Aaryn says if she's at F2 it's not the money, it's just as amazing as winning.

12:14AM Helen says, "why work towards something you know you you're not going to have any shot at?"

12:16AM  Aaryn stops eating icecream to ask, why America "freaked out about MVP?"  She  pontificates that if they "loved Elissa" they would have kept it going and she can "guaranTEE   'America was Outraged!' when Elissa continued to win, and that's why they changed it up."

12:20AM   HOH - Spencer returns to the HOH where Helen is still trying to work it. Aaryn talks about the night that Amanda and McCrae got HOH and told Aaryn her gameplay sucked and Aaryn did want to go home that night. Aaryn thinks if Aaryn stayed after that, then Elissa can't go home from Jury. Andy wonders what would happen if Elissa left tomorrow after she was nominated. They  go in circles talking about the potential of Elissa leaving jury while they all pat themselves on the back for wanting to be in the game.

Aaryn says, "Janelle, call me," as talk diverts to dissing Jessie, then Candice. Aaryn thinks Elissa's name is pronounced E-Lissa.  Aaryn argues with Helen and Spencer over the enunciation of the E in Elissa. Aaryn thinks Janelle should be "shaking in her space boots right now." Helen mentions Rachel won a lot. Aaryn offers Helen more beer.

12:43AM  HOH - Helen is back to talking about protecting Elissa in the game. She says that Elissa "hasn't given up enough. Can't she stick it out to the end?" She continues,  "It's BB and she still has the beach and eating bon-bons all day."  Aaryn thinks Jury is "paradise."  Helen thinks the reason Helen was cast was so there's be another mom in the show with Elissa. Helen doesn't think there's been two moms on one season. Spencer thinks there has been and mentions Renny. Helen requalifies that she meant moms with  "little kids." Amanda recalls Libra's twins. 

Aaryn admits she didn't go to a casting call - she sent in a video. Spencer jokes he drove himself to 3rd grade. McCrae doesn't think the first day of school is a big deal. Andy asks about beer and Aaryn says they've all been drank. She mentions "Matt" (production guy); she loves him "so much."and we get FISH.

1:00AM  HOH - Marathon continues. Helen intends to give Elissa a 'big speech tomorrow" about how she "signed up for things and she has to stick it out." She says she won't say anything tonite. The room is quiet. Amanda goes down to the SR to check for more booze. Aaryn asks Helen personal details about Elissa. Aaryn digs, "There's more to this story we don't know.'  Aaryn takes a potshot at Elissa's son and questions his parentage. GM immitates Elissa saying she drives her children to school.  Aaryn thinks they get a "chartered limo."

GM wonders why Candice and Howard did a joint DR. Spencer says it probably had to do with "James Earl Ray flipping the mattress." FISH   GM is excited over finding fish food.

Helen makes her goodnites and goes off to bed with a stop over in the downstairs bath to talk to McCrae. 

1:30AM DOWNSTAIRS BATH - Helen tells McCrae Elissa threatened to walk off Jury. Helen wants Elissa to win POV if Helen doesn't so it could be Helen, Elissa, Amanda and McCrae versus the house.  FISH  

HOH - Aaryn complains that "nobody has a sense of humor anymore" and complains they "just got a bunch of b... ..t over the loudspeakers."  Aaryn wants to rehearse her nomination speech.  Amanda says Aaryn should say, "since she's decided she's racist, she's going to nominate the one minority in the house, Helen, and the other person who is made of plastic."  GM says "that's not human, there you go, it's an alien or a robot."  Amanda says she's going to "instantly regret saying that in the morning."

Amanda asks Aaryn why she's mad. Aaryn hates getting "told to shut up" (over the speakers). Aaryn assures Spencer she won't put Spencer up. "Don't worry, Aaryn, Queen of Balls is here," and says nobody else has acted with balls.  Aaryn says Amanda's "stuck on McCrae's" and calls Amanda "ballmouth." Aaryn brings up Amanda fighting with McCrae over McCrae not making her a sandwich.

Aaryn and GM start trashing Elissa  - again. Andy compliments Spencer on his veto win. Aaryn complains Helen used a whole box of kleenex. Amanda doesn't care if Helen is upset.