After Helen leaves, Aaryn says that she knows Helen was trying to cover for Elissa but Elissa is a "complete .... idiot." Aaryn asks the HOH crowd, sans Helen, if they think Aaryn is "disgusting" and, of course, nobody thinks that. The Elissa bashing switches into high gear with McCrae complaining that Elissa is going to get AFP and thinks she's better than everyone.  Andy says that this is the worst Elissa has been in a long time and she thinks she's "entitled."

11:20PM  SR - Andy tells Elissa that at least she has millions of photos in her head (of her family). Elissa agrees and sighs. Helen is called to the SR from HOH and she grabs Elissa for a few minutes chat.  She says she went up to see what Aaryn might do.

Helen relays that Aaryn says Elissa was "rude" to Aaryn because Elissa had said she didn't want to sit next to Aaryn on the couch. "And they knew that." Helen has a feeling Aaryn will put Elissa up. Elissa remains silent. Helen says, "I know you don't like her, you know, I know you don't, but it just sucks that you guys got in a fight before the competition, you know?"

11:24PM  Elissa doesn't take the bait and tells Helen, "I feel like we didn't get in a fight. Like, everyone else told her. I was upset about that, because I didn't say anything to Aaryn or GM."  Helen asks, "So someone told  them?" Elissa: "Yep." Helen: "So anyhow, that's all I know at this point." Elissa asks, "Who told them?" Helen: "I don't know. (long pause) I didn't tell them. Who else did you tell that you didn't want to sit next to them on the couch?"  Elissa replies, "just you, Amanda and McCrae." 

Helen says that Aaryn also said that Elissa ignored her twice in the bathroom. Helen thinks she or Elissa will go home, that Aaryn won't put up Amanda and McCrae because whoever comes off the block will be mad. Helen says again that Aaryn complained about Elissa treating Aaryn poorly.  Elissa says she saw Aaryn and Amanda talking in the bathroom. Elissa says Amanda looked at her and she could tell they were talking game.

Elissa doesn't think Aaryn owes her anything but even after Aaryn was gunning for Elissa, Elissa still didn't put Aaryn up.  Helen suggests that Elissa talk to Aaryn when Aaryn's by herself.  "I tried. I tried to explain you were having a bad day and you miss your family," she says. Helen feels Aaryn and Elissa have a "tender relationship," and says she just doesn't know. (Ed note: During this conversation Helen keeps pursing her lips like she's trying to hide a smile.) Helen says she'll "do her best" to keep Elissa here but Jessie killed Helen to Aaryn so Helen could go up.

Elissa tears up over missing her son's first day of school. Helen says she needs to fight to stay. Helen covers her mouth as she lists off the names of the votes Elissa could get to stay but says if Aaryn wants Elissa gone over Spencer Helen may vote that way, she doesn't know. Helen complains she never has a week to just lay low.

The conversation continues in the Hallway. Helen says with a turn of her head, "we'll just have to see," and walks off  to the bathroom.


Outside the LOUNGE - Helen tells Elissa she just has to talk to Aaryn at some point. Elissa wants to associate with a charitable person who likes helping other people and who's not negative and she can't stand "people who have horrible hearts. The way they talk about Candice, even to this day...," she sighs.  Elissa says she's not giving up, she wants to play the game.

But as far as, what does she say to Aaryn, what can she say?? She didn't say anything to her! She wasn't arguing with Aaryn. Helen thinks she needs to clarify that with Aaryn, and whatever the couch thing was, and explain why she felt that way.  FISH 

Helen continues to push for a confrontation between Elissa and Aaryn. Helen says Aaryn really thinks their relationship had gone 180 degrees. Elissa says Aaryn doesn't have any reason to think otherwise, "unless she's  trying to find petty excuses to nominate me."  Helen tries pushing the sitting on the couch button. She doesn't want to sit between GM and Aaryn because she doesn't think they're nice people.

Helen sounds a little exasperated as she says she's just giving Elissa advice and not forcing her to do anything. Elissa appreciates it, but it's really hard because she didn't do or say anything to Aaryn. Elissa was obviously upset, Aaryn and she are not close, and she feels Aaryn is now pressuring Elissa to find out why she's upset and Elissa doesn't want to talk to her about why she's upset. Helen admits she's the one pushing for Aaryn and Elissa to talk "to keep you off the block."

Elissa feels she doesn't have the kind of relationship with Aaryn that if she's upset she'd go confide in Aaryn. Plus, Elissa adds, she had just seen Aaryn "20 minutes earlier telling  Amanda  everything they had just talked about" (in the HaveNot room earlier.) Elissa says Amanda told Aaryn to pretend to be friends with them to see if Helen was really trying to flip the house on Amanda. Helen replies, "well I wasn't, so, whatever, anyhow, ok, well, it's just advice." 

Elissa says again that Aaryn isn't just someone she'd go talk to if she was upset.  Helen says I'm not saying, when your sad, go talk to her, but when she heard you wouldn't sit by her on the couch... Elissa cuts her off to say, with a slight smile, wouldn't that be her responsibility to come to me and ask if I said that?  Elissa only said that to Helen in confidence and to Amanda in confidence. Elissa says if she heard that Helen was upset with her, she'd go to Helen and ask her. She wouldn't expect Helen to come to her and say I heard you think I'm upset. Helen told Aaryn she'd ask Elissa. She didn't want Aaryn mad at Elissa before a HOH comp. 

Elissa says 'Well, somebody obviously was stirring the pot."  Helen retorts that's expected here. She says again she didn't want Aaryn mad at Elissa before HOH; she didn't want Elissa to "be in a fight" with Aaryn before the Competition.  

Elissa says she's not in a fight with Aaryn. She has no relationship with her; she can't fight with someone she has no relationship with. Elissa was upset and she wanted to sit by herself and read her Bible and get control of her emotions and thoughts.  Helen says she understands. Elissa was upset that she figured she wouldn't do well at questionaires. Helen interrupts. Elissa continues, it was probably luck, Aaryn was meant to win that competition and she won it and that's great. Helen says, well, we're not going to argue who should have won.


Helen wants Elissa to win a competition. She doesn't want Elissa to hurt her game on something she can control like "getting upset" or "getting in a tiff before'..."

Elissa interrupts her to say, again, she didn't even talk to Aaryn; she didn't get in an argument with her. Elissa tears up as she speaks about her son starting school.  Helen takes the cue and lectures that Elissa doesn't want her son to think she's 'a quitter.'  She needs to face adversity. That she can't let this game 'eat you'.  Elissa says it's not eating her. Helen tells Elissa she "has to be willing to talk to Aaryn" and says she's done. "I can only do so much," she says. Helen talks about her Dad on chemo and her kids, and if Helen breaks down, who's going to be there for Elissa?

Elissa, who's regained her composure, says -again- she didn't say anything to Aaryn, and she held her tongue to her because she didn't want to start a fight with her. "So somebody that I trusted went behind my back...and I  told who? You and Amanda? And you guys told the whole house? or Amanda told the whole house? Like, somehow, everyone knew I didn't want to sit by them. And I was trying to stay by myself."  Nobody cares when I'm upset because I miss my family but everyone wants to care about how I'm upset to tell GM and Aaryn that I didn't want to sit by them?

I don't care if I sit by them. I'm in a house living with them. I didn't want to sit with them, right then, because I was upset. I didn't want to sit with anyone. I just wanted to be by myself. Sometimes you just want to be alone and process. We weren't doing the live show, we were doing the voting. I can't help it if I have...