9:00PM  KITCHEN - Dinner chat continues. Aaryn complains about the tweet Julie read and wants to tweet the person back and confront them.

DOWNSTAIRS BATH - Amanda tells Aaryn that she's going to bring Elissa close to her so that she doesn't put Amanda and McCrae or Amanda and Aaryn up together.

DINING ROOM TABLE - By 9:12 everyone except for Elissa  and Helen are sitting to eat. Aaryn thinks that Jessie didn't graduate from UT and claims she has better vocabulary than Jessie. Helen said she would have been happy to forward Jessie's resume to her friend at Facebook but she can't do that now. Amanda complains she can't win anything. They joke that the competition was made for Amanda since it was Broadway and music. Aaryn laughs at Amanda saying she had a learning disability, because it's the same one Aaryn has and Aaryn won. She then speaks slowly, enunciating each word, asking Amanda to pass the potatoes. 

Aaryn looks sideways at GM and says, "You f.. with me.." and GM squeeks back, "I f.. with you!" Aaryn smiles. Andy and Spencer agree that Judd messed with the wrong mom.  Aaryn goes back to playfully arguing with Amanda over the clues to the HOH questions.

9:25PM Andy asks, and we find out, that Elissa is sleeping and Helen is in the DR. GM comments that Elissa is staying in the Color Room now. Aaryn baits, "You, you and Elissa; one big happy family." GM says, "I should probably sleep on the floor because I'm beneath her. That's who I am." Aaryn feeds more hatebait to GM, saying GM should sleep in the H/N room. GM says,  "I should. I'm beneath her so I should probably sleep underneath..." Aaryn says, "You should sleep on the floor, loser. You should dress her everyday." Spencer adds his own hatebait and says GM should lick Elissa's shoes. GM, getting louder, says, "I can't wait for her to see my key."

Amanda starts talking about her grey roots. GM says, "...You want to see the disgusting GM? It's coming!" Aaryn smiles, mission accomplished. Amanda asks GM if she found Nick's hat that Spencer hid. GM starts to get irritated. She would rather be "punched in the face" than have something happen to Nick's hat.

Dinner breaks up and McCrae, Spencer and Andy gravitate to the Hall Bedroom. Andy thinks he "did the house a great service" by evicting Jessie. Amanda joins the conversation and talks about her evict message and we get FISH.

9:38PM Helen, out of the DR now, cleans the kitchen alone as GM keeps searching for Nick's hat.

9:48PM LOUNGE - Helen says Elissa "fought with" Aaryn before the competition. McCrae asks what it was about? Helen says Elissa didn't want to sit on the couch between GM and Aaryn for the live show. Helen says Aaryn told Helen she said something to her and Elissa ignored her. Aaryn came to Helen to complain that Elissa was ignoring her and told Helen she had called her a name. Helen said she spoke with Elissa and Elissa said she didn't want to sit on the couch next to GM and Aaryn and she was missing her family. Helen told Elissa it was immature (for her not to sit between them) but Elissa didn't care what anyone thought. Helen says she went back to Aaryn and told her that Elissa was just missing her family. Helen said Aaryn claimed that Elissa said bad things to her. McCrae says he noticed that Elissa 'went on an Aaryn trip" out of nowhere and Helen dramatically agrees. Helen thinks Aaryn will put her and Elissa up and tell Helen she's the pawn.

Andy joins. Helen wants Amanda to join her in pushing Aaryn to put Spencer up against Elissa. McCrae agrees. Amanda says Aaryn's target is Elissa.

10:22PM  "Who wants to see my HOH room?! Nobody! Shocker!" 

Aaryn comes out of the DR and starts yelling for "Gemsie." Amanda expects Clownie to be in the room (it isn't). Spencer, Andy and McCrae are overacting and yelling as they jump around the room. 

Aaryn reads her letter which is from a friend of hers, Meredith. In her basket is a Carrie Underwood CD, nail polish and mud masks.There's also a pink leopard microfiber blanket. Her pictures include a picture of her horse, Pumpkin (same name as her cat). In the fridge are beers and apricots, which she laughs about, and more ice cream. Everyone is eating candy. GM jokes that Aaryn got her HOH early because they have her stuff on standby now.  Amanda has already smeared mud mask on her face. McCrae notices that Aaryn looks "mad" in her childhood picture and Aaryn says all her childhood pictures look like that. Helen leaves to get some white wine for Aaryn. Everyone follows but Spencer.

10:37PM  GM had a plan this week to put a pair up.  Aaaryn says, well that's what's happening, so don't worry about it. GM high-fives Spencer and tells him she's good with him. Spencer goes down to find a beer. GM asks Aaryn if she's getting rid of Elissa. Elissa and Helen return to the HOH room with wine. They drink a cheer to no HaveNots. Elissa gives Aaryn a hug, congratulates her, calls her a good competitor and leaves. Aaryn hopes she feels better. Aaryn brags a little on her  dad, that one picture was taken when he first started doing photography.


10:43PM  HOH - Helen tells Aaryn she "knows that Elissa ticked (Aaryn) off."  Aaryn said she did, and why would she do that right before HOH? GM, on the headphones already, asks Aaryn to explain it to her. 

Helen says she knows they've come a long way and Elissa's behavior today is based on her getting nervous at comps. Helen spent all day coaching her and that was a lot of pressure on her. Elissa wants to see her family and realizes it won't be for another two months.

GM asks why she pinpointed (Aaryn and GM), that Elissa did it with Nick too. Helen says it was "childish" where people sat on the couch, "we're not on a school bus in the third grade." GM asks why she didn't say it to anyone else. Aaryn asks, "What did I do?"  Helen says  Elissa went off on (Aaryn), she went off on McCrae, "and she was not nice to me...".

GM says she knows Helen is going to defend Elissa but she hasn't said anything about Elissa in weeks, and now she comes out and says she can't sit next to her? 

Helen says she understands that Elissa has "rubbed everyone the wrong way and owes you guys an apology." GM says she doesn't want an apology, but putting people down because she doesn't have certain things Elissa has, is not nice. She rants on about Elissa  (still unaware what Elissa actually said.)

10:50PM Helen said she doesn't know what happened other than "she didn't want to sit next to you guys on the couch."  Helen asked Elissa if she was upset with GM and Elissa said "no". Helen says, "It was probably just something with Aaryn."   

Aaryn complains that Elissa was "blatently ignoring me," but it was just them two in the bathroom. She complains, "that's how Elissa repays her?"  "By telling me we're 'scum'?" Helen says that Jessie's comment about Elissa being 'Rachel's shadow' probably is eating at Elissa because she can't win comps. FISH

As Andy joins, GM wonders why Elissa should even bother to do BB? Helen says she thought it would be fun but Elissa is not living up to her sister's success in the show and it's probably eating at her. Helen says Elissa "lives under this shadow" and "she's letting her family down."

Aaryn says Elissa's family is  probably proud of her because she's in the final 8.  GM returns to not understanding why Elissa decided to do the show. Helen thinks Elissa got the opportunity "because of her sister." Helen claims she's given Elissa  a lot of peptalks.   (in the background, Elissa is called to the DR)

GM says she doesn't understand why Elissa would say negative things. Aaryn says she's "over it" and "the last thing I'm going to say about it is, it was the first time in this house that I've actually felt like..." FISH. "...it made me feel like a loser, and it's the first time I've felt that way ever in this house and it made me feel really sick. I won't lie."

Spencer, now in the HOH, asks what happened. Helen reruns the campaign, and says, "If Elissa says she doesn't want to sit next to someone on the couch", she gets that. She's having to "live up to her sister's image... Elissa can't live up to her sister." Helen says she doesn't think that Elissa meant anything "maliciously" and if she did she needs to talk to them about it. Aaryn says a second time she's over it, and she never wants to think about it again. She won't talk to Elissa about it. 

Amanda asks if Elissa said anything to GM and GM says she said it about both Aaryn and GM. Amanda says well you do have some pretty nasty farts and tries to laugh it off. GM keeps complaining that Elissa shouldn't have said anything about them.  Aaryn is happy they got alcohol tonite.

11:00PM   HOH  - Non-game talk leads us into Aaryn thinking she has more class than Candice. She complains Elissa was always around Candice and that makes her mad. Helen breaks into one of her endless stories.