3:13PM  - GM comes in. Andy says that Elissa is acting "super weird." She won't talk to Andy, she just wanted to read. Aaryn says Elissa's "scared" and they need to get in Elissa's head and (mess) with her a lot. "She's been all 'cheery' this morning, and that needs to be squashed," she declares, "no more of that!"

GM says Elissa wanted to make a 2-week deal with her. Aaryn swears that she doesn't care who it ticks off, she wants GM  there with her at the end.

3:13PM  LOUNGE - Helen thinks it's ironic she and Spencer are on the block together because she was gunning for him a long time. Being a pawn as much as he has, it will be hard for Helen not to look at that. They agree there's so much left in this  game and even if they think they know how the game will end, or who the F3 will be, it's not necessarily true.  Helen feels she already won, by getting cast and lasting as long as she has...and we cut to


6:00PM  LIVE SHOW!!  (YAY!!)

Julie winds us up with a tease. "Tonite, history will be made when a Juror returns to the House!" and we're off to a weekly review.  "Tonite, the Jurors battle it out for a chance to return to the game! Live on Big Brother!!"

Review of HaveNot competition.

Time for last speech: Helen thanks her husband and kids.

Elissa is the only vote for Helen and Helen is evicted!  (sorry Helen, but don't be sad!  Julie has a secret to tell you that will make you smile!)

Helen tells Julie that her tears were strategy and she would "cry a river" if it kept her there. Julie laughs with Helen that she went down swinging and crying.

Goodbye messages: Andy didn't like her 'good people bad people' comment but he loves her. McCrea says she went after his queen. Amanda respects her and had to get her out. Elissa will fight for both of them and will miss her every single day. 

Helen cries. Julies asks if she had the chance to do it over again, what would she have done? Helen wouldn't have taken Howard out; they should have taken Amanda out instead.

Julie tells Helen, "You might be able to play the game differently, because you and the rest of the jury get to play live!" Helen explodes in excitement!!  Helen wants to know if she gets food first!!  She's pumping the air with her fists in excitement!!  and we're off to commercial

We're back to a hollerin' crowd!  Julie announces the battle to get back in the game. But first, there's a Jury House preview:

Candi hugs Judd expecting to see GM.  Judd wants some answers and blames Amanda and Helen. Jessie walks in and Judd forgot how hot she was. Jessie spills about Helen.

Julie tells us the Juror Winner will enter "as if they've never been evicted" (and are eligible to compete in HOH). The HG don't know this is about to happen. We break the news to shocked houseguests:

and the...DOORBELL RINGS!!!!! Jurors enter the house - CHAOS!!! 

Julie tells us we can expect to see "2 epic competitions in one:"  4 jurors battling to get back in the House and everyone slugging it out to be the new hOH!!! ...and we go to commercial.

"The Wall" this year is a Ballpark theme. Balls will be thrown at contestants which they must catch without falling off. Jurors are on seperate section. The first to catch 10 balls without falling wins HOH. For the jurors, the last one up stays in the game and are eligible to become HOH by catching balls. (The platforms they are standing on appear to move up and down, back and forth and also at a slant.)

Jessie catches the first ball!  Julie announces there's a "glitch in the sprinkler system" and the grounds crew send "their sincere apologies" as the HG are soaked.  Judd takes the opportunity to 'drink in the moment,' if you will.

Back from commercial, Julie leaves us with, "This game is far from over. Goodnight Houseguests!"

7:26 Juror Ball count: Candice, 2; Helen, 1; Jessie, 4; Judd, 3. Judd almost falls.

HouseGuest Ball count: Elissa, 5; Amanda, 4; GM, 1; Andy, 1. Spencer is down already

TRIVIA - McCrae is down.  Andy falls 7:29:50.

TRIVIA - Jessie down at 7:36:59. Leaving, she tells Amanda FU she hates her. "Are you kidding me?" she exclaims as she storms off set.

Candice, Helen and Judd still in. Aaryn doesn't understand why Jessie said that to Amanda. Aaryn announces into her microphone, "I'm sorry, Jessie, you're out of the game."

TRIVIA (Production feeds Aaryn  another line)  "That means Candice, Gelen and Judd, one of you will return to the Big Brother Game."

7:39PM -  GM, Elissa and Amanda battle it out on the Houseguests side as Helen, Judd and Candice stand firm on the Juror side.

7:42PM -  Quite unexpectedly, a "mascot" runs in wearing a handdrawn sports jersey, a red wig and red foam finger. He says he loves everyone! dances around, almost climbs on the platform with the contestants and yells that Spencer invited him. A Security guy comes in and they run thru the set before he's collared and led off-camera. 

(whoa?! was that real or a skit?! the feeder boards blow UP!) TRIVIA