7:48PM - Ball count: Elissa leads with 5. GM and Amanda are tied at 4. Helen has 3. Candice has 2.  TRIVIA

7:52PM -  Andy cheers everyone. Candice asks if Andy got "Christmas Shoes" and if he danced. Helen tells Candice GM tried to keep her. Judd asks who's together. Helen says 'same folks.' Judd says, 'ok'. Helen says Elissa was the only person who voted her to stay.

7:56PM  -Aaryn announces that Candice's ball bounced before she caught it so it's been removed from her total. Candice is back down to 2 balls.

8:00PM -  Elissa catches a sixth ball.  TRIVIA

8:06PM - Helen falls! She screams I love you!! as she runs off set waving her hands in the air. Candice falls 30 seconds later, She loves Judd and off she goes as Elissa calls, Candice..!" and we go to TRIVIA as Judd is assured of a place in the House.

Judd says he wants to start a clean slate with everybody. He's glad they got rid of Helen. Aaryn laughs and tells him he's welcome.

8:10PM - Amanda almost falls. Judd is cold. Judd says he's not mad at anyone for what happened. He learned a little. Aaryn speaks up, "Thank you, Judd." He wants the HOH. Aaryn says he can do it, "you deserve it." GM says he could give it to her for her birthday.  Judd says Candice was having the time of her life but he was bored. He says after Jessie got there, it was "girl-talk mania." Judd says the videos they brought in showed the competitions. TRIVIA.

8:13PM  "Mascot"  guy comes back with Security chasing him.  "Com'n com'n I love you guys expect the unexpected! Jessie says, Hi! HI!" 

Elissa catches her 7th ball. Judd tells Elissa he's sorry he didn't hug her last week. He was mad at Helen and she was guilty by association. Elissa is silent. In the JuryHouse, they couldn't talk game when the cameras were off. TRIVIA

8:17:52PM  Judd falls!!  GM asks if she can hold on to the tube for the balls. Aaryn says she can but if the tube falls off, they're eliminated. Elissa catches her eighth ball. Amanda falls forward and across the wall towards Elissa but manages to get back on her platform. Andy contratulates Elissa and says two more! Elissa almost falls in a similar way but saves herself in an awesome acrobatic move. 8:21 TRIVIA


8:22PM Spencer has remained pretty quiet. Judd, Andy and McCrae talk. Andy is full of questions about what Jessie may have told. Judd says she talked about Helen and Elissa and TRIVIA

8:24PM Andy continues to try to interrogate Judd as they sit on the bench. GM seems to be hanging up there just to keep pressure on Elissa, who's battling it out with Amanda. Andy and Judd's conversation seem to be bringing us TRIVIA

8:31PM  Elissa has 9 balls!  GM still at 3; Amanda at 6. Hang in there, Elissa!

and, pop, comes Elissa's 10th ball!  "BAM" she says, excitement obvious on her face!

8:32PM Elissa wins HOH !!  And the Live Feeders go CRaZY !!! "All is well in the BB world tonite," comments one poster.


8:32PM Elissa's first hug goes to Judd. Aaryn gives Elissa the key and her baseball hat but pulls away from Elissa's offer of a hug. After Elissa hugs everyone she goes over to Aaryn, who's in the corner of the 'dugout', and gives her a hug anyway. TRIVIA until 8:50pm

8:50PM  SR - Spencer tells Judd he had no idea Judd was going to be backdoored. Judd wonders if he looked bad on TV when he left. Andy said everyone was sad and Spencer says he told the DR it was like a dog getting hit in the road.

8:52PM  HALLWAY BEDROOM - Spencer asks Amanda if she knows what Elissa is thinking. She thinks Judd being here will make a difference because Elissa's not going to want to re-evict him. Amanda will try to suggest GM and Aaryn and Spencer likes that idea.

8:54PM  DOWNSTAIRS BATH  Elissa takes a warm shower for the first time in a week as Judd tells McCrae, Spencer and Amanda that Jessie is focused on being an actress now. FISH.

COLOR ROOM - Aaryn is convinced that Elissa will put her up. GM is afraid Aaryn's mad because GM didn't win.

9:00PM  LIVING ROOM - McCrae thinks Elissa will put up GM and Aaryn. Andy worries about his goodbye message to Judd. McCrae thinks they'll have to separate Aaryn and Judd. Andy would have liked it better if Candice came back.

DOWNSTAIRS BATH - As Elissa continues to shower, Elissa tells GM that she doesn't have anything to worry about; she won't go after GM this week if GM keeps Elissa safe next week. GM says she'll never forget her for doing her hair.

HALL BEDROOM  - The boys discuss sleeping arrangements. Judd tells them he only got to talk to Jessie and Candice. It was scary because evicted houseguests could make stuff up. Amanda is confused that Jessie  Judd is confused, too, because he thought that Jessie was maddest at Helen and Elissa, "Especially you," he says to Elissa, who's standing at her hallway dresser. Judd's not giving up a lot of information to the crew of Amanda, Andy, Spencer and Aaryn.

Andy tells Judd that Elissa beat him during OTEV. They describe the beaver. Spencer wants to show Judd his shoes in his bag (??)  Amanda is still worried about how Jessie left. Amanda comments that she guesses she doesn't have Jessie's vote. Andy calls her a 'wierd one.' Talk turns to bashing Jessie.

9:06PM  SR - Aaryn gives Judd a hug. She felt 'horrible' about evicting Judd FISH

9:16PM  DOWNSTAIRS BATH -  Judd tells Elissa he was mad at Helen; she wouldn't look him in the eye. Elisssa didn't want him to go; he knows that from what people have said. He's starting off with a clean slate and willing to vote out whoever Elissa puts up. Elissa asks who he thinks, and he responds, "Aaryn." She asks again if he'll vote out who she puts up and he says he's starting out fresh but he's cool with her. She asks if he's mad at Amanda and McCrae and he says again he's starting fresh. Judd says Jessie called her "Rachel's shadow" and told him she followed Elissa around but Jessie didn't like Judd either. Elissa is happy he's back.

9:20PM  HALLWAY BEDROOM - Amanda whispers to Spencer, Amanda, McCrae and Andy to tell Judd it was all Helen's idea to vote Judd out so they will be safe. Amanda goes into the Color Room where Aaryn is by herself to tell Aaryn the same thing, that Helen threatened her because Helen thought Judd was MVP and to say she "made me do it."

Judd says he forgot how dirty the House is; tt feels like he's been gone a month. Andy thinks Helen fell off because Candice falling distracted her. Judd thinks Candice really did like Howard. Amanda and Andy call her a bad liar. Judd says they didn't show him the clip of Amanda and Jessie fighting. They found out about the chance to get back in the house two days ago.

Judd was surprised to see Helen voted out. Amanda says she thought Judd would like that. Andy says that he didn't want Jessie to know she was leaving but Helen told her and they argued. Amanda is surprised that Judd and Jessie didn't 'hook up' in the Jury and says they all expected him to.

9:38PM  DOWNSTAIRS BATH -  Amanda wants to know what Elissa is thinking?  Elissa asks Amanda what she thinks? Amanda says, since Judd's back, whatever you want to do. Elissa says I want someone up who will do what I want to do. I want to make sure that Aaryn leaves 100%

Amanda suggests GM and Aaryn. Elissa insists that Aaryn go home, that she's bad for Elissa's game. McCrae can win veto and take himself down. Elissa will tell GM to throw the veto. Amanda agrees to do whatever Elissa wants her to do. Elissa tells Amanda, "I don't want you telling her she's staying or.."  Amanda asks what the Plan B is? Elissa says, "There is no Plan B; it has to happen!"

Amanda wants Elissa to consider other people besides McCrae. Elissa says she's not putting Judd up. Elissa says it's rediculous for anyone other than her target to think she's targeting them, so why should anyone worry? FISH  Elissa relays her conversation with Aaryn to Amanda, that it was Aaryn's fault that Helen went out.  Amanda is looking a little panicked.