9:52PM  KITCHEN  - GM is convinced that Aaryn is mad at her for not winning the HOH.  Aaryn, who has been chopping onions for over 20 minutes now, tells GM she's not mad (but she's not looking at her, either). Amanda, who's in the bathroom still trying to manipulate Elissa, can be overheard in the kitchen. GM breaks the silence to say she was happy that Jessie and Candice both said Happy Birthday. Judd says Candice was hoping it was GM that got evicted instead of Judd. 

9:54PM  DOWNSTAIRS BATH - Amanda is still pressing for GM and Aaryn on the block. Elissa isn't buying Amanda's argument. Elissa walks out.

9:57PM  LOUNGE - Amanda relays her conversation to McCrae. McCrae feels they need to trust Elissa and not get "paranoid and think ourselves into a rutt again."  McCrae asks what the cover story is for evicting Judd; has she told Elissa or Aaryn? She told Aaryn that they're blaming Helen for it.

Amanda explains the cover story to Andy. Elissa wants to put up a strong player so Aaryn will go home. Andy wants Judd up. She knows we'll get rid of Judd, says McCrae. Andy says an Elissa HOH, with Judd back, 'throws a wrench in everything."  McCrae thinks it's a "nightmare." They agree again it's the worst case scenario for them.  Aaryn will tell everything - she's a sinking ship now. Andy looks scared to death as he says, "Oh, my God."

10:00PM  KITCHEN - Aaryn is wearing a pretty leopard top and a major scowl.  Elissa asks how Judd slipped off. Judd said he didn't know he could hold onto the ball thing. Elissa says they never said they couldn't touch anything. Elissa says Production yelled at them for touching the "pictures" (flat billboards).

Aaryn doesn't think it's fair that the Jury got to watch episodes but can't tell them what they saw because of Production. Judd says Jessie was screaming even after she was gone. Elissa can't believe what she yelled at Amanda. Andy says Jessie's strategy was to wake him up every day with schemes to flip the house during Andy's HOH. Judd says I told you she was like that. Judd says she and Candice didn't hang out much; he spent more time with Candice. Andy can't stop asking questions about Jury. .  Elissa didn't know anyone was coming back; she thought they'd have a vote. Andy decides there will be another Double Eviction. GM's looking forward to singing over her cake

10:28PM  HALL BEDROOM - Amanda crawls in bed, and, after grabbing some pizza, McCrae joins her. Amanda bellyaches. Judd will never trust her. McCrae needs to tell her whatever Judd says. She's frustrated and afraid they'll end up on the block together. Amanda wants to threaten Elissa. Judd could convince Elissa to put her up. McCrae tells Amanda she did good in the competition and Elissa was 'cheating' by holding on to the wall, but Amanda was too, though.  He worries again about Aaryn spilling the beans.

GM bounces in, carrying two liters of soda. She would apologize to Candice. She said wrong things but she likes Candice as a person and was happy Candice gave her a hug and said Happy Birthday to her. GM doesn't think this comp was made for her. GM bounces back out.  McCrae tells Andy and Spencer that Amanda doesn't have any control over Elissa. He tells Spencer that Elissa won't put up GM, Spencer or Judd.

11:00PM  KITCHEN - Aaryn says the competition looked scary. Elissa says she wanted to see her son; she was thinking of her family. GM giggles about the "mascot" that ran through the set. Elissa talks about being hit in the throat with one of the balls. Andy says they don't look like they'd hurt but they did.

Andy asks again if Judd talked game with Jessie. Judd replies they get threatened with being in a hotel if they don't follow the rules. Aaryn asks how would BB know what people talked about, at all hours; Judd says well, you can try but I mean....

11:01PM  DOWNSTAIRS BATH - Judd, getting in the shower to change, says Andy wouldn't be able to handle being in the JuryHouse - not being able to talk to the other jurors. Andy tells Judd the House is "basically the same". Judd didn't tell Andy about his alliance with McCrae but he never tried to backstab Andy. Judd denies telling GM to put Andy up as replacement. Andy says he was afraid Judd would hear Andy was with Helen and Elisssa. Judd says he was never MVP unless 'I lost my damn mind!" Andy thinks America was.

11:05PM  KITCHEN - Elissa mentions again she was yelled at by Production for holding onto the wall. It wasn't holding her up, it's just something she could touch. Aaryn apologizes to Elissa for asking Production if Elissa was cheating. She didn't see Elissa's fingers underneath the billboard and she also saw that Amanda was doing it, too. Aaryn was worried that Elissa would use it as a safety blanket and that's why she asked Production.  Elissa says well, maybe that's why they were so upset about it. Aaryn says she didn't see it as an advantage. Elissa says, well, isn't a strategy in a physical competition ok, too? Andy didn't think that the Jurors had anything to hold onto. Elissa says,"but it was a flat picture." Spencer said a billboard was a little too far for him to grab. Judd wants to know why the cabinets are tied with dental floss and GM explains it was to keep the extra dishes locked up.  Talk turns back to what the Jury House is like.

11:11PM  LOUNGE - Andy wants to know why Elissa isn't putting GM up.  Elissa wants whoever is next to Aaryn to win veto. Andy says what if GM takes Aaryn off, who would be her target? Elissa has to think about it. Noone can use the veto on Aaryn. She asks Andy if he's on board with that? He says yes, it's a ballsy move but he respects it.

Elissa says that everyone needs to know that if they use the veto to take Aaryn off the block, anybody could go up. If someone doesn't fight for it, she'll put them up. Andy thinks it's a move that Helen would respect. Andy is going to tell everyone he just congratulated her. "Seriously, I know that you tell Amanda and McCrae everything," Elissa tells Andy. She tells him that if McCrae doesn't fight for veto, she'll put Amanda up next to him.  Andy says "my lips are sealed."  Andy goes to leave and Elissa calls him back in. They shake on a two-week deal and break up at 11:18.

11:22PM  Andy promptly unseals his lips to spill the conversation to Amanda. Amanda runs to Aaryn and tells her, "If I go down, McCrae goes up; if you go down, McCrae goes up."  Aaryn says she gets what Helen meant now when she said Aaryn was stupid for getting rid of Helen.

11:22PM  LOUNGE - Elissa tells McCrae she doesn't care who she ticks off to get rid of Aaryn. She knows McCrae will fight for the veto. He reminds her she needs 3 votes to get someone out and if she puts McCrae or Amanda up, she won't have the votes.  Elissa says if GM wins veto,  she will put McCrae up.  McCrae says the other side will keep Aaryn so she will go after Elissa next week. Elissa doesn't flinch.

Elissa feels McCrae will have enough time to fight to stay over Aaryn. Aaryn will win the game if she doesn't go this week. Elissa says every week Aaryn lies to her. Elissa wants McCrae to stay but he needs to fight - he needs to imagine sitting up there next to Amanda.

McCrae talks about putting Spencer up. Elissa won't do it. McCrae says he won't stay over Aaryn. He has to fight to win. She emphasizes that he put her up, after all.  Elissa asks him if he told Aaryn that he wouldn't vote out Amanda this week. McCrae denies talking any game with Aaryn. Elissa wants a guarantee that Aaryn goes home. McCrae goes back to wanting Spencer up and Elissa says no way.

11:30PM  LIVING ROOM - all houseguests except McCrae and Elissa are sitting on the couches, waiting to sing Happy Birthday to GM.

11:33PM  LOUNGE - McCrae keeps pushing for a GM/Aaryn nomination with a Spencer backup. He gets another "No'.  Elissa doesn't want GM voted out and Amanda will make sure McCrae has the votes to stay. Amanda joins them and says 100% Aaryn will go.  McCrae promises his cigarettes as collateral. Elissa wants them to make sure they do whatever it takes to vote out Aaryn.  McCrae thinks it would be very bad if he goes up next to Aaryn or GM. Elissa wants Amanda "to win something."  

McCrae offers a F4. Elissa doesn't care; she wants Aaryn gone. Aaryn put Helen and her up and blamed it all on Amanda and then told Elissa she was never a target, that she wanted to backdoor Spencer when Elissa was her target all along. And now she has Judd. McCrae says they are protecting Elissa not Aaryn. Amanda says she freaking out. Elissa says Judd isn't going up.

McCrae digs deep and offers his nominations next week. Elissa just wants Aaryn out. Elissa wants Amanda and McCrae to go to GM and tell her the plan. She's confident Aaryn's working with McCrae and Amanda. McCrae says they're not protecting Aaryn they're protecting Elissa. Amanda swears "on my life" she won't use veto to take Aaryn down.

11:39PM  LIVING ROOM Gathering as everyone sings Happy Birthday to GM ! and FISH for the singing and back to GM thanking everyone and inviting the non-HaveNots to 'dig in'. "Anybody want cake?" GM offers. Nobody wants a piece until midnight, leaving GM alone in the kitchen. She puts the cake in the refrigerator for the icing to harden.


11:40PM  HALL BEDROOM - McCrae and Amanda brief Andy quickly on their conversation with Elissa. McCrae thinks he's talked Elissa out of putting him up.

11:40PM  DOWNSTAIRS BATH - Judd is using the blowdryer to dry his clothes. Elissa teases, Production is more excited about Judd coming back in the House than her HOH. She jokes he's stealing her thunder and says she's happy he's back. Judd asks if she's putting him up? She says they have to make a deal but what does he think? and smiles. Judd said he knew she would win the HOH but was surprised that Helen is out.

11:44PM  LOUNGE -  Amanda tells Aaryn she won't vote her out, to just go along with things. Aaryn trusts her. Amanda leaves. Aaryn is joined by Judd. She tells him he "looks sexy" with his weight gain. She doeesn't believe he and Jessie didn't hook up. Even if they wanted to they didn't have the chance, but he can't talk about it. He and Candice got along alright. Aaryn is "pretty positive" that Judd's going to have a safe week. He still wants to fight for veto. He wanders out, leaving Aaryn alone, playing with a frog.

Andy pops in to say he's 'working on it,' Aaryn's his "top priority". She wants Andy to tell her if McCrae and Amanda agree to vote her out. Andy pops out again.