11:50PM  HALL BEDROOM - Judd says his biggest regret was staying loyal and that's what got him. He could have switched it up, like with Kaitlin, but it's part of the game, a little rumor turns into something huge. He says he wants to start fresh. He's not mad at anyone. Jessie was hurting his game and he really wanted her out. Andy pops up to asks what they're talking about. Andy says to Judd, we got people out you probably wanted out, it must feel good for you. Judd says he was homesick in jury. Andy asks, when you were stuck with Candice? Judd says they didn't get phone calls; Production calls Judd out.  Andy asks if he was brought in the same car with everyone; no. 

11:55PM  HAVE/NOT ROOM - Elissa asks Spencer for a two-week deal. He agrees he won't put her up if she keeps him off the block, and that he won't vote against her. Spencer thinks it's awesome that Elissa has 2 vetos and 2 HOH's. (Ed note: and 3 MVPs!)

Elissa's thinking of putting Aaryn/McCrae up. Spencer wants to know, why not GM? Elissa says if GM wins veto, there's 5 people in the house not fighting for veto. She has her own mind and Spencer is safe. Spencer promises Elissa's noms will stay the same. Elissa's not sure that Judd will fight for it since it's his first week back, but she wants everyone to know that they need to fight to keep her noms the same. He asks her who the replacement nom would be and Elissa doesn't say. She tells Spencer that Amanda also can't win the veto. He agrees again to vote Aaryn out. Spencer wants to work on their relationship and tells her, since she's lost Helen, to just ask if she needs anyone to talk to.

12:05PM  Elissa called to DR, as the HaveNots begin their feeding frenzy! (with cake!)

12:08PM  SR -Spencer tells McCrae if he doesn't fight for veto he will be the replacement. McCrae complains Elissa is threatening everyone. Spencer says if he wins veto he won't be able to use it because Amanda will go up. McCrae isn't happy. Spencer isn't happy Judd's back. McCrae reassures Spencer nothing changes.

12:10PM  KITCHEN - Amanda tells GM and Judd that it changes the game for someone to come back. Her voice doesn't sound happy. She says that Jessie was a bitter person. Jury is her worst nightmare now with the three girls there. Judd says Jessie didn't like him and he doesn't know how Helen feels at all.

12:12PM  SR - Andy pops in and Spencer retells Elissa's scenario about who goes up to McCrae and Andy. Andy exclaims, "Oh, my God!" 

Spencer says she really wants Aaryn gone. McCrae leaves. Spencer tells Andy he thinks Elissa is going to backdoor Amanda. She told him getting rid of Spencer would be wasting her HOH. Spencer says he agrees, and they laugh. They reassure each other they will stick together and not let Judd influence them. Andy and Spencer feel safe if Elissa sticks to her guns.

12:16PM  HALL BEDROOM - Andy tells Amanda Elissa will probably nominate McCrae/ Aaryn.

12:16PM  HAVE/NOT ROOM - Spencer tells Amanda that Elissa told him to tell everyone that if they get HouseGuest Choice, they shouldn't pick him because she wants people playing who can win veto. She's putting up McCrae so he'll fight for the veto and she wants Aaryn to go home.  Amanda looks shocked.

Amanda worries she'll goes up instead. Spencer said she didn't say that, but it would be worse-case scenario for him if Amanda and McCrae were on the block. Amanda doesn't trust Judd any more. She's worried Elissa is happy Judd is back in the house. Spencer says Elissa is programmed to destroy and there's nothing anyone can do. Amanda wants either Judd or Elissa gone next week. Talk breaks up at 12:21

12:24AM  LOUNGE - Amanda walks in followed by McCrea. "You're f.d," she tells McCrae. He thinks Amanda will go up if anyone comes down but there's no logic to that. Amanda doesn't get it. He wants to threaten Elissa that if she's not with them, she's against them. Andy pops in to agree that Elissa won't put up Spencer. She told Andy not to worry, also, but won't give Andy names.

McCrae wants to threaten Elissa. Andy says it won't work, she doesn't care. Amanda says, "but we saved her!" Andy wants to kill Elissa for saying "let the best competitor win." Amanda decides to be Elissa's best friend. Amanda thinks Aaryn should threaten Elissa. "Oh my God," Andy exclaims for the third time in an hour.

Andy promises to try to talk to her tomorrow. Every time he tried to reason with her tonite she just said whoever doesn't want to go home needs to win. Amanda says putting McCrae up will make Elissa an even bigger target. Andy doesn't even want to think about McCrae and Amanda on the block.

12:32AM  HALL BEDROOM - Spencer talks to Judd about Jessie. Aaryn calls Jessie unemployed. Judd says she's not unemployed, she's in sales. "She's probably just embarassed. She's unemployed," Aaryn insists. Judd says Jessie made up that she was unemployed. Aaryn is adament that Jessie is unemployed. Judd again says,"no." Aaryn thinks it's stupid to tell people they're unemployed, "It's stupid." Judd says she has a job but wants to move (to Los Angeles) and be an actress. Aaryn thinks she has to be in the union. Judd asks if they get into (SAG) from being on a reality show. Aaryn insists you have to be union to get jobs in Los Angeles. Spencer talks about a girl he knew in school who became an actress.  Aaryn says she did a real estate commercial and a golf commercial, which was 'the best day ever'. Spencer tells a story about a buddy who went to prison.

12:36AM GM complains to Andy they're back where they started, with Judd in the house. She goes off to the SR in search of alcohol. Andy tells McManda he doesn't know who he would vote for if they were both on the block; he's never even thought about it.  GM comes back to say they have beer but there's only 4. Aaryn thinks they should get more beer from Production and wants Andy or Judd to go ask for more. Aaryn thinks someone hid beers. Andy? she asks.  Andy says he was in the bathroom. "What kind of scumbags would hide beers?"says Spencer.

They talk about selling their beer cans on E-bay. Aaryn continues to complain about the amount of alcohol. Spencer talks to Andy about vomitoriums in Rome. (Does anyone get the feeling Spencer is trying to intentionally 'one-up' Aaryn?)

Amanda asks if Judd was the one who called Aaryn 'poopie' and Judd says he heard Andy say it and he just started using it too. Judd asks if the TV showed Judd and Elissa laughing when Candice was put up. GM didn't think it was funny. Judd thought it was funny and couldn't stop laughing.

Judd asks if they've done any sterotype games lately and Andy jokes that Aaryn got out the last minority today. GM wants credit for Candice but doesn't think that Helen is a minority. Aaryn says she's a minority because she's the only one with "natural blond hair and blue eyes." Aaryn goes over everyone's racial heritage. She mentions again that she's the minority now. McCrae says he's French Canadian and Aaryn thinks that makes him the house minority. 

Andy jokes Candice jumped off because she's just happy that Helen will be in jury with her. Aaryn says she screamed in delight when Candice fell off. Aaryn complains that it's not fair if Elissa gets a Pandora's box when there's been so many HOH's to do it in. Andy thinks if they got Rachel it would be bad for Elissa because Elissa wouldn't see her sister. Aaryn will be under a bed somewhere. Aaryn doesn't think Elissa will get a power and if she does, "it's stupid." Amanda brings up the down comforter. Aaryn says they got rid of it. GM says "only because we complained about it."

12:56AM  Elissa is out from the DR. She says she's not HOH. That Judd is getting it. (she's really just touching up her makeup). Elissa goes back to the DR.

12:59AM  WHO wants to see my HOH room ?! Everyone in the Hall Bedroom cheers and they follow Elissa up the stairs.

Just inside the door, Elissa stops to pick up her first photo: Elissa's husband, stepsons and her son at the Hoover Dam. There's another of Brendon and Rachel and Elissa's husband. There are watercolor paintings from her son. Her CD is Taylor Swift, "Speak Now."  There's a necklace from her Mom, eyeshadow and crazy long eyelashes, and her yoga mat (yay!) . In the fridge is Greek yogurt. The basket is filled with healthy snacks and there's a bottle of Skinny Girl White Peach Marguerita mix, which GM thinks is vodka.  Andy wants her to read her letter.

Elissa's letter is from Rachel:  "Hey, Girl, Hey! First I want to say how proud I am of you. Second I want you to know we are rooting for you 100thousand percent.  ... Your husband loves you and we talk every day about how much we miss you and how much he loves you. OBVI !  ...We are all here for you. Know that when you wake up in the mornings and you feel alone, you're really not alone because we're all in your heart. Just remember you only get this shot once, so work really hard and make it count. Keep playing the game with your heart. Keep up your yoga, keep up your fun Elissa personality, do your best and give it your all. We all love you so much. Yay, get it, sister ! "

Everyone is touched by Elissa's letter. Aaryn comments Elissa's wedding dress is amazing. Elissa says that was her reception dress; at her real wedding she had a dress with a really long train. Elissa is happy to have a yoga mat, she likes Manduka (sp?) yoga mats (and gives them a shoutout to send her a travel mat) but brought a lighter one that was easier to travel with.  Elissa keeps saying she's so excited. She gives her Mom a shoutout "I love you, Mommy, and I think of you every second!"

Elissa laughs over a photo Rachel sent and talks about AdventuresForPets.com, her pet travel company she runs with Rachel - the picture sent is a promo picture. She loves all her pictures and she kisses her son's picture and says he's her angel. She misses him and her husband and all her kids. She and Amanda admire the picture of the entire family at Hoover Dam. Amanda and Spencer think Elissa's husband looks European. She's proud of her little boy's finger paintings. She jokes there's no candy in her basket but "that's what you get with a fitness and nutrition specialist." Elissa puts on the necklace from her Mom as she talks about her son.

Amanda is investigating the bottle of Skinny Girl Peach Marguerita mix. Elissa says if they go get glasses they can all share.  Elissa picks up the Hoover Dam photo and gushes over her kids again. She looks on top of the world as she rereads her letter to herself and smiles. She shouts out "I love you, Mommy!" McCrae, who's gone to retrieve glasses, is locked out (by mistake). 

Elissa plays hostess and pours everyone some marguerita and offers Aaryn a glass. She gives a toast: "To Big Brother,  making it in this House, and to all the new opportunities that await all of us, and a special bond. Cheers!" They all clink glasses as cheers and congratulations go around.  "Cheers, Judd, to being back in the house," Elissa clinks with Judd.  Elissa is excited about Taylor Swift's song,"Mean" and she says a few verses: "All you are is mean, And a liar, And pathetic, And alone in life, And mean."  Andy tries to gossip about Jessie. Judd says Jessie was hysterical. Aaryn describes to Elissa how to use a hairclip she received. GM is called to the DR at 1:23am