2:50PM  HALL BEDROOM - GM and Aaryn make smalltalk with Spencer and Judd. Aaryn jokes their test vote will be Baby Spice and Posh Spice. Judd would evict Baby Spice. Aaryn says that's mean because she thinks she looks like Baby Spice. "What do you mean 'why's Judd worked up?' " Aaryn responds to a comment from Spencer. "His wife is getting evicted! You'd be getting worked up if your wife was getting evicted!"  She and Judd would have "perfect little blond, blue-eyed children." Judd replies his eyes are green and his Mom has brown eyes.

 3:00PM - So far, no one has dressed for the Live Show (and I really hate that because I wanted a nice pre-eviction picture of Aaryn for this recap.)  Elissa sets up barbershop. The guys are getting their hair done as general small-talk and cutting up ensues (pun intended.) We go the KITCHEN where Aaryn is keeping her own spirits up, with a farewell signature "Kitty Scratch Hiss" to the camera, before spending her final hours in the house with GM.

3:10PM  HALL BEDROOM - Aaryn tells Judd that everyone will regret this week because they won't be able to get Andy out.Judd wants Aaryn to tell Candice, "How'd you do that, rattlesnake?" Aaryn asks what it means and Judd just says it's an inside joke. 


Some of the biggest showmances are back - all live on BB!

("Sit down, trash" comment by Amanda to Elissa is shown)

(kazoo Amanda is shown harassing Elissa in the kitchen)

Julie announces twitter America gets to play the game again, too. The HOH losing players will receive a punishment and have to wear either a bunny or chicken suit for 48 hours. Instructions given to text.  Dan Gheesling interview follows the commercial.

Dan thinks Amanda is playing like a brat and he's definitely Team Judd. 

Julie teases us with an announcement that BigBrother has recently checked on some of the game's biggest showmances:

Brendon and Rachel              Dani and Dominic                         Jeff and Jordan

Julie tells us, one Houseguest will be evicted and they "have a lot of explaining to do."

Julie asks about Amanda deciding "to make a very public scene verbally taunting Elissa.." Amanda responds that Elissa pressed her buttons and she worked hard to earn that veto. That bubby had been laid to rest but now the HouseGuests know not to push her buttons.

Julie asks Elissa her thoughts and if she's made amends.Elissa replies she said game-related things and she thinks Amanda took it to another level. She was trying to enjoy her HOH. She nominated a member of their showmance and Amanda was upset and the emotions were just running crazy this week.

Julie treats us to a before/after of the Hall Bedroom and tells us "twitter was abuzz." Spencer is congratulated for not being on the block this week and asked what he makes of the bedroom mess. Spencer replies he likes to "have his piles." and tells Julie, "Thanks for asking me a question, by the way, it's only been 10 weeks. Julie laughs and says, Spencer's time has arrived.

It's time for Live Vote.

Aaryn (looking beautiful in a sparkly gold top) thanks everyone, including CBS. She can't wait to see her parents and her friends who's letters helped her through.

Andy thanks President Lincoln (I think,) and is very cheerful in his speech.

GM's tearful vote to evict Aaryn sends Aaryn packing. (sorry Aaryn, you had great competition skills! Have a blast of a lifetime in jury and see you at finale.)

Julie tells us she'll sit down with Aaryn LIVE - when we return. (subdued clapping)

Julie notes that Aaryn and Elissa were like oil and water. Why did she dislike Elissa so much?  Aaryn responds she was confused that Elissa didn't tell her that she was Rachel's sister and she loved Rachel so that made her not trust her. A she said Aaryn would get MVP and it put a target on her back."

Julie continues: In the early days of this game Aaryn said some pretty harsh things others were interpreting as being racist.

Aaryn responds, Being Southern, it's a stereotype and I've said some things that have been taken completely out of contect and wrong (audience cynical laughter.)

Julie counters: When you say the intention was not to hurt anyone, let me just read back a few things you've said (louder cynical laughter) (Julie lists the nail salon comment, the rice comment, the seeing in the dark comment and the gay slur.)

Aaryn responds, "I do not remember saying those things and they are not meant to be serious and if I did say those things I feel horrible.." (audience cynical laughter)

We go to goodbye messages.

Julie asks if Aaryn has any final thoughts:  "In Texas, we say things and sometimes we joke and we don't mean it, and I really feel bad this is how its being seen and comes across to people..." "...we're all fighting for our lives in this game."

Jule advises her, "You're going to get to go home and watch a whole lot of footage and I hope you might have a new perspective on things."

Closing the Aaryn chapter, Julie tells us, "The battle plays out live, who will win this crucial HOH title - stay with us." (very extended commercial)

The contest is an egg-thru-a-maze competition. The HouseGuests have to use their fingers reaching through chicken-wire to manipulate an egg up and around a maze shaped as a HOH. Once they successfully navigate their egg to the end, they must hop back  to their "basket." The first HouseGuest with a dozen eggs in their basket wins(which is really a rack to display the eggs so count is visible) win.Their feet are tied together so they must hop.