McCrae says again GM won't be happy if she's doing it in front of GM. She asks Spencer if he would take it? Spencer says he sees both sides. Amanda complains that Elissa is talking loud enough (in the bathroom) to "irritate me." McCrae tells her again, don't do it. The more you let her into your head the more she wins.

11:01PM - Amanda asks Spencer if Elissa is still 'ranting'. McCrae asks what's the point? She hates Elissa. "Why would she lie?" Amanda protests, "and be like, McCrae wants you outside?" McCrae says it doesn't matter. Amanda continues to rant, "I hope that America sees, how crazy this b... is. I want to walk out of here. and look, like, why is she being so mean to this poor innocent b.... Amanda says, "She just does it. and I can't sit here and let her bully me." McCrae says it doesn't matter!

He tells her to play the "victim." Amanda complains that Elissa called Jessie a 10. McCrae says it's stupid to get upset over that. He tells Amanda the less she says to Elissa, the better, and the more Elissa says to Amanda the better, and not to say anything back so GM can see that Amanda is a victim. He tells Amanda several times to play the victim and not fight in front of GM. Amanda asks if her answer to Julie made Elissa look bad. McCrae thinks so; that makes Amanda happy.

Amanda decides she wants to go outside. McCrae thinks there's no point. Amanda is not going to stay away just because Elissa is outside. She's not going to let Elissa "isolate us." Mccrae is fine being inside. Nobody wants to hear it.  Amanda puts her half-baby voice on to talk to McCrae. McCrae tells her she has to play the victim, but she has to stay that way. She can't let GM see her attack Elissa. Amanda continues to try to paint Elissa as a bully.

BACKYARD - Andy is telling Judd that Elissa was pushing Amanda's buttons but Amanda was playing into it. Judd says, "but look what Amanda did." Andy says he understands both ends but Spencer and Andy still try to put some blame on Elissa. Judd says that he didn't come back in the game to kiss McManda's (butt) and Amanda is going to be surprised when they go up tomorrow.

Elissa comes outside and Andy asks if she's ok. Elissa is tired of being harassed and says that Spencer was sitting there and laughing with Amanda. Spencer says he's not getting in the way of two women fighting. Elissa says it wasn't a fight, it was her being attacked and she doesn't know why Amanda thinks she has the right to attack every single girl in the house.

Spencer says he was just uncomfortable and that's why he left. Elissa says well I mean I saw you talking to her afterwards. Elissa says she's sorry but she's tired of getting followed around and harassed. They were sitting there talking about Jessie and she thinks what Jessie said was funny. Jessie blamed Amanda, too. Spencer agrees. She calls Amanda a mean, disgusting person. Judd and Spencer say they just kinda got pulled into it by Amanda afterwards because they were walking by.

Elissa says, one minute Amanda says Elissa's a princess, "that I think I'm better than anyone but I don't. My passion in life is to help other people" (FISH)  Her husband works his butt off and they should have nice things. She works from 6am til 3am. She does any and everything she can to make sure her family is successful. "Sorry, Amanda, I don't go and try to strip and sleep with every guy in America to try and make money," Elissa continues, "it obviously hasn't been working for her."

Andy says in a way Elissa was egging Amanda on with the topic of Jessie, and Elissa tells Andy to "get real." She should be able to talk about Jessie all day, every day. Andy says, well it was getting a rise out of her and Elissa should have walked out of the room. Elissa asks Andy who was in the room, and they agree it was Elissa, Spencer and Andy. So, Elisssa says, there was no reason for Amanda to come over to their conversation, "so don't get it twisted."

Andy doesn't think that Elissa was in the wrong, but when she thinks Amanda is irrational to just leave the room.  Elissa says she comes into my face, every hour, all day, every day. What am I supposed to do? Let's put things into perspective. I wasn't antagonizing her. She comes into a room I was in. Andy agrees he used the wrong word choice. Andy and Spencer tell Elissa that anything she says is going to get a rise out of Amanda, even if it's civil, so don't say anything, just leave the room, and it sucks she has to leave a room every time Amanda walks in. Judd says he's not walking out of any room.

Elissa thought Jessie was funny and cute and adorable when she called her Rachel's shadow. She can say Jessie's cute all day long. Jessie can call me Rachel's Shadow all day long. She says Jessie didn't have a meltdown like Amanda. Amanda is a viciously evil and horrible person but Jessie was funny and Elissa wasn't offended at all. Elissa says it was even cute when she said, FU Amanda!  Elissa says the meanest Jessie got was Rachel's Shadow and Barney. Andy says, and Bacon. Elissa says Jessie came up to her afterwards and told her that she was kinda being mean by calling her Rachels' Shadow outside but then she wanted to hang out. Spencer says Jessie's meltdown was PG, and then she took to her bed for the rest of the day because she felt bad. Judd says it was a meltdown that parents would allow their kids to watch.

11:13PM   LIVING ROOM - Amanda continues her post-HOH meltdown. She complains that Elissa is horrible. McCrae is yelling at Amanda that anytime she plays to the camera it's stupid. Nothing matters outside of here.  McCrae wants to make it to the end of the game and that's all. Amanda says after Julie's comment, she knows she's being portrayed as a bully. McCrae doesn't care how he's portrayed. He's there to win and play the game and he doesn't care what America thinks, "there's no America in this house." 

Andy comes in and Amanda asks what Elissa was saying.  Andy is happy to instigate and says, "What do you expect?"  the same old thing and says that Elissa was wrong.  That's why it doesn't matter, McCrae says.  Amanda starts whining that she's being portrayed as a bully and Elissa is "pure evil" and a "bad person."  McCrae says it doesn't matter. She doesn't know how America doesn't see that Elissa's the bully. McCrae doesn't care.

Amanda keeps up her temper tantrum, saying it bothers her that she's being portrayed as the ass, and Elissa is a evil b.. and that Aaryn was the b.. for the first two weeks but Elissa taunted her every single day. "But they don't show that!" (does Amanda not know we see 24/7?)  Amanda chants, she has to go this week. McCrae tells Amanda there's no point in even getting mad. Amanda gets up and heads to the bathroom.

Thankfully, we are rescued from this with a HOH REVEAL!! (yay!) Who wants to see my HOH Room!!


 GM received a new Nick picture (BB stock photo.)  Butter, white castle burgers, eggplant parm, perfume, a swimsuit, teeth whitener and nail polish are in her basket/fridge. Lots of candy, too.There's a picture of Freddy and everyone cheers. Monster Truck show photos and a picture related to having to evacuate for the Hurricane. Andy says Freddy couldn't be more perfect. Elissa tells GM she looks gorgeous in her pictures. They all gush over the photos and the guys act exuberant over Madonna, Perogative - Greatest Hits.  Amanda is quiet. Elissa thinks GM's dad is adorable. GM gives Elissa a pair of socks (which Elissa really really needs.)