Julie announces they may want to pick up the pace because there will be a punishment for the HouseGuest with the fewest eggs. "All night long America has been voting," Julie tells them, and with 69% of the vote in, America has chosen a chicken suit." (YAY America!)

In addition, Julie will have a "surprising announcement" about next week's eviction, as we go to commercial. Julie tells us this week there is a surprise competition for the HG we will find out about on Sunday, and one week from tonite it's the second Double Eviction of the season - a whole week of BigBrother in one Epic night, as two houseguests are evicted LIVE."

Feeds return and GM has the HOH key around her neck! GM has won!! And Spencer and Judd have won, too - Chicken suits!!


7:30PM  DOWNSTAIRS BATH - Amanda is already pushing for Elissa to go and is sticking next to GM like glue. Andy and Judd are talking excitedly, reviewing the competition. GM says she was going slow and steady so she didn't drop eggs and demonstrates how she had a rhythm going. "It's all in the hips, it's all in the hips!" Elissa comes in (looking mighty fine in blue sparkles) and congratulates GM. McCrae decides now is a really good time to shave for the second time in 4 hours. Before GM leaves the bathroom, Amanda whispers, "Because she did what she did you won't be pissing anyone off." That Aaryn will be proud of her for evicting Elissa. Amanda wants to blindside her, and says Elissa will "never see it coming." Everyone follows GM out into the kitchen as Andy congratulates her.

HALL BEDROOM - Judd whispers quickly to fellow Exterminator Spencer that they have to "start setting some traps." Andy is scared that Elissa doesn't trust him, and is worried in case she gets HOH next week. Judd asks why he's talking about that now? Andy's elated they are F6.  Judd says it was stupid to kiss Aaryn because Aaryn will tell Jessie. The guys laugh. 

7:41PM  SR  - Elissa whispers to Andy in the kitchen and Judd in the hallway before they go into the SR that they have to be careful because Amanda will say anything to keep them away from GM.)  Judd, Spencer and GM celebrate followed by Andy, Judd and GM celebrating.  GM says they think I'm going to put up Elissa but she's going to put both up so one goes home.They warn her that McManda are going to be on her hard.

7:45PM  KITCHEN - GM thinks they should have chicken to mark the occasion. After Amanda leaves the Kitchen,  Elissa explains she didn't want to cheer because she didn't want the others to know how far ahead GM was. "I didn't want them to speed up," she tells GM. GM agrees that was smart. GM is looking forward to more hair dye (and points to Elissa) and is also excited to get letters. Elissa tells Judd she didn't know what to say during the live show, "I couldn't say anything truthful!" Judd wonders if he and Spencer will do a DR together in their Chicken Suits. He dreads wearing it.

7:45PM  HALL BEDROOM - Amanda tells McCrae that she's going to be on GM non-stop and remind her who sent Aaryn home. Amanda is not happy that Elissa looks happy and Spencer comments Elissa's answer to Julie during the live show was "stupid." Amanda says based on what Julie asked her on the show, she now knows how she is being portrayed. She says no way is she going to let GM work with Elissa.

Elissa comes in and helps GM with a back stretch. Elissa compliments her and says, "listen to the sensible woman in the house." After Elissa leaves, Amanda takes issue with the comment and calls it 'backhanded.' GM brushes it off. Amanda thinks she's being portrayed as a devil and Elissa is an angel and starts bashing Elissa. Amanda says she stands up for everyone and then she looks like a bully. Amanda wonders if her "bubby" tirade will make "the Soup."  Spencer wonders how much he will get for his "chicken-suit shoes" on Ebay.

Amanda tells Spencer. "I know she is whispering to her right now" She continues, "I'm going to kill her." She thinks GM will put up Judd. Spencer nods as Amanda finishes, "As long as none of us go up as the initial nominee we're good.

Andy asks if it seemed he was freaking out because he's a public speaking teacher. Spencer liked his shoutout to Anderson Cooper. Spencer says Marilyn will give him guff about his piles at home. Andy wonders if Julie called him cleaver or smart and Spencer thinks she called him stupid. They think it's awesome their messy room was called out on TV.

Amanda says GM is a great competitor and Spencer agrees. "That's why Elissa needs to leave this week. She doesn't want to look at her "joker face." "My God! This week! We all have to get her out!" she tells Spencer. She hates her, Hates her, and can't stand how she looked victimized when Julie asked them questions. She says she looked like an "idiot" talking to America. Amanda is concerned how she looked on the live show and asks McCrae and Spencer their opinions.

8:00PM  KITCHEN -  Elissa asks Judd if Amanda has said anything.  Judd tells her that Amanda is ticked off about Julie's question. (Right on schedule, dear readers, Amanda is starting to wind herself up for her weekly, attention-grabbing HOH meltdown.)

8:45PM  KITCHEN - McCrae whispers to Spencer that he's worried. Spencer tells McCrae that Aaryn told GM about the 3AM alliance.  Amanda joins and asks what is up and says she's thinking, before walking away.

8:46PM COLOR ROOM -  Amanda tells GM to put up Judd or Spencer next to Elissa. GM doesn't like that idea. Amanda says if you keep us off the block you've got 2 votes to keep you. She doesn't want to be put up as an initial nomination but she will go up as a pawn after veto. She threatens GM that if she goes, GM will have a ticked off McCrae and a really ticked off Andy and Spencer who will be mad at her, too. She tells GM again that no one will be mad if she sends Elissa out. GM tells Amanda it sucked not to be able to keep Aaryn.

Amanda says if Elissa had put Judd up from the very beginning none of this would have happened but Elissa has her 'eye on the tiger' and nothing is going to stop her. She tells GM that Elissa and Judd had a F2 deal before he was evicted and she's suspicious Elissa was so happy he came back in the house. She asks GM if Elissa has made any deals with GM and GM tells Amanda, no.

Amanda offers GM a F4 with them and Andy. She thinks next week will be a double eviction. They need to play smart and get Judd and Elissa out so GM will be the strongest competitor left. Amanda continues to try to manipulate GM with promises and says Elissa has got to go! GM laughs after Amanda leaves, motions to the camera that Amanda is crazy, and sshhhhh's the camera while holding her HOH key up and grinning. She says 'she's going up!' and heads to the bathroom.

9:15PM  - Spencer and Judd grab Andy's suitcase (that contains his shoes) and run quick and put it in the SR as a prank. Spencer gets back in bed. 

9:21PM - Spencer and Judd are called to the DR to get their Chicken Suits. The House Guests are called to the Living Room for the Chicken Suit reveal. GM relates that she tore the string off the bell when she won and was hitting the bell with the string. A camera remains focused on the DR door.

 9:44PM - we have the reveal! The upper body is a yellow feather winged poncho and the leggings, complete with webbed feet, are red feathers; they have a chicken head hat, and even a floppy chicken tail. The HouseGuests laugh as Judd and Spencer do a 'chicken dance'.