12:59AM - Amanda leaves the Backyard to come inside and Not antagonize Elissa. She goes in the Color Room and says she doesn't want to fight with Elissa but she feels like Elissa antagonizes her. Like, she has to stick up for herself and asks if Elissa does not see that. Elissa says nothing and walks past Amanda and out of the room.  Amanda follows her, taunting, "That's really mature of you, Elissa. You're a mother. You're a mature adult woman." She raises her voice. "Like I'm sick of you bullying me. Yeah, that's right, laugh about it. I'm trying to confront you and tell you I don't want to fight with you and you're walking away from me. See America? I'm trying to make amends and she keeps walking away. So you want to keep fighting with me, do what you gotta do, girl. I'm going to go into the disease-infested pool. "

Amanda comes out to report she confronted Elissa. Judd suggests Amanda make Elissa a friendship bracelet. We go to FISH and come back to self-appointed victim Amanda, oh, yes, crying again. Amanda says it's just constant stress and she feels like she's 17 years old again; she's never dealt with an adult like that before. She goes over the top with the old woman, and she just starts this sh..t up again and she doesn't know what Elissa's deal is, she's that "bitchy Negro" in school that says let's go to the bathroom together. She's just over it. Judd leaves. Andy asks why the pool is disgusting. Spencer doesn't know. McCrae says it's because they go in with oil on their skin. Amands says she's never met a more infuriating person in her entire life. She can't have a normal conversation without her coming in and antagonizing her and she can't say anything and she looks like the bad guy. McCrae asks who does she look like the bad guy too?

1:07AM  DOWNSTAIRS BATH - GM comes in to talk to Elissa. Elissa tells her that Amanda is starting up again, that she came into the bedroom and Elissa just wanted to get away from her because she felt cornered. She walked out to try to get away from her and Amanda was yelling that she was sick of Elissa antagonizing her. GM asks if Amanda is outside. Elissa says she can't believe she has to live in a house with someone aggressively harassing her.Elissa says how does it make sense that I'm making my bed alone in the room and she comes in screaming at me and I'm antagonizing her?

GM says she'll talk to Amanda and goes outside. Spencer comes in and says he's tired. Elissa tells Spencer Amanda followed her into the room and cornered her and started yelling at her and she walked away. Spencer still feels the best way to handle it is to walk away.

1:09AM  BACKYARD -  GM comes out and asks Amanda what the matter is. Amanda turns on a fresh batch of the tears. Elissa is just trying to torture her. She went to her and said she didn't want to fight with her and like, "I feel like you're kind of antagonizing me and I don't want to fight with you and she just walks out of the room and starts laughing. I thought we settled this and every time I walk out of the room she's talking about me and I'm over it. Like I'm not in high school anymore. Like we're all talking upstairs and she's like GM can you come downstairs and show me how to change the sheets on the bed? ...And like, yes, me dressing up as a grandmother and taunting her, yes, there's different types of torturing someone, and I apologized for that and  she's still f...king doing it. She's sitting up in your room and, how dare her, she's been torturing Aaryn since day one, and she's up there, like, I love Aaryn and oh Aaryn likes this peanut butter and the only thing that would make this better is Poopie here. Are you f... kidding me? That makes me so angry! She tortured a 22 year old girl and she's 29 and she talks about she's such a mother - she tortured her this summer - and you! That's what even upsets me more and how dare her sit up there and say that her perogative is to get Aaryn evicted and puts Andy up next to her to make sure Aaryn gets evicted and how dare she sit up there and say "I miss her. " (yes, this was one sentence. And similar sentences like this repeat over another half hour in circular ranting)

Judd says, the thing that Julie said just opened up a whole can. Andy says Julie is a s..t starter. Amanda complains that Judd defended Elissa. Aaryn did torture Elissa, Amanda exaggerates, 'for two days.' Spencer says Aaryn was a complete ass the first weeks. She didn't give a f.... Andy says she changed her tune after a few weeks and wasn't as aggressive. Spencer thinks Rachel went out 5th in her first season and "Aaryn was better than Rachel, and if America can like Rachel they should like Aaryn."  McCrae tells Amanda that the more Amanda has a reaction the more Elissa gets out of it. Yesman Andy chirps up, "without a doubt!"

Amanda says it scares her that Aaryn said that GM is going to put them up and work with Elissa. Spencer says she can't listen to a damn thing Aaryn's said. She was trying to make herself valuable at the end. McCrae agrees.  Amanda says she's in the dirty disgusting pool (she's in the hottub) and she'll probably catch a disease, according to Elissa.

1:29AM  HOH - GM tells Andy she hates how Amanda always plays the victim. Andy leaves. GM tells Judd, she wants an Oscar? Go act in the movies.  Judd tells GM they're using Aaryn to pull her heartstrings that they did the same to him saying that Aaryn liked him.  GM says she doesn't feel bad for Amanda because  she's the one being the antagonizer. She tells Judd he wears a chicken suit good. Judd doesn't think America likes Amanda but he wants to make sure they're on the same page that McCrae goes first. Andy pops in. GM tells him she hates how Amanda always plays the victim and tells him to make sure he doesn't fall for Amanda's b.s.

1:39AM COLOR ROOM - GM tells Elissa she's talking to everyone upstairs and she's telling them not to read into Amanda's bull. She says, "I was like, please, already been there, done that the Oscar award goes to her." GM says it's ok, I know what I'm doing, you're all set and it's all good.

1:43AM HOT TUB - (no, she's not finished yet.)  Amanda thinks her sister-in-law would whoop Elissa's (butt) She has the 'best family." She feels slimy.McCrae thinks that nobody can say Amanda didn't play a cool game that has never been played before. Amanda says she's been being herself, there's no strategy to her arguments, that people are very personal with her. McCrae says it's because they feel you're getting personal with them. It doesn't matter, the way you get there doesn't matter.You're playing a game that hasn't been played before and he doesn't get why it's not valid game play.

Andy, ever the instigator, runs by and says, "Don't let Elissa's bull get to you. Spencer and I really laughed at her response. Did you hear that?" (Andy is told to put on his microphone.)

2:25AM BACKYARD - And now the most interesting event of the past 2 hours:

Andy finds a cockaroach, a large cockaroach, that is killed, not by one of the three guys, but by GM, who stomped it with her slippers and then dropped a weight on it.

For the next hour, McManda plot evil happenings against Elissa  that aren't worth the effort to even report, as GM rocks out in her HOH room and dreams of putting Amanda and McCrae on the block.

What a day! How will Amanda and McCrae react to being on the block together? Will the entire house become the target of harassment? What was Julie Chen's strategy asking Amanda that question? Maybe we'll find out more answers tomorrow! Until then, stay tuned!

A special mention as always to our wonderful JokersUpdates, Thanks guys and gals! You rock!