GM thinks they look amazing. Spencer kids, "yellow is my color," and complains he's shedding already. Amanda jokes there's "two more chicks" in the house. Elissa wants them to dance and squawk. GM jokes, when you're grilling the chicken you're cooking yourself!  General merriment is had all around for the next few minutes.

9:52PM  COLOR ROOM - Elissa is taking GM's bed so Andy and Judd can still sleep in the Color Room.  Andy reminds Elissa the guys outnumber the boys. Elissa jokes back, thanks for showing what side he's on but it's ok, because GM is HOH. Elissa leaves and Andy worries to GM again about him being safe if Elissa wins HOH next week. GM advises him to offer to her that he will keep her off the block if she keeps him off the block. As Andy leaves GM alone, she sings "moving on up" to herself. Button Boy lets her slide.

Andy comes in and says his shoes are gone. Spencer, Judd and GM are in the room. Andy says he's "so confused." GM laughs after he leaves and she says he'll flip out in a second.  Spencer goes out in the hallway and Andy asks Spencer if he's messing with him. Spencer denies knowing anything. Andy tells Elissa in the kitchen that he can't find his shoes and wanders outside.  Amanda asks Andy if Elissa is sleeping upstairs with GM. Andy says Elissa is sleeping in GM's bed downstairs.  Spencer thinks maybe McCrae has Andy's shoes. 

10:10PM  Alcohol Call - Elissa opens the wine as Amanda comes in for her portion. Judd asks for some wine to go with his beer.

OUTSIDE - Amanda decides there's one beer missing and quizzes Judd as  to where it is. He doesn't know. Amanda is upset Elissa is 'so happy' that GM won. Judd is called to the DR. GM comes outside and Amanda asks GM if Elissa is sleeping upstairs with her. GM explains that Elissa is sleeping in GM's bed in the Color Room.

Amanda tells McCrae and Andy that she could have been 'scathing' in her response (to Julie) and says she tried to be PC and blow it over. Amanda wants to know if Elissa's response made Amanda look bad. Andy says that Amanda's response was polite but Elissas was the opposite.

Amanda continues to stew, and chain-smoke, convinced in her own mind that she's back in control as she begins to project her anger at Julie onto Elissa.

Spencer, hot and uncomfortable in his chicken suit, wins on GM's eight-ball scratch. GM goes over to lay in the hammock to rest her back. Amanda calls Spencer over and after he sits down she orders him to go keep GM company in the hammock, to which he dutifully responds. Amanda complains again that Elissa got more wine than Amanda did.

Elissa walks over to the hammock and kneels down. She asks how they ever let Amanda get this far. She observes that America must hate Amanda. GM couldn't believe Julie's question. Elissa asks Spencer if he liked her answer, she doesn't remember what she said. "Did I throw her under the bus?"  Spencer replies, "You got her pretty good." Elissa laughs. She says Amanda took it to another level.  "I laughed in her face because, like, you wouldn't get out of my face, you freak, like, she followed me around for days harassing me. I'm not her punching bag," she continues. Amanda has nothing to offer in real life. Spencer complains he's hot and he can go inside if Elissa wants to talk to GM. "Guys," Elissa smiles," I'm just so happy that we're taking control. You don't even understand, you seriously don't even understand how I had to contain my freakouts." GM talks about her friction burns and everyone bails off the hammock to go inside to play ginga while they wait for GM to be called to the DR.

10:40PM DINING ROOM - Andy, GM and Elissa are going to play ginga. Spencer razes Elissa because there's sequins on the floor from her dress. Amanda now joins GM and Elissa. Amanda says "a little bird told me someone cheats at this game" and looks at Elissa. GM says Elissa doesn't cheat. She does hold it with two hands, but they were just playing for fun. Amanda says, "Either you cheat or you can't cheat." Elissa replies, "That's a good point Amanda, you always make the most relevant points". Amanda walks off. GM is called to the DR.

Elissa, in the Kitchen, tells Judd she wants to go outside with McCrae and Judd but doesn't follow them out and goes to the Living room and sits down with Spencer and Andy instead.  Judd is worried about catching his chicken suit on fire if he smokes.

Amanda pokes her head outside and asks if McCrae if he was looking for her. McCrae says no and Amanda says Elissa said he was, she lied, shocker. McCrae wonders what Amanda is doing. Judd tells McCrae to keep his cool. Amanda comes back outside  and brags she asked Elissa, "why are you lying, why are you laughing and why are you lying? I thought you were a Christian?" "I sat right down in front of her face," she tells Judd and McCrae. Judd asks why Amanda did that. Amanda says because she's a liar. "I hate her. I hate her so much," Amanda pouts. Judd tells her to put her poker face on. "And I said, keep laughing Elissa, God's laughing at you, too," Amanda spouts off. Judd asks why she's saying God's laughing. Amanda says "because she's a liar. Why would she say that McCrae is looking for me?"  Judd says he's going to bed pretty early because of his chicken suit.

LIVING ROOM - Andy asks why Elissa doesn't 'beat the (tar) out of her." Spencer asks why Elissa doesn't punch Amanda in the face. Elissa says she's so disgusting. She doesn't even know how to handle Amanda. Spencer thinks that "violence is the best solution." Andy suggests threatening her with a knife,  hitting her with a pizza pan or whisper she'll kill her when she's sleeping. Elissa asks Andy what he would do. Andy says he would not stand for it, he would say something back. He wouldn't go for personal attacks but he'd take the moral high road and tell her she could go F herself.

Amanda comes in to attack Elissa again and calls her "alone"  and "big brother blood" and has a "way better life than any of us," that she called GM and Spencer disgusting and tells her she's going up on the block tomorrow, she'll see. She continues to taunt Elissa.  "I'll be laughing when you're sitting right there. You are laughing alone."

Andy says, "Both of you. this is GM's special night so cut this out."  Elissa tells Amanda she doesn't care what Amanda says to her, she's talking to herself.  Amanda thinks Jessie will make amends with Aaryn. Andy thinks Helen and Candice will hang out. Amanda sits at the coffee table and paints her claws, er. nails.

Andy talks about Jessie. Elissa says Aaryn will be looking for personal growth and will surround herself with intelligent women. Amanda cuts her off to say Aaryn is a psychology major and a smart girl. Andy thinks Jessie could have great conversations and very vapid conversations.  Amanda says Jessie was like two different people. Elissa didn't have any bad conversations with Jessie. Amanda says, "even when she called you Rachel's shadow?" Elissa ignores her. Elissa thought Jessie was very mature. Amanda disagrees. Elissa says when Jessie said something about Rachel's shadow she thought it was hilarious because it wasn't below the belt where she made herself look trashy. Andy doesn't think Jessie was mature. Elissa thinks what she said was not something where somebody would look at her and say, that's a horrible person, I don't want to hire her. She was a funny girl. Andy thinks for a 25year old girl it was odd for Jessie to get so upset over the BBQ.  

10:48PM - Elissa says she and Jessie knows so many of the same people it's crazy and she knows all the people that Rachel works with. Elissa thinks that Jessie was gorgeous. Spencer says she was gorgeous. Elissa thinks Jessie is the only "10" in the house, her butt was hotness. Amanda calls her such "f... b.." for saying that and asks, 'What is wrong with you. Honestly, what is wrong with you? You're smiling and looking at Andy and Spencer for support, but no one is smiling back at you because we all laugh at you behind your back. So you can take your perma-smile with your joker face and you can shove it up your nasty (butt.) She tells Elissa that she's laughing alone and says Elissa is nothing more than a female dog. Spencer says he's uncomfortable and gets up to leave. Andy says, "Ladies..." and Elissa asks him not to say that in the plural, there's not two of us. Andy decides he has an errand, as Elissa gets up and leaves also.  

Amanda yells,"Bye, Elissa,  you can go lock yourself in  your HOH room - oh, you can't do that any more."   Amanda yells after Elissa that if she says 'backhanded things you think I'm not going to stand up for myself?" McCrae comes in to babysit Amanda and tells Amanda to shut up.

"I hope America sees what this f... c.. sits here and does." McCrae yells at Amanda to 'chill out!" "I'm a mother," Amanda says in a snotty voice. McCrae says if Amanda lets Elissa get into her head then she's winning because GM doesn't like that stuff and Amanda's not making it any easier on herself, at all. Spencer comes back in and Amanda says she wishes McCrea was here to hear. McCrae asks why it matters. Because she hates Elissa. She says Elissa was just sitting here taking jab after jab. Spencer was sitting here and saw it, she tells McCrae. She looks at Spencer and asks him to tell McCrae. Spencer says Elissa was digging. McCrae cuts her off and says it doesn't matter. She's not making it easy on herself. Amanda asks when has she ever made it easy for herself? Spencer thinks now is a good time to start.