Jessie complains that Judd, showering, is using all the hot water. Judd thinks she just wants to fight but promises to save some. Elissa jumps in the shower before Jessie, promising to be quick. 

HALL BEDROOM - Amanda complains, "why is Candice so happy?"  McCrae comments that "acceptance is the last degree." When Andy comes into the hall bedroom, Amanda asks again, "Why is Candice so happy?". Andy ignores the comment and just wants to take a nap; he gets into McCrae's now-empty bed. Amanda tells Spencer, Andy and McCrae that the DR gives them "directions on how to leave."

1:00PM   On Cam 1 the sounds of workmen drilling can be heard; On Cam 2 there's audio overlay of shower water as Judd and Spencer talk for a few moments in the Hall Bedroom off-mic. Spencer is called to the DR. Candice is in the kitchen. Helen is still jogging. 

LOUNGE  McCrae and Amanda talk about Jessie "going off" on Judd about her sleep-moaning (during HOH lockdown). Their silence is broken by Amanda worried that Candice seems "so happy." McCrae tells her to talk to Helen. Amanda says McCrae should talk to Helen. Amanda breaks another period of silence to comment nobody talked to Elissa in the beginning, people were brutal to her, and "now look at her." Amanda and McCrae worry that Judd hasn't come in to talk to them yet and wonder if something is up, but think it's too early to go talk to people.

1:23PM  DOWNSTAIRS BATH - Jessie, putting makeup on as she sits on the bench, comments to Candice, who is painting her toenails, that Judd told her to shut up when they were on HOH lockdown. Candice tells her to stick up for herself. Jessie, raising her voice, says that she's sick of being in an  environment where people can talk down to you,  noone is a good Christian, they just turn the other cheek because they want to win $500K.  Helen's radar must have been on, because she's suddenly at Jessie's side. Jessie elaborates that Judd joked to the guys in HOH that Jessie moaned in her sleep like she was having sex, and told her to shut up when she tried to defend herself. 

Helen pops out to retrieve Judd. Judd tells Jessie never to talk to him ever again, not to look at him and not associate. Judd, getting cocky, says with a smile on his face, " Everyone upstairs can't stand you. You're the worst person. I've been faking being nice to you. You're the worst person and you make it miserable for me here." Helen rushes him out of the room but Judd comes back in and says that they were just joking around and Jessie is blowing things out of proportion. Judd thinks he really didn't hurt her feelings.  Judd says everyday, every single day, there's something. It's like walking on eggshells around her, she's always upset.

Judd says he apologized and Jessie should have tried out for The Real World. He didn't mean what he said upstairs. He apologizes to Helen and Candice. Jessie retorts, "You just want to go hang out with Aaryn..." Elissa asks if that's what it's about and Jessie says yes. Jessie tells Elissa bout Judd's comment and says he's overreacting, not her. "He clearly hates me," she finishes.  Helen says, "I think he tried to apologize but I'm not sure." Candice, Elissa and Helen are relatively silent while Jessie continues to complain how Judd treats her.

Jessie leaves and Candice tells Helen that when Judd told Jessie to shut up, he wasn't being nice. Helen denies hearing it because the music was too loud, "like, she's yelling at me now?"  Elissa says she heard it also, as she exits to the Kitchen where Amanda thinks Jessie is just  starting trouble. Candice tells Helen Jessie wasn't yelling at Helen. Helen complains everyone throws her under the bus, even Jessie. She was trying to "help her" and she goes "storming out of the bathroom." Helen says Jessie went around telling everyone "Elissa and me don't need the money," and says she's heard Jessie say it again since she's talked to her about it.  Candice says she doesn't think that Jessie has been talking about it since then. Helen changes the subject to packing her stuff in case there's a double eviction.

Judd comes back in to apologize to Helen and Candice and accuses Jessie of looking for a fight "for a couple of days." Helen says she just wanted Judd to know that Jessie was upset. Helen leaves to go vent about Jessie to McCrae. Candice says, "one minute you're making out and the next minute she thinks you're throwing her under the bus." Judd thinks he is friends with everyone in the house, it was in the heat of the moment that he said Jessie makes him feel miserable. Candice asks if Judd likes Aaryn 'like that" and Judd says no. He doesn't want anyone to think that he degrades women.