1:43PM H/N ROOM - Helen grabs Elissa for a quick chat.  Helen says, "We cannot trust Judd. Whatsoever. He wants us out of the game. Don't tell anybody, like, literally, don't tell Amanda you know that, don't tell  McCrae, don't tell anybody." Elissa asks if Helen heard that from Andy. Helen says she can't say, "they'll shoot me," but  Judd doesn't want them in Jury because they won't be a vote for him. She tells Elissa again not to say anything. Elissa thinks it's strange to want to get Jessie out if Judd is the problem, and, what about getting Aaryn and GinaMarie out? Helen tells her to forget about it.  Helen says that Judd will backdoor Helen and Elissa, "today!"  In the meantime, McCrae is confirming his plan to backdoor Judd with Andy, who agrees.

Judd breaks up the girls' talk by coming in to apologize to Elissa; he doesn't want her to think he hates women. Judd asks if Elissa is on board with getting Jessie out; Elissa says she doesn't talk to her at all. Elissa asks Judd who he would put up with Jessie and he says he would probably put up GinaMarie or Aaryn because he knows they won't go anywhere.  He goes back to talking about Jessie and claims she's been "fishing for a fight." Elissa comments, "I guess she thinks that you'd be lucky to have her, so when she kissed you it's like a slap in the face." Judd claims he was just having fun. Helen and Judd hug it out and he hopes they don't think, and America doesn't think, he's a "woman hater."

2:04PM  DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM - Candice is advising Jessie that in a house where everyone is in such close proximity that she has to just let things go. Jessie goes back to complaining.

H/N ROOM - Helen tells Elissa she went to get Judd when Jessie was complaining so he would be mad at her and not them at Double Eviction.  Elissa wants to get Amanda out; Helen doesn't think it's time. Helen tells Elissa to look at the long picture.  Amanda will leave, she says, and that will leave Helen and Elissa with Aaryn and GinaMarie.  If Amanda leaves, the men would team together and take the girls out.  Helen says they need them to go against the guys. Elissa presses that Candice and Jessie are votes for them (in jury)  and they don't know how GinaMarie and Aaryn will vote. Helen asks Elissa if she knows that Jessie was telling Judd to put up Helen and Elissa. "Do you know that?" she asks twice. Jessie will team with Aaryn against them.

McCrae comes in. Helen tells him they need to backdoor Judd. McCrae agrees but doesn't want to be HOH for it. Helen tells him to throw it. McCrae thinks Judd would go with the house on who to put up. Helen wants Judd focused on Jessie for the Double Eviction.

Andy comes in followed by Judd, who asks Elissa who she would put up. She jokes, "definitely Andy," and Helen finishes, "and definitely Jessie for sure."  Elissa  asks if they have any time to talk during a DE and suggests GinaMarie and Jessie as noms. Andy is worried GinaMarie will "vendetta" against Andy. Elissa asks Andy why  he wouldn't put up Aaryn, and he replies,"she would be really mad."

Judd thinks Aaryn would put up Elissa. Judd talks about Jessie being jealous of him and thinks Jessie should go up against "someone smart" like Andy or (looks at Elissa).  Helen wants the four of them in the room to be last players in a knockout to control who gets HOH. Judd goes back to his fight with Jessie and says he said mean things to her he didn't mean to say.

2:10PM  H/N ROOM - Talk turns to Candice. Helen says Candice didn't have to try out, she still has her job to go home to and she has $5,000.  "it's not like she's going home with nothing," Helen concludes.  Elissa refocuses on the game and asks how DE works. Helen thinks it will be a step forward/step down or knockout and they'll do the second one tomorrow. Andy starts a study session:

The order and names of the previous HoH comps:  Popsicle, BBQ, Express, Royalty, Crapshoot/Casino, Bull in China Shop.

The H/N comps were:  BigBrother, Scary Dairy, Froyo Shop and Unforgettable 

The Vetos were: Blueberry Muffins, Mobile, Keeping Up with the Joneses, Timelapse and Frog-Darts.  

Candice breaks up study at 2:15PM.  A bit later, after Candice leaves, Elissa mentions that GinaMarie made inappropriate comments to Candice; Judd didn't know about them.

2:30PM SR - Andy and Helen touch bases that everyone is on board to vote out Candice and backdoor Judd.

2:30PM DOWNSTAIRS - Jessie keeps Candice company on the bathroom couch with general chit-chat of life outside the house.

Judd is showing Andy and McCrae where his stuff is scattered in case he gets evicted. In a moment alone, McCrae and Andy discuss whether it's the best move to get Judd out but they agree to stay on target.  Spencer wanders into the Color Room as Andy goes into the Hall bedroom and confirms the plan again with Amanda. 

COLOR ROOM -Judd tells GinaMarie his version of his confrontation with Jessie.  GinaMarie says if Jessie bothers Judd she'll chop her knees off so she's shorter and laughs that Jessie looks like a 'pterodactyl." The guys are laughing. Elsewhere, Andy is worried that Judd knows nothing about him being a target for blindside and Andy's concerned it will happen to him, also.

2:55PM  HALL BEDROOM - Jessie is telling Amanda and McCrae about her confrontation with Judd. McCrae: yeah, yeah, really, yeah. Jessie hopes that she can work something out to keep her if there's a double eviction.  McCrae tells her they will "try everything we can" unless she's up against Amanda.  Amanda asks Jessie who she would put up in a DE. Jessie says GinaMarie for sure.

3:00PM  Judd comes in to tell McCrae he's worried about a possible DE. We go to FISH and TRIVIA


Candice is evicted with a unanimous vote.