Andy reads his letter from his Mom who's letter is very 'newsie,' telling him all the current news from home. She closes, "Andy, you have the time of your life this summer. I miss you and love you. You're the love of my life. I love you Andy, MOM."

In his basket are new sunglasses and a new hoodie.  The girls oh and ah about his candy that they can't have because they're HaveNots. Helen teases Andy about his baby teeth. McCrae jokes he's 'going to throw up."  Elissa picks up a picture of Andy as a child and jokes, "Andy you were so cute! What happened!?" and says Andy looks "adorable." Andy talks about his friend Shawn. Helen starts cheerleading. Andy thanks his Mom, and Spencer offers to help Andy eat his candy so Andy doesn't "die from sugar poisoning." 

1:02AM Indoor Lockdown is over. Andy invites the smokers to go smoke. McCrae, Amanda and Jessie exit.  Helen cheers, "Bam Bam, Bam Bam" and follows Jessie out the door. Elissa tells Andy that he earned and deserves his HOH win as she and Spencer are the last to leave. Helen wants to smoke a celebratory cigarette for Andy. McCrae and Amanda go play pool, leaving Helen and Jessie alone on the couch. They are happy they made it through a double eviction. Aaryn pops her head out to say there's wine in the kitchen. Jessie goes inside. Helen congratulates Aaryn, who's come out to sit by the hottub, on her wins today. Spencer comes out with his beer and is pleased to see the BBQ is still there. GinaMarie comes out to sit with Aaryn. Andy comes outside drinking his "Shocktop" beer. He wonders where Elissa is.

GinaMarie and Aaryn are talking quietly at the Hottub. GinaMarie didn't see Judd's eviction coming at all; she thought everyone was on the same page. Aaryn says everything that got Judd out of the game, were things that kept Aaryn in the game.  She says all of the power moves that have been made in the house, she made, so she's scared. Aaryn goes to change into her bikini, leaving GinaMarie with her thoughts

1:20AM  HOTTUB Jessie and Aaryn, both in bikinis, talk about how exciting it is to be at least Jury.  Aaryn thinks that Judd in Jury will be good for her. Jessie thinks Candice will be good for her. GinaMarie joins them and (in between FISH) they talk about what future comps could be. GinaMarie starts slamming Candice. Jessie says she thought Candice would be able to say her piece, without GinaMarie interrupting. GinaMarie says she wasn't just going to sit there. Aaryn is glad GinaMarie said something. Jessie invites GinaMarie to join them in the water. Aaryn half-sings, "Like Shamu" and laughs, then talks about Judd being 'so dangerous."

Jessie asks GinaMarie what her family thought when 'they saw that."  GinaMarie thinks her parents would be proud of her. (FISH keep interrupting). Jessie has disappeared and GinaMarie tells Aaryn she thinks Candice looked like a "psychopath."  Helen can be heard saying goodnight, and she stops to call out to the girls that the H/N room gets really cold. (FISH again) GinaMarie is talking about Candice again. "I'm sitting there in a dress and she's yelling - in a clown suit! Who's got the last laugh?"

1:30AM BY -  GinaMarie joins the couch crew. Andy throws a shoutout to his friend, Steve. Talk turns to a possible luxury comp. Helen heads to bed at 1:34am and Spencer follows her in to give her a hug before going back outside. Spencer wonders if the "clown suit meltdown" will be on SOUP. Jessie thinks Julie Chen may not have known what to do.  Andy says that Candice had been talking about "3 seconds" when GinaMarie started yelling, "your thirty seconds is over, your thirty seconds is over" and called Candice a b..  (GinaMarie is now at the dryer.) He says Aaryn dropped the "c" word about 5 or 6 times then says 10 to 15 times - he was shocked that Aaryn kept saying that.

Amanda says there's been more fighting this season than any other season. McCrae talks about Season 12 and the Brigade and says it was boring. Amanda loved Rachel.  Andy agrees that when Rachel left it got boring. Andy  recalls his biggest fight was when Kaitlin yelled at him and then remembers his tiff with Judd. Jessie says she knew something was wierd because Judd was always making digs at her in group settings. She brings up his comment this morning and their argument that followed.  Helen pops her head out to say goodnight again. Andy asks Helen if Elissa has been found; they decide she must be in the DR. Shortly thereafter BB calls Helen to the DR and they all laugh that BB always calls her after she's gone to bed. It's the 8th week and it will be the 8th eviction this week; two chairs were removed from the dining room.  Amanda polishes off the bottle of wine.

Aaryn goes inside to get ready for bed as Helen puts on makeup for the DR.  Helen tells Elissa, out of the DR now, that she's rounded up 4 pillows and 4 blankets for them.  Elissa busies herself in the Kitchen thru the 2am hour.

2:00AM  Andy play-acts Janelle putting up Jennifer in her season. 

Talk turns back to Candice and they're all imitating GinaMarie saying, "your 30 seconds are up, your 30 seconds are up!" Candice took off her clown wig before she walked out. Spencer thinks Candice should have had to walk out with the entire costume on.  GinaMarie gets animated and starts criticizing Candice which brings us to more FISH.  Andy is wondering if his parents are proud of him smoking cigarettes since they are smokers (he is joking). McCrae returns and talk turns to Mac versus PC as GinaMarie amuses herself by playing with her tongue piercing.

Aaryn is in the bathroom, getting ready for bed. McCrae comes in on a bathroom run and says he won't hold it against Aaryn for voting Judd out. McCrae confirms Aaryn did the right thing. In the Kitchen, Amanda tells Elissa she's 'glassy-eyed' from the wine and goes off to brush her teeth. Amanda takes a moment in the Hallway Bedroom to tell Aaryn she did a good job. 

2:15AM FISH until 2:18.

Elissa is still in the Kitchen as Jessie comes in, puts her head on Elissa's shoulder and thanks Elissa for volunteering to be a Have Not. Elissa is glad Jessie got to drink tonight. Feed 1 is on Aaryn sitting on Amanda's bed talking. We hear "huge issue," before FISH take us away again thru 2:21AM.  Feed 1 and 2 give us a quick glimpse of Elissa sitting on a bed across from Aaryn and Amanda with her hair half covering her face, nothing is being said, and BB cuts to the BY on all four feeds at 2:21:50AM.

BY - Andy is talking about "raving" with clickers that lit up green or red during a professor's lecture. and FISH.  All 4 feeds on the BY as Spencer talks about school. Andy talks about Honors classes, which gives us FISH again. All feeds still on BY, school talk continues. Andy tells how "theatre came calling when I was 8," and we go to FISH again (!). Back to the BY on all feeds again and Jessie has snuck up behind Andy and covered him with a blue blanket. Spencer amuses everyone with his  "Saw" voice.