2:35AM HALL BEDROOM - Elissa is laughing over the double eviction. Elissa quotes Candice, "I would just like to take a moment to say, you boo, you called me a rat but I want to let you know something." Amanda interrupts to say, "Your thirty seconds are up!" in immitation of how GinaMarie cut Candice completely off. Elissa says their back-and-forth was "just crazy" and they kept going as Amanda was giving her speech.  Elissa  couldn't help but laugh. She asks Amanda, could you imagine saying that to someone? Amanda thinks that she would just sit there and take it, that McCrae would have killed her if she said anything. Elissa calls Candice hilarious. Amanda says she was "keeping it real" on the chopping block with Candi. Elissa laughs again. 

McCrae breaks up the girl-talk as Elissa laments she has to wash all her stuff. Amanda wanders out to the kitchen where McCrae asks her if she's crying and she's not. They head outside.

2:39AM BY  - Outside now, Amanda says that Elissa wants to talk about the Candice and GinaMarie fight. Spencer says it was low-down funny when GinaMarie yelled, "Nobody wants you Candice, not even your own mother!" as Candice exited to the Studio. Amanda didn't think that was funny, at all. FISH and we come back to Spencer saying something was pretty harsh.

GinaMarie walks out and the subject changes to David having 6 days on feed and then turns to Nick. FISH Andy talks about Helen-isms and her "America" kick. McCrae brings up that Judd thought Elissa was MVP. Andy brings up Candice and how he told her that she tried to flip the house with him twice, so not to say she's not playing wth him. Spencer complains Howard rubbed Candice's feet; GinaMarie says that when Howard gave Candice a massage, "her whole body moves like jello, it was disgusting to watch." McCrae changes the subject to SourPatch candy.  Aaryn pokes her head out to say that Helen is still in DR.  Amanda laughs that Helen is plotting with the DR.  Andy jokes she'll come out and say 'her friends' told her something but Andy says they never do that so why does she say that?

2:40AM BATHROOM - Jesssie worries to Elissa she'll go up for the 4th time. Elissa thinks everyone is going to be talking to Andy and he'll probably do what the house wants. Elissa tells her to start campaigning and tells Jessie she's on her side "obviously." Elissa encourages Jessie to "keep saying GinaMarie over and over, and Spencer."  Jessie uses the restroom.

Aaryn wanders through, Jessie goes to the kitchen and then comes back to the bathroom.  She asks Elissa if Andy would make a powermove and put up the last couple. Elissa thinks there's no way. She goes to hang her towel up and the towelbar comes off the wall (!).  

Helen comes in and Jessie tells her she doesn't see Andy making a power move. She's worried she'll get voted out against Spencer or GinaMarie. Helen says she'll talk to Andy. She says there's 6 more opportunities to get Amanda and McCrae out. Jessie doesn't want her name thrown out to Andy. Elissa comments Andy should make a power move, that every HOH should be a power move. Jessie continues to worry. Helen placates her and Jessie exits after saying she just wanted to touch base.

Jessie goes into the H/N room to campaign to Aaryn and makes an appeal based on their similar age-group. She tells Aaryn she wouldn't even be here if Aaryn hadn't saved her tonite. They hug and Jessie leaves for bed, peeks outside and says goodnight, only to be called to the DR.

3:00AM  BY  - The conversation is back on Candice's eviction and Julie's shocked expression. GinaMarie comes out and they change the subject again to explaining the nomination process to Andy as we get FISH. Spencer and Andy are excited about BBQing tomorrow. McCrae tells GinaMarie it's strategically smart to be a HaveNot, she can get back in good with the girls.  GinaMarie said after Elissa volunteered, she figured she would too. Andy decides it's bedtime and the crew head inside. 

Spencer grabs some steaks from the SR and gives Andy a goodnight hug.  He and McCrae go in to brush their teeth.  McCrae thinks tomorrow will be an easy day.

H/N ROOM - Aaryn and Helen start to talk but Helen has to run to the bathroom. Elissa comes in and Aaryn whispers to her that she thinks Spencer needs to go home. Elissa thinks that either choice is good. Helen comes in followed by GinaMarie, who's still riding an adrenalin high. Aaryn changes the subject to counting things in the room and Elissa joins in. Andy comes in to say goodnight and gives Elissa a hug.  Elissa tells him to enjoy his big fluffy bed all to himself. The girls talk about it being warm in the room but Helen says it changes in the middle of the night.  Aaryn doesn't want to speak too soon about how she feels about being a HaveNot.  GinaMarie leaves. Helen goes and sits next to Aaryn who  starts her campaign. FISH.

Andy goes up then back downstairs again to brush his teeth. He continues brushing as he gets a new tube of toothpaste from the SR and  goes back up to the HOH room.

H/N ROOM  - The girls are whispering that Jessie's idea of getting out Amanda or McCrae this week isn't realistic. Spencer is scary because they can't control him.  Aaryn worries if Spencer comes off the block, he would target her. Elissa believes Judd was angry the girls were taking over and he made F2 deals with all of them. Helen says Judd told her he didn't want to win the HOH today and she thinks that means he didn't want to be the one to put up Helen and Elissa.

Aaryn says that Judd came up and kissed her in the bathroom the night of the half-way party. Elissa asks if it was romantic and Aaryn says, "not on my end!" Helen talks about how Judd would try to hook up with Jessie but then distance himself. Aaryn pushes her preference for Spencer to go. Aaryn warns that Spencer is working into people's hearts.

Elissa goes out and comes right back in to whisper that Spencer is in bed and he probably heard everything they've said. Helen and Elissa leave for a bathroom run and Aaryn whispers to GinaMarie that Jessie is going to go, that GinaMarie will be safe and she'll win the next HOH. Helen comes back in to say she can hear them talking from outside the room.

Elissa follows her in and they get in their airplane seat "beds."  Elissa take a pink sweatshirt from her bag. She says her laundry smells so good it makes her miss her stuff.  "Every time I pull something out that I haven't worn it makes me..in heaven," she says as she goes out again to change in the bathroom.

3:43AM  BY Jessie sits with her feet in the hottub, smoking a cigarette. She goes into an empty Color room. One occupant evicted, two others as havenots, Jessie makes her bed, turns out the light and goes to sleep alone.

4:00AM Our House guests are tucked into their beds for the night.

What a day!! Will Spencer be a pawn yet again or will he find himself this week's target?  Will Jessie convince Andy to make a power move?  Tomorrow promises to be yet another exciting day in the BB house.

Today would have been difficult to unravel without the help of our amazing JokersUpdaters. Thanks, guys and gals, you're the best!