MVP was eliminated.  Aaryn wins both HOH and VETO, keeping her nominations the same.

(Congratulations, Aaryn!! Good Job twice over !! You're a competition beast !)

Judd is also sent packing with a unanimous vote.

6:57PM - Helen is telling Aaryn that she was "Janelle tonite."


HALL BEDROOM - Helen is giving a peptalk. The mood seems muted. GinaMarie says some people go out with class... and she trails off. Helen says every eviction is hard and it affects everyone differently. The DE was the biggest move so far in this game. Nobody responds. Helen hopes for a "bottle of vodka." Elissa mentions that Candice is in Jury and Andy laughs, she 'kept it real!' They agree she didn't leave well; Julie looked 'in shock'. 

Helen and Amanda tell Jessie she was Judd's main target. Jessie is shocked, "wow!" is all she can say. They agree Judd wasn't a floater, he was a gameplayer, and he played a good game. GinaMarie doesn't want to be in jury with Candice and goes on a rant of reasons she doesn't like her. Andy wonders when the next HoH comp is.  GinaMarie is upset that Candice didn't have nice things to say about her but says she expected it.  She's upset Candice called her out for living with her parents and says Candice was 'unladylike'. 

Helen apologizes for 'a crazy night." Jessie doesn't understand why Judd would want her out because he apologized to her just before the show. Helen says that Judd was confirming with everyone that they were voting Jessie out.  Jessie, "that's wierd, that's crazy."

7:20PM  SR - Andy tells Spencer Judd convinced him Spencer was totally against Andy and that's why he evicted Kaitlin. Judd wanted Spencer to be first in jury. Spencer expresses he doesn't know where he fits in but Andy assures him he'll be around awhile.  Andy thinks Spencer, Jessie and himself would make a good team because people wouldn't suspect them. He apologizes for not letting Spencer know before the vote that he was safe.

Amanda is on the hunt for McCrae, and says he's upset over Judd leaving. Andy hugs Elissa and asks if she's ok. She's ok. They joke about evicting each other. She's glad Aaryn won first HOH. Elissa thinks it's "wierd" that Judd was most mad at Helen and her. Andy is pacing and nervously sipping chocolate milk from a wine glass.  "And then there were nine," he comments. 

Andy is 'sensing a pattern' as he looks at all the grey pictures on the Memory Wall leading a path to his own.  He tells Elissa, "I love you," and gives her a hug and friendly smooch on her head and wanders into the LOUNGE.  Spencer goes to the back bedroom and hugs GinaMarie off-camera. He tells her to take the Grasshopper Alliance secret to "her grave.".

LOUNGE - A 'bummed' McCrae worries to Andy that he's next. Andy doesn't think McCrae has to worry. Amanda comes in and says she doesn't trust Aaryn and Jessie has to go next.  Andy says he didn't feel like he was playing the game until today.  They worry that one of the evictees will come back. Elissa comes in and chokes on a joke Andy makes about drinking chocolate milk out of a wine glass because he's "a classy b..'  Amanda is glad they have Aaryn on their side because she won HOH and Veto. They worry about Judd coming back. Andy says America may love Candice and she might come back. He hugs Elissa who's returned to the room.

7:30PM  H/N ROOM - Amanda grabs Aaryn for a chat. She's proved her loyalty and noone will ever attack her again, not her, or McCrae or Andy and says they're a Final 4. She calls Aaryn a 'monster' and they hug. Leaving, Aaryn asks BB for wine; she doesn't think she'll get a basket.

LOUNGE - McCrae is crying to Elissa. Head in his hands, he says he feels like he let someone down. 

HALL BEDROOM - Helen and Amanda talk to Jessie. Amanda tells her to stay loyal to McManda and Helen. Jessie wants a cigarette. Helen wants a cigarette. Helen high-fives Amanda and says, "Good job!" Andy comes in and they celebrate, "no more MVP!".  Andy reinforces to Jessie that Judd wanted her out. Jessie is still not believing it. Jessie admits that Judd was 'concocting' something with Howard.  Aaryn comes in to worry she's going to have a Jury that "hates my guts." Helen tells Aaryn that the "biggest move in the season" belongs to Aaryn and she and Amanda continue to talk Aaryn up. Helen leaves to make an alcohol request. 

Andy is talking a mile a minute - he's relieved that he's at least in Jury.  Andy tells Jessie they have to look out for each other.