LOUNGE - Spencer joins Elissa and McCrae and talk turns to how well Aaryn did in the competitions.  Elissa calls her a 'beast' and McCrae says she's a "monster" at comps.  McCrae is worried someone will come back and doesn't think that's fair. Amanda thinks the comment GinaMarie made to Candice about Candice's mother was bad.

7:54PM KITCHEN -  Elissa mentions the Eviction. Jessie thought it was embarassing, "like the Maury show." Helen adds, "Jerry Springer." Jessie thought that Candice would get a chance to say her piece but that didn't happen.  Elissa jokes that she wants some Adderal and is going to ask the DR for some. Jessie laughs and agrees, "me too!" Helen comes into the kitchen and Elissa says that Candice was bad, but GinaMarie was far worse. Elissa mentions Adderal again and we get FISH.  Helen thinks this is the "best episode so far!"  Elissa thinks that Judd must have been MVP because of the way the crowd responded.

7:53PM LOUNGE - Aaryn, wearing a foil crown, is talking about Candice's exit.  She had nice things to say about everyone but GinaMarie and Aaryn. She calls Candice "a racist." GinaMarie comes in and reinacts Candice pointing at GinaMarie and Aaryn. GinaMarie claims she was trying to be classy and Candice was "disgusting"  and "not a lady." Spencer felt that Candice wanted to smear them on TV. Aaryn thinks her parents are going to be mad at Candice for calling Aaryn out on Aaryn's behavior in the house. GinaMarie calls her "not normal" and "a mutant." Aaryn changes the subject to who wants the next HOH.

8:00PM DOWNSTAIRS BATH - McCrae feels guilty about evicting Judd and Helen is telling him that Jessie confirmed that Judd was working to keep Howard. Now she and Amanda have his back, he won't have to be torn between Judd and Amanda.  McCrae is throwing himself a pity party.

LOUNGE - Amanda is discussing the next targets with Andy. She thinks Aaryn and Elissa will go after each other and that they can talk Jessie out of putting up McManda if she gets HOH. Andy worries Jessie will flip the house but thinks he can control her.  Amanda wants Andy to tell Jessie she's in a F3 with McCrae and himself so she won't go rogue. McCrae doesn't want Judd coming back.

KITCHEN - GinaMarie joins Helen, Elissa and Spencer. Helen congratuates everyone and GinaMarie tries to launch a Candice bash. Aaryn joins them. She thinks if America loved Judd, then America is going to want to "torture me now" that Judd is gone. Helen says it was "the biggest  move of the BB15 season" and if she was watching it from home, Aaryn would be her new favorite player.  She and Helen agree Judd was "the most dangerous player in the game." Elissa adds, "and Nick." They talk about how shocked Candice will be when Judd comes walking into Jury.  Amanda joins the small talk while looking at the Memory Wall. 

8:20PM  SR - GinaMarie agrees with Spencer to never mention the Grasshopper Alliance. She tells Spencer she has his back. GinaMarie heads back to the kitchen to get green icecream.

8:28PM  SR - Aaryn tells Andy that Judd kissed her.They assure each other they have each other's back.  Aaryn is called to the DR.

KITCHEN - Andy is happy he finally got to play in a Veto comp. Amanda says she's lost every veto comp she's played in. GinaMarie jokes the Veto Comp took all of 30 seconds. GinaMarie heads to the bathroom then comes back to whisper to Andy that she's glad Candice is gone. GinaMarie understands that Judd had to go. "Judd was here to play," Andy says matter-of-factly. GinaMarie wanders off to the bathroom for sure this time as Andy washes his dish.


9:40PM - one hour mark and counting....

10:01PM ANDY IS 2nd HOH!  Congratulations, Andy !! Way to Go !!

10:01PM  KITCHEN - Everyone is congratulating Andy. Spencer pats him on the back. Jessie, sitting at the kitchen island, looks worried.   Andy half-whispers to Spencer in front of Jessie that Amanda "is pizzed."

COLOR ROOM - Aaryn is dressed like a maid, in a short black and blue costume with a white apron. Helen and GinaMarie will have slumber parties. GinaMarie hopes America gives them good HaveNot food.

10:03PM  HALL BEDROOM - Amanda is firing all cylinders on McCrae.  She's mad that McCrae didn't let her win. "You've already won!" she complains to McCrae. He doesn't understand why she's mad at him. They were up together and McCrae won against her, then lost to Andy.  Amanda thinks McCrae should have thrown it to her. She goes into the H/N room to cry. Helen follows her in and goes into pep-talk mode. She tells Amanda everyone is there because of Amanda. Amanda calls herself a sore loser about a dozen times.

10:03PM  DOWNSTAIRS BATH - Andy walks back to the bathroom  to find Elissa. He jokes, "What have we here? Look who it is,  It's the HOH!" Elissa laughs she's just crying back here, she knows his plot is coming to life! and he made her a HaveNot, he's after her! They both laugh and walk out to the kitchen. Elissa wonders when HaveNot starts and if she can have pizza first. Andy tells Elissa to "take a bite, take a big old bite!"  Spencer tells her to look at the camera and find out. Andy thanks Elissa for volunteering to be a HaveNot. GinaMarie comes into the kitchen and shakes Andy's hand and reminds Andy that she volunteered to be a HaveNot, too. (Other HaveNots are Helen and Aaryn). GinaMarie and Elissa joke about volunteering. Jessie says she should have volunteered.

HALL BEDROOM - Andy wanders back with Spencer; McCrae's already on his bed. Aaryn passes by to inform them that everyone will have their own beds -only 4 people will sleep in beds. Aaryn jumps up and down and says she's going to look so hot! She can't wait to "look like Elissa!" and GinaMarie joins in that they'll eat protein and do yoga and look like Elissa "in 3 days!!"  Spencer apologies for not volunteering; he thought he'd be picked.

10:09PM H/N ROOM - Amanda, still with Helen, tells Andy she's happy for him, she's just angry she didn't win. Amanda leaves as Jessie and Elissa come in. Helen starts jumping up and down, and yells that Andy is "America's HOH," "Andy, Andy, Andy!" she cheerleads, punching the air for emphasis. Andy will get alcohol ! she says as she sits down to load Andy up with more compliments. Jessie is glad Andy won. Elissa says she's excited for Andy. Andy thinks that Judd looked like "a wounded animal" when they voted him out. Andy's looking forward to hearing from home and sleeping in the HOH bed. Helen jumps up again to chant, "HOH ! HOH !" and tells Andy he's "amazing." Andy will give the host job to either Elissa or Amanda and then realizes there's no HaveNot competition. Elissa wonders if Regan will be in Andy's Pandora's Box, that he could have "drinks with Regan."

10:15PM HALL BEDROOM - Amanda comes in to unpack. She's crying again and Spencer gives her a hug as she complains she's not a good competitor. She calls herself a sore loser, wipes her nose on her sleeve and continues crying.

10:18PM  H/N ROOM - Aaryn comes in and they chat about being HaveNots. Elissa notices all the blankets are gone.

10:20PM DOWNSTAIRS BATH -  Amanda is still crying to McCrae about not winning. McCrae reminds her they've controlled every nomination, they're not HaveNots, and it couldn't have gone any better - there's no blood on their hands. He gives her a kiss and she apologizes and goes back to complaining. McCrae continues his pep-talk. Amanda advises him to "act a little scared."  McCrae puts on Candice's clowntard and goes out to the Living Room to do a (pretty lame) cartwheel. Everyone laughs as he's called to the DR but he comes out just as quickly and goes back into the bathroom to undress again.

10:20PM Andy is counting the dining room chairs. Spencer says Judd being evicted was like a "dog being hit in the road."  Andy says that Judd looked like a deer got shot. Andy mentions the Grasshopper Alliance and Spencer says Andy "should have known better." Helen joins them to complain that Candice was sloppy. Spencer says the "only bad thing" he will say about Candice is her door-slamming. Andy yells out, "Love you Kaitlin! Sorry, Judd convinced me to vote you out!"

10:22PM  H/N Room - Jessie thinks Aaryn has "officially reached Janelle status" but Aaryn doesn't think so until she reaches F3.  Aaryn wonders why Janelle was never backdoored. Aaryn tells Jessie that this week is supposed to be Spencer so Jessie needs to fight for veto.  Aaryn tells Jessie that Judd would have taken Aaryn to F2; Jessie says, me too.  Aaryn: "And now we move on."

10:30PM  COLOR ROOM - Andy tells Amanda that Jessie and Spencer will go up; he can't put GinaMarie up against Jessie.  Amanda tells Andy that McCrae plans to act scared.

10:30PM DOWNSTAIRS BATH - Spencer tells McCrae he's a "free agent." McCrae tells Spencer he can't take anything back to Amanda at this point, she kind of "took Judd away from me."

10:59PM  HALL BEDROOM - Andy and McCrae are tearing up over Judd leaving.

11::00PM  LIVING ROOM - Who wants to see my HOH Basket?! Aaryn gets her HOH basket from the SR and brings it into the Living Room. 

There's no food in her basket because she's a HaveNot, but she did get a letter from her best friend, Kaytlyn:  "I'm so proud of you. You're doing a phenomenal job... You're such a beautiful person and I know you can do this. Keep your eye on the prize, I can't wait to see you at the end of the road."