9:35AM - As we await the BB Wakeup Call at 9:37, through the walls we can hear Production/workmen talking and working. Jessie brushes her hair and heads to the Kitchen to make coffee. Andy feeds the fish and returns to bed to listen to his CD one last time as the remaining Houseguests linger in bed.


10:00AM  COLOR ROOM - Aaryn chats with Elissa and GM about Production wanting Aaryn to take her meds before they'll even talk to her. Elissa is missing an off-the-shoulder black long dress. GinaMarie complains that Candice would take things without asking and calls Candice "odd." Elissa thinks Amanda was the last to borrow her dress. The girls linger in bed past 10:20am. Helen begins her morning workout.

10:46AM  LOUNGE -  Aaryn tells Jessie that Amanda wants Helen out, but she thinks that Spencer and GM will follow Aaryn and Jessie into the Jury House. Jessie advises Aaryn to try to get Helen backdoored; Jessie's mad at her. Jessie warns Spencer will be loyal to McCrae. Jessie thinks BB is unfair, the MVP is unfair and she probably won't talk to Judd in Jury House. Aaryn is worried about Candice 'slandering' her name.

11:17AM COLOR ROOM - Helen complains to GM that she accepted Jessie's apology, but Jessie is in the Lounge now trying to take Helen down. GM assures Helen that she's good, as Helen repeats over and over "When does it end?"  They agree Jeremy went out with more "class."

11:21AM  HALLWAY to H/N ROOM - Helen tells Elissa that Jessie feels that leaving Spencer in the game is a more dangerous move. Helen wants to win HOH. They start a study session. Helen tells Elissa the way to remember the HoH winners is the phrase, MAH JAG AA. They review the Veto winners next: MJK ESJ AA.

HOH - Andy wants a few minutes of "peace and quiet" in the HOH but Jessie follows him upstairs to complain how unfair it is that she's going out. Jessie is most upset with Helen and Judd, and blames them for her going out. Andy tells Jessie  her eviction was "out of (my) hands." She will vote for Andy in F2. They hug and Andy is misty-eyed. Jessie thinks  that Andy will be F5 with Spencer/GM and McCrae/Amanda.

11:45AM-1:08PM  TRIVIA - HOH Lockdown

12:58PM on CBS: "In the Big Brother House, be careful who you nominate!"

1:10PM  HOH - Andy tells McCrae that Jessie wants Helen to follow her out. McCrae goes on an Elissa rant and says she's playing a "Dr. Will game." Andy would cut Elissa before Aaryn. McCrae thinks Amanda would take Elissa over Aaryn..

1:12PM LOUNGE - Helen grabs McCrae to rehash her complaints against Jessie. McCrae tells Helen that Andy said Jessie wouldn't vote for Helen or Elissa in F2. "Why did she apologize then?" she exclaims. Helen asks McCrae who Spencer would put up; McCrae plays dumb. Helen and McCrae laugh over GM being in jury with Candice and Jessie.

1:27PM SR - Spencer says Jessie told him to put up Helen and Elissa. Jessie is out for Helen's blood, says Andy. Spencer says Helen has a big gap in her story about Judd being MVP. They plan to lay low if Helen or Elissa win HOH and think they are both in good position to make F5.

1:27PM  LOUNGE - McCrae tells Helen that Elissa is playing like "Dr. Will."  Helen says Spencer scares her. McCrae tells Helen they need to keep Elissa around for a long time as a "buffer." Helen tells McCrae that "Elissa doesn't mind putting Amanda up."

1:31PM  Elissa comes in and Helen gives Elissa a peptalk. Helen: "what are you doing today?" Elissa: "Winning,"  Helen:"What are you not doing today?" Elissa: "Getting nervous." Elissa thinks it will be an 'athletic' comp. Helen goes out to the kitchen. McCrae mentions something about hearing "fans" as we cut to FISH.