Our HG are up by 10:30.  Helen's last day begins with her usual jogging through the house. (Happy Birthday, GinaMarie!)


11:10AM  HAVE/NOT ROOM -  Helen wants GM and Aaryn to team with Elissa. Helen discloses she made a F2 with Andy at the start of the game and that during Andy's HOH, when he asked her who she would put up, Andy went back and told Amanda. Amanda told her last night what he'd done. She confesses to secretly working with Amanda and says she couldn't fight to keep Candice or Jessie because of that.


11:36AM  LOUNGE - Elissa asks Helen Amanda wants everyone in jury pitted against Elissa so she wants Helen to reinforce that scenario.  Elissa will nominate Aaryn and McCrae to backdoor Amanda. Helen tells her not to let GM know, to make a deal with GM. Elissa is ready for the competition. As Elissa asks Helen for endurance strategies we go to.. FISH

11:42AM TRIVIA and HOH LOCKDOWN until 1:00PM

Helen and Elissa bustle about the Kitchen. It's Helen's last slopball meal.  McCrae and Amanda are alone in the HOH and we hear (without context) McCrae say, "Sorry about GM but we have to play smarter not harder," as they leave the HOH.

1:00PM  COLOR ROOM - Aaryn, McCrae and Andy decide they can't let Elissa win. Aaryn wonders if she should be worried. Andy doesn't they have anything to worry about this week. Talk moves to the....

1:10PM  HALL BEDROOM - ...where they discuss the possibility of someone coming back. Discussion turns to selling things on Ebay.  Andy and Spencer joke about selling Spencer's unwashed bed sheets. GM mans the vacuum.

1:30PM  DOWNSTAIRS BATH - Helen and Elissa get ready for the day. Helen is convinced she was cast to be friends with Elissa.  Helen moves into the Kitchen to make up a final batch of slopballs.

1:45PM  LOUNGE - Elissa and Helen say goodbye. Helen admits her F2 with Andy and wanted her, Elissa and Andy to go to the end. Andy is working with Amanda, he can't be trusted; watch out for him. McCrae will take Aaryn out but warns Aaryn will take Elissa out. Helen wants Elissa to make a deal with GM, that GM doesn't want Elissa out. Elissa thinks Helen is amazing; she's really glad she's met her. Helen gives Elissa her yellow zip-up jacket as a good-luck charm and wants Elissa to wear it to win.

1:55PM   DOWNSTAIRS BATH - Helen is ironing her yellow dress. She tells GM it's a "happy day."  GM thinks Spencer is "rude"; he isn't bothering to pack, "like he's taking it for granted." Helen reminds GM to get with Elissa - they all need to stay together.

1:57PM  LOUNGE - Elissa grabs GM for a quick talk. Elissa wants to make a deal before HOH. GM replies, "Absolutely." They assure each other they won't put each other up. Elissa asks if it comes down to her and GM, will GM fall? GM wants to fight because it's her birthday. Elissa offers  to make a two-week deal. GM reassures Elissa she's good with her and she won't put her up. She wishes Elissa good luck and they hug it out. As they move to the...

2:05PM  DOWNSTAIRS BATH - ...Elissa jokes with GM that she might 'fiesty' today. GM liked the birthday song they played for her today. GM gives a shoutout to the gal who does her eyebrows, "the best eyebrow girl Ev.Er.!" as Andy pops in and pops back out.