Andy says he "couldn't stand" Elissa and didn't want to work with her, McCrae and Amanda. McCrae realizes he should have tried to keep Judd, that Elissa was his only ally and he shouldn't have nominated her. GM asks if McCrae wants to tell them anything, "with like, Elissa or anything," but McCrae doesn't answer her. Andy says it was their prank to put the 'ant and roach killer' on the outside table.They assure McCrae they wanted him at the end and he "deserves" to be in the F5. Andy wants to know what McCrae will say to DR. FISH

McCrae thinks it'll be nice to not have Elissa mad at him in Jury. Andy knows Amanda and Elissa will be mad at him. McCrae recalls telling Amanda he thought Andy was setting up Elissa. McCrae believes Elissa really wanted to be teamed with McCrae and Amanda going into the Double Eviction. She didn't want to go into it in a bad position.  Andy agrees, "She did not." Spencer adds, "We put (Elissa) in a sh..y position." 

Andy says Elissa looked so confused after GM said 'the ring thing'; everyone just attacked. GM yells her lie again, "You told me when you were doing my hair!" McCrae swears. It was perfect because they knew McCrae couldn't fight for HOH the next week, Andy explains. McCrae cusses again.

The minute Judd came back Andy started planting the seeds, he tells McCrae. Spencer adds, "You and Amanda wanted us to stick with Judd to find out where his head was at." McCrae noticed Andy told him that he was trying to get close to Judd, but never said anything about it again. Andy told Judd 30 seconds after he came back that he could only trust Spencer and GM. It was Judd who initiated the Exterminators. Spencer says he talked to him up on the wall (at the baseball competition.) They deny they made a deal with Judd but they did need him on their side immediately.


McCrae says he should have won. He will always regret HOH and Veto the rest of his life. Andy says Spencer, GM and himself were on the same page for a while and Judd coming back was what they needed. GM claims Aaryn told her to go with Andy. 

1:20PM  Andy says they were super-scared that Judd would slip and out the Exterminators and light McCrae's fire to win. GM admits she was friendship-braceleted to McCrae so that he couldn't talk game to Judd. McCrae had no clue Judd was part of the Exterminators.

McCrae says he 'has' to apologize to Elissa. "We don't have to," replies GM, with a small laugh. McCrae still wants to apologize for not believing her. McCrae realizes that Elissa was his only ally, "but who wants to work with Elissa?" GM says Elissa twisted (stuff) every day. Elissa really wanted Amanda to go home and Aaryn to stay. 

McCrae also realizes that Aaryn was telling him the truth. Spencer interjects, "she lied so much nobody believed her." Aaryn would have put McCrae and Amanda, too. McCrae doesn't understand why Elissa put up Aaryn. Spencer thinks it was stupid and Elissa regretted it. That she should have put both McCrae and Amanda up, but she wanted to try to get Aaryn to work with her to backdoor Amanda. Aaryn out was the best thing for the Exterminators, though.

GM complains Amanda was always in Aaryn's ear. Spencer believes Aaryn was the type of person that if you treated her like a princess, you could tell Aaryn exactly what do to and that's what Amanda did. GM was like the boyfriend who let her do whatever she wanted to do and so she didn't care about GM. GM doesn't seem happy to hear Spencer's perspective or that Amanda was also her friend.

McCrae is disappointed in himself that he made the wrong moves. He asks, "What else, anything?"  Elissa deciding to work with McCrae and Amanda was a threat to them. Andy believed Elissa was after him. GM calls Elissa a 'bobble-head." Spencer adds, "She was bloodthirsty for Andy." McCrae exclaims, "She was so smart! She knew something was going on! Why would she switch to Amanda if she didn't think something was going on?"

Andy admits Elissa was also smart to put him up, because he would have been a vote for GM (to be evicted.) (Ed note: not sure if GM caught this slip.) Elissa didn't realize "how untrustworthy" he was. She didn't know Andy was no longer working with McManda.  Spencer notes Elissa's heart was in the right spot but she didn't know the math wasn't adding up.

McCrae asks, "So, no one knew about (the Exterminators) until Judd got into Jury?" Andy told everyone in his goodbye messages and also told Elissa he framed her. Spencer says he left a nasty goodbye message for Amanda. The boys tell McCrae that they all left him nice messages. McCrae is really mad at himself.


 GM says she's not saying his downfall was spending time with Amanda, or that he was 'attached at the hip,' but they did take advantage of that. GM had no idea that McCrae and Amanda were working with Elissa the first week to get Nick out. Andy thinks the Jury House is well-aware of what is going on now. GM mentions she outed the Exterminators in her goodbyes.

Spencer thinks that putting McCrae and Amanda up together was the biggest move in the entire game. "Oh, I (messed) up sooo bad!" McCrae exclaims. "Holy s...t  F!" Spencer says if McCrae thinks this is part of Moving Company revenge, it's not. GM emphasizes that it had nothing to do with Nick, either. McCrae continues to swear and hopes he can do All-Stars next year. He figures he is tied with Aaryn for wins this season.