McCrae hugs everyone and exits to rounding applause and yays.

Julie tells McCrae we know that the Exterminators came clean to McCrae before the live show and she plays McCrae a clip.

McCrae's reaction is, He got got, he was blown away, and didn't see it coming. He should have been smarter. He didn't go on his instincts and didn't trust himself. He learned something about himself.

Julie presses, But you did suspect he voted out Amanda, but you didn't nominate him? What were you waiting for?

McCrae thought Andy wanted to work with McCrae. He didn't know about a whole alliance working against him. He felt bad in hindsight what he did to Elissa, and he knows he could have trusted her. He should have gone with his gut.

Julie asks about McCrae's showmance: You and Amanda were tight - would you say you put your relationship ahead of your game?

McCrae says he would say that, but it was give and take. She helped him during the game. She took a lot of heat. He was crippled when she left because he couldn't see this alliance forming against him.

Julie asks McCrae, at times you seemed you were deeply in love and at times deeply afraid. What are his feelings for Amanda?

McCrae replies, "She's awesome and really smart."  He says they are are polar opposites and they say opposites attract... everything is weird and different inside the house. and  maybe on the outside stuff will work out. He ends with, "I dunno."

Goodbye messages and final thoughts: McCrae wished he could do it differently and distanced himself from Amanda more, but they worked well together. He leaves us with another, "I dunno." as Julie sends him off.

Julie tells us the Final 3 has been determined, and now they face off for "the final and most important HOH of the summer."  And we go to commercial.

Casting call is announced for next season.

Julie asks the HouseGuests about coming clean to McCrae and asks Andy why he decided to expose the alliance. Andy didn't think that there was much to lose and they really loved McCrae more than the last three; McCrae "deserved" to know. Julie reminds them there's one more eviction left which means they'll now have to turn on each other. She says goodnight.

Never before seen footage from the season is coming next episode. Aaryn and Judd's kiss, the fake wedding, and Amanda and GM arguing.

Next Wednesday Dr. Will 'confronts' the Jury (huh?)

The show closes with GM, wearing Nick's hat, pacing around the kitchen with Spencer and Andy as they congratulate themselves, happy to be Season 15's Final 3.


The HouseGuests are in roller rink gear and are walking/skating around in a circle, holding onto an overhead bar/rope. Disco lights are flashing (but we have no music.) The Squirrel makes another cameo appearance and there's a pretty funky "DJ' that looks kinda like a cross between McCrae and Judd. The Houseguests have to step through traffic cones set up in three zones around the circular path. Spencer seems to be more stomp-walking than skating. Andy and GM have the hang of gliding.

At 9:10 Spencer starts to lose control and it's downhill from there. He loses his footing and hangs from the rope to get his balance back. 9:11 Spencer stumbles again and again, basically swinging from the rope. He recovers but is definitely having a hard time, hanging and spinning more than skating. He's finally down at 9:12:09PM (nice try, Spencer !)

Between 9:12 and 9:23pm, GM and Andy are pelted with bubbles, smoke, rain and foam. Andy, pretty much out of control his last three rounds, goes down finally at 9:23:24. Andy hit his kneecap on a cone the last few minutes but turns out he's fine. (Great job, Andy, gotta say that looked like a knarly competition, especially after they added the foam!)

 Glitter falls from the sky and GM makes a "glitter angel" before heading off to the foam to make another "foam angel." She's screaming and absolutely enjoying her win and the moment. Congratulations, GM, that was a great show! and we go to FISH at 9:28PM