Spencer continues that he's glad noone hates McCrae, that they "all felt the same about Elissa, and really Amanda and Aaryn, too, even, and it's not like there's hugh amounts of distain for them other than really Elissa. It's just there's things about each they didn't like and couldn't go forward with."

Spencer stand ups and looks at his key and then returns to the floor. Spencer thinks the show would be cool if it was on Showtime so they could "show the titties and all the cussing..."

GM says that she was mad when Nick left because everyone lied to her. Spencer says it was a hard day for him. GM repeats she's not mad. Spencer's glad she's over it after 63 days. GM plays with her stitches.

Spencer thinks that Aaryn is TV pretty and that GM is model pretty. Andy thinks Kaitlin is striking also. Spencer says Kaitlin has an "adult" beauty about her and Jessie is somewhere in the middle. He would like to do an obscene act with her. GM changes the subject saying she doesn't want to see the episode of Nick leaving, her DR was really bad (with her crying.)

Andy tries to prod GM once again by saying that's how he was when Candice left; he couldn't form a sentence. He was mad at GM for weeks. GM thinks Andy still isn't over it. GM reads the helmet warning.

Andy starts mimicing Candice again and comments Candice predicted the competitions. Spencer says she "scattered her chicken bones out and read it in the stars," and then laughs that he and Judd had to wear chicken costumes. They mimic Candice again. They think it would have been a "oh my God" moment if Jessie had come back. Andy was scared about that. Spencer thinks she would have gone for Amanda and McCrae.

Andy thinks Production is mad because they're supposed to save their rehashing for later in the week. He notes it's 1:20AM and they should get to bed. GM calls for Spencer to pick her up off the floor. They continue quasi-flirting a few moments.

Andy wants to throw away all the toothbushes that aren't theirs. GM picks up a "manhattan dental" toothbrush and wonders aloud if it is Nicks. Spencer says he's surprised that GM said she won't keep it.


1:23AM - GM and Andy go into the Color Room and get ready for bed. Spencer brushes his teeth and also heads for his bed, putting the styrofoam Judd head on the Living Room desk as he goes. GM wanders out in search of a bandaid and wonders if her mother was called and told GM received stitches. Andy turns his bed down but continues to pace. He comes out to the Hall Bedroom and hopes they get the Backyard back soon.

Andy's knee is feeling better. GM and Andy high-five Spencer and head into the Color Room. Spencer asks the camera if they want to hear his HOH letter. The camera nods 'no'. Spencer makes up words to his letter, mostly about having sex in various places at home. FISH.

Andy is ready for lights-out. GM says goodnite to "Nickolas" and FU to Candice. Andy asks if she really means that and GM says she really doesn't. GM heads out for a bathroom visit and Andy crawls in bed to fidget with a bead bracelet.

In bed in the Hall Bedroom, Spencer says to the camera, "Final 3, that's awesome," as he cuts the lights. FISH.  GM comes back into the Color Room still looking for her ace bandage and decides to wrap her bandage with a scarf instead.

Goodnight at 1:31AM. We come back very briefly to some laughter.

4:54AM GM is up in the kitchen getting something to snack on. makes a bathroom stop and goes back for another snack before returning to bed at 5:02AM to dream of $500,000.

Well, my fellow fans, this has been one exciting season to recap, with more ups and downs and twists than Magic Mountain. By this time next week, one Houseguest will be $500,000 richer. On Sunday's episode, we'll watch Part Two of the HOH comp, taking us up to the Finale on Wednesday, at 9:30PM/8:30 Central. It's been a lot of fun sharing this time with you and I hope you all have a wonderful year. See you later and thanks again for all your support.

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