9:32PM - FEEDS remain on long enough for us to see all three in the kitchen walking around. GM is simply exuberant. 2 minutes later all three are in SR. Andy mentions he hit his kneecap on a cone that made it temporarily displace, but it seems minor now.  GM is excited there was a glitter shower and she is covered with it! Andy asks GM how much longer she could have held on and she admits she wouldn't have been able to much longer.They think that McCrae would have liked that competition and that Elissa would have held on for "four hours," but others would have had problems, like Amanda and Helen.

Andy says he can't be mad at himself because he couldn't hold on. They agree Spencer fell hard, but the pads worked so the only thing hurt was his pride. GM hopes Nick is proud of her. Spencer says he never lasts long enough for the "special effects" and comments that Andy looked like he was "hanging from a helicopter." Andy says that's when he hit his knee.

9:45PM  They're down to three chairs at the Dining Table and that Production fixed the sprung door to the Color Room. GM says her stitches are ok and Spencer goes to his bed to read. GM and Andy change into dry clothes and they gravitate to the Hall Bedroom.  They can't believe Julie mentioned the Exterminators and they cheer. (Button Boy zooms in feed 4 on the styrofoam head with the headband on it representing Judd.)

Spencer believes Part Two will be a timed competition.  Andy thinks it will be a puzzle. GM thinks that Amanda deserved her saying 'get to stepping' because of Amanda's "yelling at everybody and all the crap she put everybody through."  McCrae was here to play (and that's why she was nice in her eviction speech to him.) GM continues to struggle with how to tie an icepack on her toe.

10:00PM  GM thinks this season was hard mentally and physically and is proud she outlasted all the "goodlooking people" and "distractions." She couldn't stay up but wasn't letting go "for nothing, for nothing!"

Andy says today was like a "sh..y day with McCrae being here; the mood was sad. Spencer agrees it was somber. They wonder if McCrae would have had a harder time in Part Three since he didn't have as many relationships of his own because of Amanda.

GM asks for someone to explain to her "why McCrae said he wanted to put up Elissa the first week to go home (if he was working with her)?" Spencer says McCrae didn't want Elissa to go home at all but he talked a bunch of BS saying he would. GM asks, so that was all BS, and asks if Elissa knew that she wasn't going home? Spencer says he didn't know if she "knew-knew," but he imagined she felt safe. GM says she thought McCrae was amazing for putting up Elissa but if he planned to keep her anyway, then he was a whoos. Andy is called to the DR.

As they head out to the kitchen, Spencer takes a moment to whisper to GM. If he can win the next comp, she knows they got it. They hug and brag the Exterminators are "awesomeness," and talk about trying to get out Amanda Week Four with the Grasshoppers. They high-five. Spencer uses the Memory Wall to point out the votes Andy has in jury (all of them.) GM thinks Nick would have liked GM wearing his hat and saying "get to steppin'" to Amanda. Spencer thinks Nick will want to sleep with her. Andy is out of the DR.

Spencer thought McCrae was cool in the absence of Amanda. They think the house Mc
Crae lives in must be messy and smells. Spencer is mad at Judd for telling Andy his time remaining during the Super-Hero competition but not telling Spencer. Maybe he could have won that competition with Judd's help. 

10:35PM Spencer is glad  Elissa isn't in the house and asks GM, leadingly, "(Elissa) was miserable to live with, wasn't she?"  GM says she "tried not to be around" Elissa. "Only when I needed her. Like when her mouth was shut to do my hair or, like, work out with," she brags.

Spencer thinks Elissa liked girls more than she likes guys. He thinks Elissa "hated guys" but she wasn't threatened by Andy sexually because he was gay.  Spencer speculates, "She may have like, lived through some 'violent sexual crime' that we don't have any idea about, and if she did, obviously that's terrible, I feel bad for her, so there might be a reason why she didn't feel comfortable around guys" (oh geez, Spencer), but "at the same time she was just a ..." He's "never met anybody like  that in my entire life..I couldn't talk with her about s...t." GM agrees. Spencer calls GM, "sweetie."

Spencer doesn't think he can win against Andy and he and GM reassure each other again of F2. GM says she'd rather have less than 500K if there was a third prize. Spencer agrees that "every one of us here deserves some money." Spencer says he didn't want to badmouth Amanda too much in front of McCrae, but that McCrae told Spencer that he wanted to get back with his old girlfriend.  GM say, "Hello. They got married!" 

Marilyn told Spencer if it would get him further in the game it was ok to flirt with someone. She didn't want him trapped where he couldn't make a move, but he was a loyal man to her. GM thinks Nick didn't affect her until after he left; that they wanted to hang out with each other but they couldn't back in week 2.

Spencer says McCrae made his game mistake Week One. Spencer's gone up against tougher people than "Amanda f.. Zuckerman" and says he's "quite irritated " with her for messing up McCrae's game - he liked McCrae more than he liked her. GM talks about them having sex.  Amanda bragged about McCrae being endowed. Spencer brags, "If that were true, I would be sticking it in everything I could...I'd be stabbing women with that MF."

Spencer recalls the occasion when McCrae told him he was going home if he didn't win the veto and afterwards McCrae says that he was just trying to light a fire under Spencer. GM and Spencer agree it's ignorant to threaten people in the game, like Helen threatening people "like crazy." Andy comes out of the DR and GM is called to the DR.

Andy is upset McCrae took off with the gummy bears. They agree that this competition was GM's to win. Andy and then Spencer worry about being sent out 3rd.  Spencer thinks McCrae was "so co-dependent" on Amanda. Andy doesn't seem to want to discuss McCrae.

Spencer tells Andy he said on his blog his best game move was aligning with Andy.  Spencer and Andy go over who "deserves" to win more and who has or doesn't have jury votes.  Andy thinks he messed too many people over.They agree GM scares them because she has the "best blood" on her hands this season.

11:00PM Andy thinks it's a huge testament to  go on the block so many times. Spencer says his position was to keep the HOH's hands clean and nobody was ever trying to vote Spencer out, like Elissa said (to Spencer) "I'm not going to waste an HOH on you." Andy will be mad if he goes out 3rd. Spencer and Andy continue to stroke each other.