Andy hates not having control, like when he couldn't get Elissa to change her mind who to put up; it drove him nuts. He's worried McCrae will be a revengeful juror because of McCrae's comment about being stabbed in the back. Spencer thinks McCrae will settle down once he gets some perspective and make Andy look good to jury.

As they move to the LIVING ROOM, they talk about the upcoming Memory Lane and F3 Dinner. Andy's concerned how he's been portrayed on the show. Is he being portrayed as 'super-malevolent' like Dan? Spencer thinks it's in a "very good light."  Andy is anxious to see what secrets people hid from him this season.

Spencer jokes that "SpAndy" is the last power duo remaining. Andy jokes back, I guess you don't know about GinaMarAndy?! Andy thinks he could have done better about saying he wasn't using the veto. He complains to Spencer, "I'm worried that the a..hole never wins and I'm the a..hole!" 

He wonders if he would have played such a "cutthroat game"  if there wasn't money involved. That is, did money control his gameplay? Spencer thinks Andy is confusing "cutthroat" with being "a good gameplayer." In the end he did what he felt he needed to do.

They laugh about GM making a "glitter angel." Andy comments he told the DR that Spencer was like "Godzilla and a Japanese village" in the Part One HOH, the way he was stomping.

GM returns from DR  and announces they shouldn't stay up too late tonight because they're having a 8:15am wakeup call for a "fabulous brunch." She suggests they wear "fancy attire." Spencer comments he doesn't have any special attire as he is called in to the DR.

Andy and GM assure each other they will take each other to F2. GM feels she can control her body "more than my mind." She doesn't think quickly for questions but can hang in there for physical competitions. Andy is the opposite.

GM is excited her parents are coming.  Andy exclaims, " Oh my God, I don't want to be Enzo'd. I don't want to be third! Oh my GOD!" GM replies, "first two in, first two out." Andy assures G he trusts her. GM relays what she told Spencer, that she would rather take a cut in her winnings and have a third place person win money.

GM and Andy have moved to the Kitchen where GM is eating with her mouth open. Andy says the moment he walked in to the BB House and GM winked at him, he knew he would like her and then GM "opened your mouth and I was so shocked on what came out."

GM thinks the brunch will be nice and continues to talk with her mouth open and full of food. Andy thinks GM will be the epicenter of crazy reality people. GM and Andy return to the Living Room to wait on Spencer, who is still in the DR.

Andy says Amanda was an interesting character. She has her "spider monkey" back, GM notes. Andy says they'll probably have sex tonight. GM thinks Aaryn will watch. Andy is very curious as to what happens at Jury House. Talk turns back to the competition. "it was no joke!" GM observes. She's not sure whether to unpack or not.

Spencer comes out of the DR and takes up a comfy position on the couch. He told Production he didn't like the "8:15 brunch" idea and we go to FISH. Spencer thinks that Nick was interviewed about GM and thinks that BB went to all their houses to film. GM wonders if Nick will say, "This obsessed -  keep her away from me at finale." GM invites Spencer to sleep in the Color Room but Spencer wants to stay in his own bed.

12:00AM - Big Brother announces, "You're one day closer to $500,000"

GM screams - Loudly. Andy exclaims, "Oh my God!" Andy and Spencer go over which competitions ended during episodes and which were carried over (5.) Spencer says coming into the game (Production) compared him to Adam FISH. Spencer liked Kaitlin's voice and thought she was a funny girl. Andy agrees and said he had a great connection but Judd "Spencer-ed her." "I'm so happy I got to 'Spencer' Elissa," Andy comments. Spencer smiles, "You did, You Spencer-ed her a.. good!"

Andy and Spencer disagree on whether McCrae was a good liar. Andy thinks Judd got a good response. Spencer thinks McCrae got a huge response. Andy doesn't think Aaryn got a good response, "not the biggest." He wonders if anyone would get a bad response, "now that they've all come to know us all so well." Spencer thinks it's amazing that 11 million households know who they are. It's an unforgettable summer, he concludes. Andy thinks it's even more unforgettable because it's recorded. Andy says Robyn told him he would be really scared going in (the House) but after...FISH

Andy wonders if Sunday's episode will be Part One and Two. Spencer thinks it will be Part One and the Brunch and Memory Lane.

Spencer and Andy joke Julie wouldn't be able to show up drunk, that she was slurring her words. "I was embarassed for her," Andy says. Spencer says if Julie wasn't "banging the president of the network" she'd probably get fired. GM is out of the shower and poses for them in a towel as she passes though to the bedroom. 

Andy doesn't think they'll use the segment of him hitting his knee on TV because he used the F word. Spencer didn't remember landing that hard but the DR asked him about it. Spencer thinks if someone looked at Andy and Spencer, they'd say they were unlikely friends, but he related to McCrae, too, because their upbringing was similar. Andy thinks he and Kaitlin had an instant connection but they parted ways in the house.

Andy, standing at the Memory Wall, notes there's two full black and white rows and two full black and white columns and Spencer is now "the epicenter of power." Spencer notices GM is surrounded by grey. GM gives Spencer a hug and says it just makes her star shine a little brighter. GM has donned her helmet from the skating competition and is goofing around. Andy's knee is starting to hurt.

Spencer thinks GM should have her own tv show. GM thinks Andy should design shirts like he wears now. They talk about taking competition outfits home and Andy says he's a minimalist. Spencer wants to show it all to Marilyn. GM wants to take things for her friends and "if somebody wants to put it in a museum."  Andy is jealous Amanda and GM got a "glitter cannon."

Spencer reinacts him being on the ground after he fell and the camera zooming in on him. GM decides that she will lay down next to Spencer on the floor and they joke they can see the kiss imprints on Nick's face. Andy joins, and now they are all laying down in front of the Memory Wall.

Spencer says Kaitlin has his privates imprint on her face. GM can see Elissa's picture the best. They think the bottom row looks more detailed when they're laying down on the floor. Andy didn't like that McCrae compared himself to Ian all the time.

12:42AM - Andy liked Ian but he was trying to downplay it to make McCrae mad. But then Ian showed up the next day! They think Ian was Team McCrae over the Exterminators. They comment that everyone has great teeth and tease GM over Nick. They laugh about how they would lay on the floor as kids and watch TV and talk about poses they were doing in the Group Photo at the beginning of the game and agree it was a fun day.

Still on the floor, Spencer jokes about Judd's exit speech. They laugh over Elissa "body checking" Andy under the log. Spencer picks some glitter in GM's hair. Andy wonders who would have "thunk" that the two  people America thought was dumb and the person they thought was a nerd, would be Final 3.  "I'd rather be that, than a f..slut, Amanda," GM says.

Spencer can't believe Amanda did the bandaid stripper dance.  Spencer says not to Amanda-bash but "She talked about that boyfriend and then slept with McCrae" like night six or seven, and why would McCrae get feelings for a girl that would just hop in the sack with the next guy she meets?" Andy thinks Amanda would have gone after Judd if McCrae was voted out early. 

Spencer brings up Judd making out with Jessie and says he was in the room when Judd was making out with Aaryn and says it was "uncomfortable." There was heavy smooching going on. GM is incredulous. Andy baits GM by mentioning Candice. GM  promptly responds, "Oh, she's sleeping it with Spencer tonite.  Candice, how many crowns you got? oh you never won HOH.(laughs) My bad."

Andy thinks he's he voted out every person he wanted out except Aaryn; that he was on the winning side of every vote. Spencer says it became the house "thing". "Thanks, Helen," Spencer laughs. GM thinks Nick was the only non-house vote.

Spencer mimics Candice's speech to him during the House Meeting and then mimics what she would say for each competition.  Andy tells of when Candice came to him and was convinced that Helen, Elissa, Amanda and McCrae were a 4 person alliance. He thought she was aligned with them, too, but she tried to flip the house nonstop on them. Spencer said he told Candice she looked like Richard Pryor. They go back to immitating Candice describing competitions.

1:00AM - Spencer  thinks Helen knew her game was over when Aaryn won the (knockout) HOH. They laugh over Spencer putting GM up in the first rounds. They laugh, too, about how Aaryn tried to let Amanda win, but she still couldn't ring in with an answer. They laugh how Helen and Jessie were bad at competitions. "And aren't ya'll glad..." Spencer points at Elissa, "Robert England is no longer here." Spencer wondered why he "hated (Elissa) so bad the first week," and Andy replies,"She was the easy brunt of the joke because she was so, like, wierd. That's the week everyone picked to frame her for murder and put her on death road."

Spencer wants a last round of Marry, Bed, Kill, or Frame and put on death row. They all agree they'd frame Elissa. Also Jessie. They'd frame McCrae because all he says, "I dunno." Spencer thinks McCrae probably got picked because he had "a look" and they had to fill out the cast.