10:22AM -  Lights on and we find Andy awake in the HOH room, listening to his CD. Our remaining hamsters are still cozy in their beds. 

11:00AM  - Andy wanders down to the Color Room for a fresh change of clothes. He says good morning to GM before returning to the HOH room. GM is up at 11:30AM as sleepy-heads Spencer and McCrae make their way to the HOH room for Lockdown. GM and Andy complain about the wake-up music (BB theme music loop.) McCrae gets comfy on the bed, GM and Spencer claim the couch and we go to...

11:31AM HOH Lockdown

12:15PM And we're back to the HouseGuests putting away the contents of an HOH basket in the downstairs cupboards. FISH. Andy shaves before vacating the HOH room. GM and Spencer go back to bed as McCrae hops into the shower (and sings a little.)


12:30PM  - McCrae brushes his teeth and gets dressed as Andy goes into the Color Room to tell GM he's going to call a little meeting. He tells Spencer also. McCrae comes back to the Hall Bedroom, whistling a little tune as he walks. Spencer gets up and dresses as GM and Andy make small-talk. She's excited about seeing Nick and wonders if he'll remember her.The HouseGuests move to the Kitchen where GM tells a story from home and Andy occupies himself with busy-work. It seems very awkward, as noone is looking at McCrae.

12:57PM - KITCHEN -  Andy suggests, "Lets all sit at the table."

Andy slaps the table slightly with his hand to emphasize beginning, "Here is the deal," he starts. "I know you said you wanted to know what was up. We all think you deserve that and we love you enough to tell you." Three weeks ago they formed the Exterminators. Aaryn was their first, Amanda was their second and Elissa their third victim. Andy says he can't tell McCrae how the votes are going, but they're really happy that McCrae lasted over Judd. 

Andy admits he framed Elissa for voting Amanda out, that they planned for hours who to frame and how. Spencer pretended to be mad at Andy when he needed to be. GM adds they needed to make a power move - to put McCrae and Amanda up and separate them - and they had to come together as a team to do it. Andy went up because they needed to get Aaryn out.

They assure McCrae that they "love" him as Andy admits he would also have put McCrae and Amanda up. McCrae exclaims, he knew it! That when Spencer volunteered to go against Amanda it seemed shady. He didn't think Andy was in on it, but noticed Andy seemed "more distant," and during the Double Eviction he could read it on Andy's face that Andy voted Amanda out. 

GM said she would have put Elissa up if she knew she didn't have Elissa's vote to evict Amanda. Andy realized that Elissa changed her mind mid-week. GM didn't like Amanda walked around like a 'cocky b...'. McCrae's glad he told Elissa in her goodbye message that he knew Andy voted against Amanda.

He also realized that Andy must have told GM about the ring deal. GM says she noticed a ring was missing off Elissa's finger. She knew all the jewelry Elissa had because she looked through everything and knew Elissa wore 3 bands. Spencer assures McCrae again that they love him and just wanted him to know how they felt. Andy wants to know why McCrae didn't put up Andy if he knew Andy was lying? McCrae replies he didn't nominate Andy because he thought Andy still wanted to work with (just) him. He's mad at himself and regrets evicting Elissa.

Andy explains that Judd was working with them to pull the wool over McCrae's eyes and that they considered keeping Amanda, but then Amanda won the veto, so they wanted Amanda out instead.

McCrae thought their plan for him to use the veto on GM was crazy but he knew something was going on. McCrae is mad at himself now and swears again. GM tells him again they like him as a person. Spencer says their fear was McCrae would never cut Amanda loose; they had to do that for him. McCrae denies he was going to take Amanda to F2 and admits that Amanda was right when she said that the only way GM was comfortable putting both of them both up was if GM had the numbers.