The way one reacts to Dan's commentary on the BB14 episodes (and I've only heard the Finale commentary where a link to his spreecast was posted in Joker's Updates Big Brother Discussion forum) depends on who you were rooting for and like the Republicans and the Democrats in Congress trying to resolve the fiscal crisis, it seems like never the twain shall meet -- or if they do, VERY reluctantly AND kicking and screaming!

I say, Thank God Dan was on BB14. His big moments, such as the one-of-a-kind funeral, which will always be a legendary moment in the BB USA franchise, and his charming misting, whether he's misting his fellow HGs, or the interviewers in all his follow-up interviews, or the general populace he responds to where he becomes best friends with each person whose question he answers, were key elements in making BB14 one of the best and most intriguing BB seasons ever.
I also say, Thank God Dan lost BB14 to Ian!

Here's my take on Dan's post-season omnipresence....

1. We all know Dan's a coach and a successful one. Coaches exist for one reason -- to win! They want to win, to win, and to win! To lose is anathema to them. We hear Dan on the spreecast saying how he forced the diary room to bring in his favorite DR "interviewer" from BB10 when he was as distraught as he was on his way to the day-long sequestration "go-go party." He thought he had lost BB14 at that point. BUT with his brilliant funeral move, and manipulation of Danielle and Frank he survived to play another day.

Then the inconceivable (for Dan) happened: He lost BB14. And --- he went into damage control -- BIG TIME, pleading his case, his winning strategy, praising his own brilliance at playing the game, such as convincing Ian and Danielle to throw part 1 of the final HOH. The only person who seemed to be on more shows than Dan has been Shelly of BB13 after she found out just how much "America hated Shelly Moore". Once the interviews about her BB season came to an end, she became the crusader against bullying, all to redeem herself. Dan's omnipresence in so many interviews and in this "BB 14 commentary" seems to be all about Dan making sure, over and over and over again, that we ALL know, that he was the "star" and the de facto winner of BB14.

2. Dan's praise of Ian seems mighty condescending. One sort of off-the-cuff, but very telling comment that Dan made during his spreecast occurred during Ian's jury speech where Ian says he played the game based on "probability, statistics and a little bit of heart." THE most amazing and powerful BB final speech in BB's history. Dan then has to comment that it was also with "a little bit of luck," discounting Ian's win, making it seem less impressive. Everyone playing and watching the BB game knows that in a game, luck does come into play. Change one moment in a game, and the entire game can change!

Dan says on the commentary that the jury was bitter -- implying that that was why Ian won. But, I think, that based on all of Dan's commentary and post BB interviews, that the bitterest BB HG of all is Dan! Oh, but he praises Janelle for praising him on the Finale show and says how he respects her views more than he would respect a newbie's view. This implies that Dan doesn't think their opinions count as much -- and since they voted for Ian to win, he doesn't respect their vote. Over and over and over again, Dan is praising himself, emphasizing all the great things he did -- For me the proof is in "the pudding" or "the slop": Ian won. Sorry Dan, for all of your condescending comments about Ian, your derision of the newbies, your disgust that they didn't agree with lost.

3. What role DOES religion play in Dan's life? Does Dan feel like God can intervene in the world and that prayers to God can result in those prayers being answered? Are prayers for anything answered, even for winning a game show? Does Dan honestly respect his Christian beliefs that God DOES intervene, that God does work for good in the world and ultimately decides what happens in the world? If so, one of the most potent symbols of Christianity is the Bible. Does Dan feel that God likes the idea of Dan swearing on the Bible to lie, or if not to lie, to deceive? Hmmmm, maybe Dan's God decided that Dan went too far using the Bible in a game show to accrue great wealth, and caused the Jury to vote for Ian to win! I've always been uncomfortable with the Bible's appearance in the BB house, where the game is about lying and deceiving. It all seems hypocritical to me.

4. Big Brother is about people. Now, people get involved in a game of Poker, Chess, or Monopoly. They move pawns made out of wood or plastic; they play with cards made out of paper. But Big Brother uses people for all of these moves. The social game is as much part of the BB game as are the contests, the luck, the strength, the endurance, and the smarts. The bottom line is that in the social game Dan failed miserably.

His manipulation may have been pure genius and his mastery of the misting of people sheer artistry. However, there were elements of his game that were ugly. His manipulation of Danielle was painful to watch for many viewers. It was not just taking advantage of an opponent making a bad move in chess, but taking advantage of a vulnerable woman, perhaps emotionally vulnerable with some demons in her past. This woman was his friend. Initially as her coach, a bond developed that could never be changed, and indeed despite all the ugliness, she voted for him in the end. She was the only juror to vote for him. Despite that, in his post BB interviews he talks about how he would never have taken her to final two, justifying how she had too many friends on the jury and that he thought she would have beaten him. BUT, she was his student, his loyal friend, and his female Memphis. This smacks of cruelty going beyond the game.

Would Dan's God approve of his hurting a friend so much? In the BB game people DO become friends and become close and can experience great hurt and betrayal. The Pawn in a chess game does not experience such hurt. In the BB game they do. Dan doesn't seem to realize that and he can justify all he wants that this is just a game, but it is a social game with people and friendships, and intensely developing relationships. He ignored that much in the same way that Ronnie ignored all his living and breathing pawns in BB12. During season 12, his pawns revolted on him and he was booted out the door after that brilliant scene in the kitchen of the BB house with "King Ronnie" on his balcony, being shouted down, and derided. He was ultimately evicted by the masses of pawns below. In the same way, Dan with all his brilliant manipulation and crafty, calculated, single-minded moves, collapsed in his 2nd place loss, brought down by his living and breathing pawns voting for Ian to win BB14 instead of him. This kills Dan. He is resentful, bitter, and appearing on shows and interviews pleading the case for his win and his BB mastery, continuing to shower his ever disappearing and evaporating mist.


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