Yesterday, Candice and Howard call a House Meeting.  JOKERS is pleased to bring you the transcript of this meeting, starting with Candice taking on Spencer and concluding with Howard's speech. Enjoy!

2:54PM Candice asks HG for a house meeting

2:56 Candice perched on couch waiting for HG (Elissa doing yoga)

2:57 (waiting on GM)

2:58 Candi stands up

C: "OK, um, you know, I woke up this morning and I'm bombarded by people

telling me that Spencer is telling everyone that he wants me to go and

he wants Howie to leave..

S: I want..

C: Spencer, you come want me to go, this is what everybody

woke up this morning, and.. and you want Howie to stay and me to leave.

S: Ok, I just want to clarify.

C: Spencer, you come to me and tell me you want to rile an army to get

Amanda to go. Ok?

S: ok...

C: Alright. I wish to God it was you sitting up on that block and

I wish to God you'd keep my GD name outa your GD mouth, ok?

S:: That's a very Christian approach to this.

C:  I don't really care.

S: I would like for Howard to stay and you to go out, absolutely

C: Ok, thank you 100%. Thank you for being honest because last

night you said you wished she'd (points at Amanda) choaked on her on

own saliva and you would rally an army to get her out... 

S: that's not what at all happened Candice

C: stop.. being.. a.. liar.

S: that's not what happened at all.


C: Stop having my name in your mouth and quit it. Keep it real. If you

want me to go, thank you for being completely honest.

S: I do want you to go.  I would like Howard to stay.

C:   Howie has told you and he has come to you like a man and said to

keep my name out of your mouth.

S: ...and that is exactly what I have done.

C: Howie... Well, really?  'Cause you didn't do that today.



S: NO, I wasn't campaigning against you. In fact, if you'd been out

here earlier, I'd said what happened is that Howard has been telling

everybody to send him home over you, because he respects you so much,

and that's exactly what I said. I said my personal preference would be

for you to go and Howard to stay.

C: Ok, Well last night when you pulled me aside in the bathroom and you

told me you wished she'd (points at Amanda again) choke on her saliva,

and you wished her (expletive) boob would pop out and she would die,

and she's using McCrae..

S: Her boob would pop out and she'd die? Candice?

C: All of this stuff that you were saying, I really need for you to

stop lying.

S: Candice, You're trying, you are trying to make me look really bad,

and listen, and that's fine, that is fine.

C: I don't have to try, honey. Everyone knows, everyone knows the true

Spencer, so I wish the real Spencer would please stand up, ok?

S: The real Spencer is here.


C:  So next week if you win HOH, I expect to be on the block, and I'm

cool with that because I'm a real person.  But, I'm going to tell you

one more time, keep my name out 'cher mouth. 

S:  Ok, Candice.

C: If Howie has said he would self evict, I'm a woman.  I've defended

Howie because I believe in him, just as if I would stand up for anybody

else I believed in, in this room. Ok? when everybody goes to cast their

vote, I hope everyone uses their own mind and their Heart. If you want

to play the game with me, vote for me, if you want to play the game

with Howard vote for Howard ..great..

S: I will be voting to evict you on Thursday.


C: And trust me, Homie, if you are up there next week I will gladly

tell Julie, I vote to evict the Brawny Man. Alright?

S:  I'm sure you will.  I'm sure you will.

C: So furthermore, if you would like for Amanda to stay, vote for

Amanda to stay.  Vote with your heart not because any body else tells

you to. And Howie, I do not want you to self-evict.  If you want Howie,

keep Howie, if you want me, keep me. If we're the two targets, that's

fine.  (points at Spencer) But I will tell you one more time, you have

"shitted" on me with the Mad Hatter situation, you lied and you told

Aaryn, you have lied and you have seen that everybody sees you are. So

GD, if it's the wall, you better hang on to that because you're

going home next week so help me God, if I have anything to do with it.

Thank you and the meeting is adjorned

S: ok. ok.


C: (turns away, gets something out of fridge, comes back to stand by Howard).


 (Howard raises hands above his head to keep everyone seated)


H: I still wanna self-evict. 'Cause if you ain't gonna play this game to

compete and you're gonna use, I.. I understand using a lie here and

there to hide your allegiance to, if you're with a group. But when you

gotta stoop to, like, maliciously lying or manipulating people, and

then knowing they're more Indians than rather Chiefs, and they would

rather be safe than play the game, I don't think that's what the game

is about.  And I'd much rather go home then, like, to come here and

fight, for the fact that I'm here.

3:01:14PM (Aaryn: what are you talking about?)



H: Everybody's here on their own merits. I didn't come all the way here

just for a certain group of people to tell the middle people what to do

every week, and watch some thing like this go on and these same people

be safe. So, whether Candice is on the block or not, everybody who has

left here had their own mind, and was willing to fight and be warriors,

and I respect that to the utmost. 

With Jeremy I think he was a little immature with some things and

disrespectful, but it's the same disrespect, just done in a mean, vile,

cynical way.  With that being said, it ain't just 'cause of Candice, I

can name probably three, four people that are true to theirselves and

will stand up and make their people proud at home. Family wives kids or

whatever, $500,000 is not going to make me be violent, vindictive  and

bring up lies and say, well, we can  be friends.  Because no,  we're

not going to be friends, my friends wouldn't do that. 'Cause my friends

stand and battle. That's what this game is about.


3:02:15PM (Candice is back to perching on the couch close to Howard) 


H: So, I can't play the twofaced game.  I'm truthful if you come ask me.

If people would take off the friking scary mask and see that the

people who run up to them the fastest, and say this, but don't want to

say it in public, are really being the ones that are being vindictive,

and cra.., that's all I want. So, I can't really do this, this is not

where I'm from. I'll go home $500,000 richer in here (touches heart),

and my family be proud of me, than to stay here and let them see how

money can change me to be mean and vile and vindictive, and make up

whatever and lie maliciously just to get an advantage in the game,

rather than just pick a side and compete.




H: If this side wants to go at this side (points each way), then cool, we

know that, and we can all chill and hang out. I can't even chill and

hang out because I know at the end of the day, somebody throws

something out there, and they wait for you to bite. And whoever is

trying to offense (sic), if they want to feel safe, they're going to

believe it, even if they know it's a lie.  And then you gotta be, you

gotta act funny, and think that the person that's being lied on is

acting funny, when it's you feeling guilty because you know it's not

the truth.  


H: So I promise you, (points to Candice) I like what you say, thank you

for being real since you been here, (points to Spencer) thank you for

having my back, (points to GM and/or Elissa) thank you, for being who

you are, and thank you (points to Andy) for being who you are, teacher,

(nods at McCrea) and McCrea I've got mad respect for you. I felt this

game is for you.



Everybody else in between, I don't know.  All I ask that you can come

to me.  If not, that's it, that's just how I am.  That's my religion,

that's how I was built, that's how I was made, and I'ma go home like

that, if I'm rich or poorer.


So if you don't wanna compete and we all want to stay here and do the

charade, (points at Candice) I'd rather she stay, and Amanda you stay,

and I'll leave.  I can't play the charade. I wanna come here to play

and fight, and my family to be proud of me at the end of the day. 

Other than that, I'd ask that you keep everybody's name out of your

mouth, especially if you ain't gonna.... 


This is one way to know it's a lie: If they think this is this, ask for

that person to be brought in, and then, then we can talk. If that ain't

the case, you know something' is up with it. Like, to me, it's common

sense, and if you ain't going to play with common sense, then I still

rather would go home.



But, I watch BigBrother, and maybe I'm not the biggest fan as some of

you all out here, but that's boring to me. That the same few people are

going to manipulate everybody and that's going to be a boring season to

me; for the same thing to gonna happen every week.  I want people to

like, fight for the reasons you're here, make their people back at home

proud of who you are and stand up for yourself, and that'd be it.

I really would... But I don't want to ask any questions, because I know

whoever's feeling, um, a certain way about what I'm saying, and what

even what you have said (gestures towards Candice)... It happens all

the time. That's why I don't say anything. And when something like this

happens, the first person to say something probably feels a little

guilty or probably has said something.  So please don't say nothing to

me, unless it's if... I'm not gonna talk about no game. 


I'm not going to say nothing else about the game until that night, and

I'm going tell the same thing I'm saying, like this, to all of America,

if they're not seeing it now.  But that's just me and I'll go home

being me, any day, rather than be something else that I"m not because

of money, 'cause I'll get my money another way.



But I respect everybody and what you all do 'cause you gotta play your

own game. So I'm ain't going to put everybody on "punch street" on what

I know, because I respect the game enough.  Hey, play the game.  If

four people can run this house, that's interesting to me, or even five,

I'm good with that, respect to you. I'm gonna put it out there. Be who

you are.

I know money brings out who you really are because I hear the comments.

I hear everything. But I really can't be myself, and I thank you for

that (motions to Candice) because the way I react to stuff probably

wouldn't be as civil and it might not be  Christianlike, so thank you

for holding my tongue in that respect (motions again at Candice). With

that, I have to be very quiet and selective with what I say, and the

when I say it. That's why I'd rather say it in group settings so you

can take it and eat on it however you would like. That's all I got.

3:05:42PM END

(Amanda is the first to ask a question, as Elissa does yoga)