Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Flag on the play! The call: Mike Boogie for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Mike “Boogie” Malin showed his true colors once again during the live eviction via his goodbye message to Janelle this week. From the safety of the diary room he taped a goodbye message to his former foe in classless Boogie style. In it he first took all the credit for getting Janelle put on the block as a replacement nominee and later getting her voted out of Big Brother. He then went on to reference the fact that Janelle is always a bridesmaid, and never a Big Brother bride. And his final insult was waving his Chilltown shirt in front of the camera for added dramatic effect as he bid her adieu.

Okay, where to start. Well first off Boogie does deserve kudos for pulling off a big play. He worked Danielle’s HOH to his favor masterfully, saving his boy Frank and getting out his biggest threat, Janelle, in the process. Boogie is a master at manipulating people and he pulled it off without breaking a sweat. And so, credit where credit is due. But Boogie couldn’t stop there, nope he had to rub salt into a very big wound with the bridesmaid comment, and the flaunting of his Chilltown boys club shirt, one of many he wears to reference his connection to Will. On a side note, does anyone else find it odd that Boogie is still having a reality tv bromance with Will, and Will isn't even there? Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah…Mike Boogie in his goodbye message to Janelle proved once and for all that he simply couldn’t embody good sportsmanship. His snotty comments and attitude towards his opponent AFTER defeating her showed no class and no gentlemanly behavior at all. I believe in competition, I believe in strong aggressive game play and doing what is necessary to defeat those opposed to you within the rules of the game. But what I don’t believe in is gloating and parading a victory in a hurtful way. The only thing worse than a sore loser is an arrogant winner and Mike Boogie Malin proved himself to be just that, arrogant.

So will Mike Boogie Malin win this season of Big Brother? Will he continue to manipulate, threaten and cajole his housemates to do his bidding? Will he take control of Frank’s HOH this week? Will he continue to blatantly throw competitions? Will he stay true to the secret six until they are down to six? Will he be calling all the shots for the remainder of this season? In other words, which FTD floral bouquet will he be carrying when all is said and done? That of a bride…or a bridesmaid?