"Bullies, Banshees & Clowns"

Written by C. Rutolo Dietrich, @BBwriterCRD

August 1, 2017

"I'm seriously going to be sick to my stomach... I'm out... sorry someone else take over. This is seriously horrible. I have to shut off the feeds." Live feed updater on BigBrotherDaily.com after capturing as much as she could -stomach. Monday, July/31/17

A lot of people felt the same way...

Yesterday was a pretty crazy day in the #BigBrother19 House. It was rude and rough and raw. But hey, crazy things happen in Big Brother. Still this day stood out. Because It was the 1st time in a while, that I watched a majority of a Big Brother House-gang up to ostracize and bully two fellow houseguests.

Their stated goal; - to promote /incite violence; forced removal and/or self-eviction.

All because the leader of the pack lacked the ability to crack, control or bend the will of the two under atrack.

See, Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf have minds of their own. They also happen to be in #BigBrotherLove ❤

The rest of the house is under Paul's thrall , or spell, and so weak willed they can't even tell.

Paul Abrahamian, this year's only returning player, loves pulling strings and manipulating things.

Problem is - this year's Paul - came back wrong.
This time around, Paul's more machiavellian than clown.
Hes also become quite the bully. Or at least he's playing one on t.v. really, really well. Pied-pipering his puppets to bully as well.

Last year, Paul had a motto. #Friendship made him look friendly, not shrewd, rude or dangerous.

But don't go looking for "Your boy,"  #Friendship Paul from #BB18.
He didn't make it into this season or the Big Brother House.

Don't know the reason, but 'Your Boy's' long gone. I'm not really a fan of the man he's become. Nor of his behavior as self-appointed Puppet Master & De-facto leader of the mob (I mean) house.
Paul's problem with Cody is that Cody sees right through him. And Jessica won't roll over, play dead, give up her #HaltingHex Power & vote out her only ally and, Love.

And this just baffles, frustrates and infuriates Paul. The rest of the house is under his thrall. How dare they insist on saving themselves. Thus began the circus like reign of bullying behavior Paul brought down upon their heads.

No one was happy about Cody's return, except for Jess. She was over the moon. The two #BB LoveBIRDS enjoyed a week of safety and freedom. Jessica won #HOH, the #PowerofVeto & had the jawdropping #HaltingHex Power to Nullify Paul's HOH, protecting herself and Cody from eviction. That happened to be the very position Paul put them in- again.

And it really didn't have to be that way.

When Jess & Cody had the power to get revenge, by putting Paul, or another big target up for eviction, they declined. Instead Jessica and Cody spent last week trying to mend fences and friendships. At least that's what they thought was happening. Turns out their good intentions were all for naught.  

Paul engineered a #blindside, then won HOH. 
And once again - they got-Got. Paul promptly put them both up on the block. Despite Jessica's warning; that her #HaltingHex power would keep herself and Cody safe Nullifying his HOH - Paul refused to believe.

Acting like a Big Brother god who knows it all, Paul said noone's ever been given that kind of power. Didn't believe it could be like the 'Coup d' etat' which nullified an eviction several years ago.

Jess again said that both she and Cody would be safe.That he didn't have to waste his HOH. But Paul told his minions he'd call her bluff. He would leave them both up on the block.

When Paul found out Jess was telling the truth; that the Hex would null & void his HOH and that he couldn't get Cody out, he was mad and mean. He was furious. He immediately began a round-the-clock-Hate-Cody&Jessica campaign. The plan: If he couldn't vote Cody out, he'd incite them to violence, and/or self-eviction.

And so a cycling circus of cruelty began. Paul, the ringleader, made sure everyone stayed riled and loud and mean.

"No letting up. No moments of sanity for you two," he yelled, as Cody, ignoring them, led Jess outside to the hammock.

They were immediately followed.

Paul told his  'dogs,' that if Jess uses the #Hex to save herself, (which is after all what it's for), denying them the opportunity to vote out Cody, this meant she was taking away someone's spot on the jury.

This convoluted crazy talk got them even more worked up.

Raven Walton's profanity laced, Banshsee screams, were beyond revelatory. "Get out! Get out! Get out!" she screamed. Flipping them the bird. Not so much a queen.

Paul spun her around. Kissed her. Said, "That's my girl!"

Heard she and Paul are pals in the outside world. Made more sense after watching this weird, bullying, raucous display.

I wasn't surprised to hear Josh Martinez carrying on; once again screeching out his loud, sick, circus song.  Paul's been training and egging him on.

Josh kept up a loud barrage of mocking, screaming taunts. Attacking Cody, as a man and his 10 years of Military Service. They don't believe it's true that he served.

The poison spilling out of Christmas Abbot's mouth, now that was a shock. Heard it upset many of her fans. Both she & Paul told the others to attack Cody's character, manhood, fatherhood and military service.

Not cool.

Not classy.

"The only way he leaves is if we get him to punch someone or make them so miserable they'll walk out." That was Christmas, today. Plan doesn't seem to have changed.

Their argument late Tuesday, was get Matt to ask Jessica, "What happens if you leave Cody in the house and he punches Josh in the mouth?" ( Like that'd be her fault?)

"Maybe you should talk to her," Christmas tells Matt Climes. 

They literally still do not get why Jessica won't just let them have their way. Won't let them vote Cody out. Won't throw the power of the #HaltingHex away.

24 hours after yesterday's circus and they still don't really believe the #HaltingHex will actually do what they've been told. They continue to speculate, bitch, plot and moan. 

"I'm not a bully!"  Josh screamed yesterday, at the top of his lungs, as he bullied, Cody and Jess. Same thing he said while bullying, Mark Jansen. Maybe Josh thinks it doesn't count if he's only acting like bully because its on the Live Feeds.

Paul said they were bullying the bully. But they are the only bullies I see and hear.

Someone shouted that very thing, through a megaphone, yesterday.

"America loves Jess. Paul is a Bully!"

Jessica and Cody, by maintainIng their calm, have, so far, literally robbed this rowdy mob of their goal.

Let's hope they can hold on to each other and their calm to remain safe and violence free.


End 🐝



*It's been awhile since I've witnessed this level of group-bullying in a Big Brother House. It's something that bothered me when I began writing about Big Brother years ago. I just couldn't understand what I was seeing. I mean how does an entire group of, one would hope, fairly sensible people, stoop to this level? Made me ponder. So I studied & wrote a paper about it.

Although I dont believe we have any seriously disturbed 'serial bullies" in this year's house. Some of the uglier 'group think/behaviors' have begun to raise their heads,

Maybe you'll see a few connections to this year's Big Brother House.
Maybe not. Maybe instead, you'll be reminded of past House Guests from years gone by. Nevertheless I hope you enjoy...

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