My Week 11 Random Thoughts and Weekly Rankings...

Wow! What an exciting week! I know many have hated this season, but it has brought me some of my favorite house guests in recent history (Kat, Tommy and Nicole) and two of my favorites to root against (Jackson and Holly). lol  At this point, my biased opinion is that I want anyone other than Jackson and Holly to win! :)

My ranking is completely biased, since it reflects how much I want them to win. However, I try to be as objective as possible when discussing their game play and position in the house.





1. Tommy: He has had a rough week! He was my favorite preseason and I have loved watching him and cheering for him all season. I am so glad he was on this season and he will join the few HGs that I follow post season to see how things turn out for him post season. I think he is an amazingly genuine, kind, positive and loving person. I think he has played a great game with the cards he was dealt, and I am so happy for him, and me as his fan, that he made it this far. I’m hoping a miracle happens and he makes it to F3. If not, this is my ode to Tommy!  

Position in the House: Not great! Tommy is on the block and possibly getting evicted. His only chance is making a deal with Cliff and Nicole to vote out Holly. It all comes down to “Does Cliff trust Tommy?” On the off chance that Tommy stays, he will still have a rough road ahead. If he does make a deal with Cliff and Nicole, he would be safe at F4 unless Jackson wins the veto. However, nobody would take Tommy to F2. Therefore, he would need to win the F3 HOH competition. Since he is on the block with the risk of eviction and no alliance, he is in the worst position in the house.

Game Play: Tommy has played a great game. He was a key member in a strong alliance. He maintained relationships with everyone in and out of his alliance, even the Camp Comebackers. He kept his alliance from imploding on multiple occasions when Christie was going off the rails and wanting to go against Jack. He won an HOH when he needed to and used it to rebuild relationships with Holly and Jackson that needed fixing. He won the veto when he needed to save his F2 (until this week). He continues to have an amazing social game. Jack, Sis, Christie and Kat have all talked about what a great game Tommy is playing. Obviously, Tommy’s road to F2 and winning is the most difficult because he will possibly get evicted and nobody would choose him for F2. AND, even if he does make it, the jury will know about his relationship with Christie by then and there’s no way to know how they will feel about that.  


2. Nicole: You go, girl! Wow! Nicole has rocked it this week! She won two competitions in a row that were a combination of physical and mental abilities. I absolutely love her story arc and am sad for the casual viewers that it hasn’t been told very well on the episodes. I know CBS is trying to remedy that now, but there’s so much to her that they will have to leave out. She had great relationships with Ovi, Kemi and even Kat that weren’t shown. Even her relationships with Bella, Sam and Nick weren’t represented well on the shows. I really hope the episodes this week are all about Nicole to make up for it! (Note – I started writing this on Sunday before the episode and was very happy that CBS is listening to me! lol)

Position in the House: Despite her recent wins, she is still in the best position in the house. The only way she won’t make it to F3 is if Cliff wins the F4 HOH and Jackson or Holly win veto. The only way she won’t make F2 is if she’s with Jackson and Holly at F2. Therefore, it’s actually best for her if Holly gets evicted this week. However, that’s ultimately up to Cliff and not her. She is in the best position in the house.

Game Play: Nicole’s game story has to be a best case scenario for CBS! (Too bad they haven’t shown it well all season!). Underdog to DE HOH winner, followed by F5 veto and almost guaranteed F3! Nicole was in the minority for 7 weeks. Not only was she on the block, but Holly, Kat and Sis wanted her out other weeks. She survived being on the block and has also developed great relationships with all of the HGs and jury members. Now she has two critical competition wins (both mental and physical), broke up the Tommy and Christie duo (something BB fans have wanted ALL season), AND most of the other HGs would bring her to the F2 with them. If she is successful in breaking up the Jackson and Holly duo, she will get a lot of respect from the jury. I said last week that she needed to win comps to win BB and she did it! Great game, Nicole!


3. Cliff: Cliff has been all over the board for me this season. I went from really liking him at the beginning, to being annoyed by him for a while in the middle, to slowly growing to liking him more and more as he got closer to Kat and Nicole and showed his true self. The more we see the true Cliff, the more that I like and respect him. I also love the way he loves his wife and family. Great guy and a great BB HG.

Position in the House: Thanks to Nicole, Cliff is safe this week. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the next 2 weeks. If Holly wins F4 HOH, he or Nicole need to win veto or one of them will go. Also, the only person who will take Cliff to F2 is Nicole. So, they need to win veto next week and then win the F3 HOH competition for Cliff to make it to the F2. He could increase the odds of Cliff and Nicole both surviving to F3 by making a deal with Tommy this week. Then it doesn’t matter who wins HOH. They just need for one of them to win veto. But, as I said above, it comes down to “Does Cliff trust Tommy?” His position in the house is precarious, but not awful.

Game Play: I know some think he shouldn’t win due to his eviction, but, based on what they have said in interviews and in the house, I don’t think the HGs agree, and that’s what matters. He has a great argument at F2. He came back from banishment. He came back from eviction and won HOH. He was in the minority for 7 weeks. He has been on the block 5 different weeks. He has won comps AND he knows the dates and events better than anyone. Finally, 4 of the current jury members have mentioned respecting him and his game AND several of the current HGs have said they wouldn’t mind if he won. I could actually see him beating all of the other HGs at F2, except maybe Jackson (see below), but there’s no chance of him being there with anyone other than Nicole.


Can’t be redeemed and I want them out ASAP

4. Jackson: I respect his game (see below), but I have no respect for him as a person. When it comes to Jackson, I don’t think his poor treatment of others for the first 7 weeks and poor sportsmanship in the game (e.g., as a HN) should be rewarded and I hope he isn’t in the F2. If he is, I sincerely hope he doesn’t win. I do acknowledge that he’s attempted to turn his behavior around, with the exception of his treatment of Holly on days 73 and 74. It just isn’t enough to make me find him an acceptable winner.

Position in the House: As HOH, Jackson is currently very safe. After this week, he will be target #1 for Cliff and Nicole (as well as Tommy if he’s still in the game). The only person who will bring Jackson to F2 is Holly. Therefore, Jackson’s only paths to get to F2 are (1) Holly wins F4 HOH, Jackson wins the veto and Jackson or Holly win the F3 HOH competition, or (2) Jackson wins F4 veto and wins the F3 HOH competition. Like Cliff, his position is precarious, but not awful.

Game Play: Jackson has played a good game. He has the respect of the jury, despite them all acknowledging at different times that they don’t like how he treats people. He won Camp Director and managed to not be an immediate target. He was part of the majority alliance for the first 5 weeks. Though he was the catalyst that caused it to implode (telling Jack about Kat and Holly knowing each other), he still managed to survive the block during Jess’ HOH and to get back with Tommy when Tommy was HOH. Since then, he’s been back in the majority with Holly. Jackson’s social game has been almost inconsistent. He had a great social game with Jack, Cliff, Nicole and Tommy. However, his social game with Sis, Nick, Kat, Jess and Christie was all over the place. Regardless, I think he would beat all of the remaining HGs at F2 due to his strategic and competitive game. But, he will have to win the F4 veto and F3 HOH comp to get there.


5. Holly: I don’t have any respect for Holly or her game and that hasn’t changed since the feeds came on. I will add that I feel extremely sorry for her lack of self esteem and self worth and hope her family and friends encourage her to seek therapy after this season.

Position in the House: Her position is at risk for the first time all season. While I think she might be safe and they will vote out Tommy, it’s still a possibility that Cliff decides to take a chance on trusting Tommy. For now, her future is in Cliff’s hands! If she survives this week, she is not the target for F4. But, she would get evicted if Cliff or Nicole win HOH and Jackson wins the veto. She will make it to F2 as long as they get Cliff out in the F4. If Jackson goes in F4, she will need to win the F3 HOH competition to get to the F2. Her position in the house is dangerous this week (though maybe not as bad as Tommy’s), but pretty good moving forward if she survives the week.

Game Play: I don’t think Holly could beat anyone in the F2. The jury and HGs do not think she has played her own game. Yes, she has won HOH twice and, yes, WE know that Jackson let her make her own choices. However, none of the HG believe this and have said it, as well as demonstrated it by talking to Jackson during her HOHs to make deals. Holly also didn’t try to make any connections with most of the other HGs until after week 7. The only way I see her possibly winning is if Jackson is evicted in the F4 and Holly wins the F3 HOH competition and takes Nicole to F2.


Thank you for reading my thoughts, if you got this far! Please reply and let me know what you think. :)