Goodbye Lawon

Lawon I barely know where to start
As I sit to write this poem for you
But the first thing that comes to my mind
Is Lawon…wtf did you do

You actually volunteered to be evicted
I had to hear it twice to believe my ears
Never has a more stupid move been made
In Big Brother in all these years

You thought you were making a power move
Thinking you would show those pesky vets
You pitched your idea to the HOH and her boss
And the girls said, okay…let’s

Then of course came the battle with Brendon
You seemed less confident your plan would go right
You couldn’t find your balls when you needed them most
Needless to say you had a bad night

I suppose Marcellas can now step aside
He’s no longer the dumbest player in this game
You are now the holder of that title
And you have only yourself to blame

And so your Big Brother days are now done
There’s only one thing left to do
Say goodbye as you fade from the game
So goodbye and take care Boo…

Goodbye Lawon and thanks, for making all my f-up’s in life seem somehow…smaller.