Thursday September 8th 2011

Julie welcomes us to what promises to be an action packed night in the Big Brother house. We are brought back to after Kalia and Porsche were nominated. Rachel designates Kalia as the target this week. Porsche refuses to leave this game especially because Porsche and Kalia are the only other competitors besides Rachel. Kalia and Porsche are not surprised to be nominated. They know that the best case for both Kalia and Porsche staying in the house is for Adam to win and take one of them down so that Jordan is nominated and they can vote her out. Adam knows that he needs to win the POV. Jordan tells Adam that if he uses it then she becomes the replacement nominee. Jordan is worried about being screwed by Adam if he wins the POV. Jordan says that she needs Adam on her side and not to flip.

OTEV The Sweet Tooth Shark
When the house guests go outside for the veto competition the backyard has turned into a surfers nightmare and a sharks paradise. There is water, a big octopus and a large slippery blue “wave” ramp leading right to a giant shark. There is also pies scattered around the backyard. Jordan comments that she would think that there would be fish not pies because Sharks eat fish...unless they are fish pies? Oh how i love you Jordan. The shark introduces himself as OTEV (VETO spelt backwards). He tells the house guests that pies have been drifted on the shore and he cannot reach them. He is going to give them a clue about an evicted house guest and they must go down the ramp and retrieve the pie that corresponds with the past house guest. They must then go back up the ramp, kneel on a shell and reveal the pie that they have found and the last person up the ramp will be eliminated, unless someone brings up the wrong pie.
Round 1: “I’m hungry for the tasty pie who was no chum of Danielle’s and called her Judas on the live show...Bring me my pie”
The Answer: Brendon Berry Pie
The last person to go up the ramp was Jordan and she was eliminated.

Round 2: “I’m craving a sweet pie who chewed his way to the power of veto in the Big Brother Candy Store”
The Answer: Dominic Pudding Pie
Rachel is fighting to knock Kalia out but she struggles to find Dominic’s pie. Rachel is the last one up the ramp and is eliminated.

Round 3: “I wish to dine on the mouth watering pie who was zinged with a biting remark about a soul patch”
The Answer: Peanut Butter and Jeff Pie
The last person up the ramp is Kalia and she has been eliminated. She goes to the side lines and starts to cry. Rachel pats her on the back in comfort and then in the DR says for Kalia to cry her a river and she does not feel bad for her. soon we forget the “bush crying incident”.
Final Round: “I want to feast on the delicious pie who lost all 17 competitions they played in”
The Answer: Shelly Jelly Pie
Porsche gets up to OTEV and accidentally brought the wrong pie. She grabbed the Keith pie and had to run back down and try and find the Shelly pie. By the time she gets back with the correct pie Adam has already made it there before her. Adam has won the POV! This is his first legitimate win of the the last week. Welcome to the game Adam.

Kalia is sobbing in the DR because she could of won and her fate is now in Adam’s hands...and she knows that he will not get his hands dirty to save her.

Jury House...Population Four
In the jury house Brendon, Dani and Jeff are hanging by the Barbecue with leis on and drinking. They are talking about who they want to see next. Dani wants to see Adam. Brendon said since she has been so lonely perhaps it would be nice for her to get Kalia or Porsche. Dani says since Brendon misses Rachel, that it would be lovely to see her. Jeff wants to see Shelly to get some things off his chest. Shelly turns the corner and hugs the jury members. Dani asks who plotted her demise. Shelly revealed that it was Pandora’s box that did her in. Shelly says that she has been scared to see Jeff because she knows he is mad. Dani says not worry that she is there, and its a game. Jeff tells Dani to let Shelly speak for herself and is getting snappy with Dani. Dani says she is just reminding them that it is a game. Jeff and Dani started arguing. Jeff asks what happened. Shelly says that with a final four of Jeff, Jordan, Adam and herself she would have finished no better then she did now. Jeff says that she would rather be with someone who breaks promises (referring to Dani) then in a final three with Jeff and Jordan. Shelly said that if it had come to final three he would not have thought of her and would have taken Jordan. She says that she may not have won competitions but she did protect Jeff and Jordan. Jeff is mad at this comment and said she is trying to build herself up. She tells them that Rachel told her in front of the whole house that she played the best game. Jeff disagrees. They decide to watch the DVD. They see Porsche win HOH and Dani claps. Dani asks what Porsche got for opening Pandora’s box. Shelly says that Porsche got five grand and Dani said that it was probably more. They watch the POV with the dummies. They talk about Rachel straddling Brendon, he says that she comes through when she has to. They watch Shelly get evicted and she says that she would have stuck by Rachel and Jordan. Jeff comments about how she was going to switch sides AGAIN. He says that he can’t wrap his head around it still. He questions Danielle’s influence and Shelly said she thought of it all by herself and she is smarter then he thinks. He says...apparently not.

Back in the Big Brother house Kalia is sobbing in the toilet room and knows that Adam will not make big moves. Jordan and Rachel are hoping that Adam stays with their deal and does not use the POV. Kalia tries to campaign to Adam to try and use the POV on one of them so that Jordan will be nominated by default and can be evicted. In the DR Kalia is giving herself positive affirmations about being convincing and knowing people and having the gift of gab. She tells him he can even make her squirm by taking off Porsche instead of her. She tries to appeal to the Big Brother fan in Adam by telling him that fans like BIG moves, and this is his chance. She also reminds him that Jordan and Rachel will take each other and not him to the finals. Adam says that they are making a good argument and he needs to pick a side. He knows that with whatever decision he makes two people will be happy and two will be upset.

At the veto ceremony we do not see any pleas and Adam decides NOT to use the POV. Kalia is pissed and Rachel laughs. Adam says that he is a man of his word and although they are upset with his decision, they have to respect it. Kalia is shocked that he did not use it and says that he has been what people hate the most in this game... “a classic, grade A, cowardly good luck with that”(Kalia Booker, BB13, Ep.27,CBS).

It’s That Time Again!
We go to the living room and Julie asks the nominees to stand and give their pleas. Porsche goes first and says that she already been funny and thanked her family so now she wants to thank her house guests for having her with them for this long. She says that she knows that she has been a tough one and sometimes a handful but she enjoyed her experience. She says that she has enjoyed napping with Kalia, Adam’s Tori addiction is amazing, Jordan is so sweet and pure which is awesome and finally Rachel. She says that they have had ups and downs, that they are both handfuls and she is happy they have shared the experience and have become friends. Kalia stands and says that she is never going to go out without a fight. She turns to Adam and tells him to start playing like an All Star and stop playing like a fan (TRUE), she tells Jordan that she is happy she was able to be her friend and it was hard not playing with her but to vote with her heart because she has always kept her word to Jordan (TRUE) and to Rachel she needs to stop complaining about putting out people that play the game if she is going to keep doing it (TRUE), she also says that she is getting jacked for trusting the wrong person again. She then tells Porsche that she loves her and tells them to vote for her.
Jordan casts the first vote, she hesitates and votes to evict Porsche.
Adam casts the next vote and with no hesitation votes to evict Kalia.
It is a tie 1-1 and Rachel will be the deciding tie breaker vote. When Julie reveals this the house guests are surprised. Rachel looks like she is going to puke. Rachel stands and says that she does believe in competitors 100% but she is one and has fought her heart out to stay in this game but she needs to evict Kalia and Kalia has stepped up and Rachel also says that she does respect her. It is official Kalia has been evicted.

Rachel is confused about what she just said and they tell her that she did good. Outside Kalia sits with Julie and says that it is depressing. Kalia says that her down fall was trusting the wrong people at the wrong times and that she meant newbies to the end. She says that throughout the season they have been the underdogs and she wanted to beat the vets.

“Big Brother Fortune Teller”
Julie introduces the HOH competition with a fortune teller theme and revealed the all night the fortune teller in the purple room kept the house guests awake with future predictions for each of the house guests. We see clips of the night before as the fortune teller summons the house guests, gives a prediction and then asks them to leave. When she first speaks Porsche and Rachel go running out of the room screaming in unison to get the other house guests. There was predictions several times an hour throughout the entire night. We only see a few predictions but all of them are posted on Jokers in the daily recap article for September 5th. In the backyard the house guests are set up in fortune teller booth with a glass ball on each. Julie will read a prediction from the fortune teller and the house guests must answer whether or not the quote Julie reads is true or false. What we are looking for in this competition is EXACT words.
Round 1: Regards the fortune about Jeff- the distinction is CLOWN SHOES vs. CLOWN SHOE. They all answered false and were correct.

Round 2: Regards the fortune about Brendon-the quote is correct. Only Jordan answered false and was wrong.

Round 3: Regards the fortune about Cassi-the quote is correct. Only Porsche answered false and was wrong.

Round 4: Regards the fortune about Kaith- the distinction is All 29 Contestants vs. All 29 FEMALE contestants. Only Porsche answered true and was wrong.

Round 5: Regards the fortune about Dominic- the distinction is The DOMINATOR vs. Total DOMINATION. Only Porsche answered true and was wrong.

FINAL: Regards Evil Dick-the distinction is LEGALLY change vs. change. All got the question correct.
The scores at the end are Adam 5, Porsche 3 and Jordan 4. Adam has won HOH. Rachel gives him the key and they hug, she jokes with him and says start playing like an all star.

We are down to four! Rachel, Jordan, Adam and Porsche are the final four. Two vets and Two newbies. After tonight the final three will be revealed and the final three part HOH competition will begin.