Wednesday July 20th 2011

Expect the ...Expected?
No one is surprised by Jordan’s nominations. Both Brenchel and Danielle are not happy with them. Rachel has a vendetta against Cassi and wanted her nominated and Dani has an alliance with Dominic therefore she wanted him to stay safe and for Cassi to be nominated. Dominic’s only shot is the Power of Veto. After telling Dominic he didn’t want to pull a Porsche and Keith by throwing the competition...Adam tells Jordan that he will throw the competition to keep her nominations the same. Dominic thinks that his relationship with Dani is growing and getting stronger and more trust is building...BUT we all know Dani and this all star doesn’t disappoint. She is using him as a little puppet. She is getting him to make her moves while she is protected by the golden key. Right now Dani is sitting in a good spot. Both Rachel and Dani want Dominic to win the POV. Jeff and Jordan are quickly losing patience with Rachel. Cassi goes into the HOH and her an Jordan talk about the curse of being beautiful and how some women can be mean out of jealousy. Then Cassi says in the diary room that THIS is why she did not want to tell people she was a model because of the jealousy....Cry me a river!

Jeff and Jordan as well as Dominic and Adam are playing in the POV, the last duo competing happen to be...Brendon and Rachel. Dominic feels like the odds are stacked against him when hurricane Brenchel is chosen. Danielle is chosen to be the host of the competition. Rachel and Brendon make an agreement that if they win the POV, that despite the ramifications of undermining Jeff and Jordan, they will use the POV to change Jordan’s nominations. Rachel and Brendon are beasts and hardcore competitors but its only been one week that she has not had power and she is loosing it!

Queen Dani and the Bubble Gum Blow Out
Danielle comes out of the DR dressed as a bubble gum queen and she leads her minions into the backyard. The backyard as been transformed into a Candy Land like Bubble Gum world. The house guests have to walk across a balance beam and take a piece of bubble gum. They have to chew the gum as they walk back to a canvas, where they have to trace out a power of veto symbol with the chewed gum. They have to do this ONE piece at a time and if they fall off, they will be eliminated UNLESS they choose to take a two week slop penalty for a second chance. Jordan is the first to fall off the balance beam, without hesitation she says that she will take the two weeks of slop...BUT then Jeff stops her and tells her not to take it. Jeff thinks that with no chance of winning that it is pointless for her to go on slop for two weeks. Jeff’s intervention makes Rachel mad and she makes a comment “if the HOH isn’t playing then maybe we shouldn’t be”(Rachel Reilly, BB13, Ep.6, CBS). This comment was misdirected, as Jordan was fully ready to take the slop punishment and keep playing when Jeff told her not too. Shortly after Rachel falls she takes the two weeks of slop...trying to prove a point perhaps. Rachel falls for a second time and is eliminated. Brendon and Dominic fight for the win. Jeff is too irritated with Rachel to concentrate on the game and is falling behind. Dominic WINS THE POV! This is the first competition that a newbie has won!
Jeff and Rachel argue after the competition about her comments. This argument between two major veteran competitors shows the newbies, that there is a crack in the vet alliance. Jeff and Rachel continue to bicker, each trying to explain their reasoning. Brendon is trying to be the voice of reason and get Rachel to calm down. Rachel goes and cries in the bushes because Jeff yelled at her. The best line of the night goes to Kalia in response to Rachel hiding in the bushes, “Don’t let your mouth write a cheque that your butt can’t cash” (Kalia Booker, BB13, Ep.6, CBS). This tift in the veteran alliance pleases the newbies because the heat comes off of them.

Jeff and Jordan talk in the HOH room about the competition and how they still need to keep the veteran alliance strong, at least for a few more weeks. Brendon calms down Rachel and she goes and apologizes to Jordan for her comment. They all agree that they need each other and need to stay strong. Jordan does not want to put up Cassi and Shelly because she does not want Rachel to get what she wants. There is some talk about backdooring Brenchel, but in the end they decide to keep the veteran alliance together and that Rachel and Brendon are still needed to win competitions and take out newbies. This is probably a smart move because for tomorrow nights HOH it will be Jeff, Rachel and Brendon against Lawon, Kalia, Dominic and Adam. The newbies still have the numbers going into the HOH.

Dominic uses the Power of Veto to save himself and Adam from the block. Jordan sadly puts Cassi and Shelly up in their place. It is obvious that Jordan is not happy having to put Cassi and Shelly up, but she is sticking with the veterans original plan. Cassi has accepted the inevitable, no one wants to evict the house mom and she is probably the next house guest to be evicted

It is probably a safe bet, that after tomorrow the “regulators” alliance will be dead.