Here we go again with middle-aged insecure, floating, backstabbing, self-absorbed, and self-righteous players on Big Brother. Gone are the days when middle-aged players with a little class (i.e. Jack the FBI agent) were the token over 40 set on Big Brother who were around to provide a little stability. Kathy counts among the worst (including Evel Dick) and here is why:

1) Perhaps I am a sheltered middle-ager but seriously a shirt with "RUB FOR LUCK" on her breasts... whatever happened to aging gracefully. Aren't there laws against that?... even in Arkansas (yee-haa!)

2) Stop throwing out "I love you's" when ten minutes later you will be trashing the person in the next room. I thought that fake love stuff ended somewhere around 25 or 30. At least Evel Dick was what he was... evil and, well, a dick and he didn't pretend to be anything else. Kathy: Stop batting the fake spider lashes and saying you love people you are going to talk about like dirt... or is that what you think love is?

3) The plea to stay speech where she cited she learned her morals from her Momma and Grandma, her Faith from her church, and her integrity and loyalty from her job. Where do I begin?

Please! Grandma and Mama Moral could not have taught her the trash talk that comes out of both sides of her mouth. How can she call all of these people friends who (gag) "make my heart beat" when she talks so badly about half of them while denying it at every turn. For someone who doesn't want to be in the middle, Kathy sure stays there...

The church that taught her that faith she has... Kathy,Kathy, Kathy... it's time you stopped attending the covered-dish suppers, and singles groups and started listening to the sermons. Here we go! Another Christian who judges others with a different measuring stick! At least she isn't quoting Bible verses... yet!

And how about that job which taught her integrity and loyalty? No wonder there are so many incidents of corrupt law enforcement if her actions in the house are what she deems as integrity and loyalty. One minute she is kissing up to Rachel in the HOH and the next she is trashing her in the Cabana Room with anyone able to stand listening to that horrible accent.
Come on Kathy, do you seriously think you have integrity or loyalty?

4) The younger house guests consider Kathy a joke. When Regan made that "Weekend at Bernies" comment (the funniest comment of the season), it is clear that they do not have an ounce of respect for her at all. Even Jerri the Psycho Marine got some respect from the cast -- even if it is to help him down from a ledge he actually stood on trying to win a comp.

Big Brother, can you just keep these middle-agers off of BB if this is the best out there? And watching them try to act young and hip is almost painful! Been there, done that, got the shirt (but it didn't say RUB FOR LUCK on it).

Kathy, all I can say is that you will be kicked out soon enough so, try to represent the middle age fans a little better and, for now, keep your chin up... both of them.