Goodbye Kalia

Kalia you are gone from the game
You walked out the door with little class
And now you are in sequester with Dani
Where I’m sure you’ve climbed back up her ass

No matter how much you deny it
Dani had you on a leash it’s true
Kalia when she was in the house
Not one minute did you play for you

When you (meaning Dani) had power in this game
You had no problem sending others home
But when the tables were finally turned you
You would pout and bitch and moan

And oh how you gloated when you sent out Jeff
You took such pleasure in breaking the tie
Tell me Kalia how did it feel
When you fell victim to the same demise

And so the self anointed Big Brother Black Queen
Turned out to be a peon and nothing more
You were finally sent out of this game
Squeezing your inflated ego out the door

Have fun on the jury handing out the cash
I know that will eat you up inside
Huh, something will be eating you for a change
Now that’s a big surprise

Goodbye Kalia and thanks, for reminding me just how unattractive arrogance can be.