Wednesday August 10th 2011

The houseguest’s are starting to CRACK!
Post nomination ceremony and emotions are running high in the Big Brother house. Jeff is mad that Kalia went through with her nominations as planned. Danielle is pleased with the nominations this week. Rachel begins to act up and Shelly brings her into the fortune teller room to try and shake some sense into her. Shelly tells her that she is better then this and has more class. Rachel keeps saying that Kalia was making a personal attack in her nomination speech. Shelly is trying to handle Rachel like a child, which is how she was acting at that moment. Rachel says that she should just go home. Shelly is frustrating Rachel so she stormed out and into the Have Not Room. In the have not room Rachel tells Jordan that she is leaving because it is not worth the money. She starts to get her clothes together to pack and Jordan puts them back every time she picks something up. Jordan tells her to shut up. Rachel says that she can’t do it without Brendon because Danielle ripped her and her fiance apart. Jordan tells her yes she can. Rachel keeps going on about everything they are doing to her and how they took away her soul mate and fiance and now they are still personally attacking her. Jordan is trying to diffuse her. Poor Jordan is going to loose her mind trying to manage Rachel. Jordan tells the DR that taking care of Rachel is tough work. Jordan is trying to give a pep talk to get Rachel to stop. Rachel might break poor Jordan.
In the other room Porsche and Danielle can hear Rachel through the walls. They bond by talking about Rachel’s current state of insanity. Dani tells the DR that she likes Porsche and is trying to establish a connection with her now that she has distanced herself from Rachel.
In the HOH bedroom Kalia starts to crack. She is frustrated at the targets that she has established. She listens through the door as Jeff rants in the kitchen. He talks about how nobody is playing for themselves and he is sick of nobody stepping up. He says that he is going to war and who ever is with him great lets go! Kalia starts to cry because of the stress and Dani tries to comfort her. Five minutes after her first big power move and she is already cowering from Jeff.

The players in the veto competition will be Jeff, Kalia, Rachel, Adam, Shelly and Jordan.
Shelly is pissed that Jeff was not enthused when he pulled her name. She goes into the have not room to talk to Jeff and Jordan. They talk about being on the same page and Shelly senses that they distrust her. Which is funny because they are the only people that she is actually being loyal towards. She tells Jeff to be straight and Jordan’s emotions are high. Shelly leaves the room and Jordan is crying. Jordan feels bad about Shelly and Rachel and the pep talks. Jeff comments about all these women crying and having their periods. He says that he is the one on the block and everyone else is crying. He is teasing Jordan about her provoking Shelly. Jeff does damage control and Shelly is crying in the fortune teller room. Jeff reassures her that they are a team. Floaters are really going to need a life vest because this house is going to flood with tears.
It’s All Greek to Me
The back yard is transformed into a scene from Ancient Greece. The houseguest’s are in Toga’s and Jeff gives Lawon the best dressed award. Porsche tells the story of Sisyphus a King who was punished with the task of having to roll a rock up a hill. In this competition the houseguest’s will have to roll a ball up a two sided ramp and catch it as it descends, and then roll it back. They must successfully do this 300 times. If they drop their ball, then they have to start over at zero. Through the entire game Adametheus and Jeffaestus are neck in neck. Along with Jordan, Kalia decides to cheer for Jeff and not play which frustrated Dani. Adametheus is really doing well and was ahead of Jeff for a lot of the game. Right at the last second Jeffaestus catches up and wins the game. JEFFAESTUS has won the Power of Vetoeus and collapses to the ground.

Rachel is not pleased with the outcome and knows that now she needs to try and work with Kalia to put up someone that Rachel could possibly beat. In the Have Not room Rachel’s pity party continues, as Jordan attempts AGAIN to cheer her up. Rachel is disappointed that she couldn’t win and stand up for Brendon’s “memory” would think he died the way she talks sometimes. Jeff comes in and Jordan tells Rachel not to cry. Jeff says “my niece who is five years old handles loosing better then Rachel does”(Jeff Schroeder, BB13, Ep.15, CBS). Jeff needs to put on a happy face because he needs Rachel to stay in the house to take the target off himself. Rachel is stressing out poor Jsquared. Jordan is happy that Jeff won and is not worried about going up because she is ready to fight. They go up to the HOH and Kalia tries to explain herself to Jeff and Jordan. She tries to explain again why she nominated Jeff with Rachel. Jeff is unimpressed with her comments because he now has the POV. Kalia says that she was looking at the big picture and Jeff asked what the picture looks like now. Kalia is trying to show Jeff and Jordan that she is not against them, she is trying to rectify her wrong. Jeff is pretty much shooting her down. Kalia tells them that she will not be nominating Jordan as a replacement. Jeff says that he will take that. He still does not believe that Kalia is being honest.

Happy 40th Birthday Adam! For Adam’s fortieth Birthday he decides to shave his beard. He turns it into a group event and everyone surrounds him in the bathroom and is shocked at how different he looks. Lawon welcomes him to the Handsomfied club. He does look very different without his beard and it makes him look younger and cleaner. No more crusty elf.

Up in the HOH Rachel proposes a deal to Kalia. Rachel tells Kalia that they have an opportunity to work together and that she is a strong competitor. Rachel also says that this is a good way to get on Jeff and Jordan’s good side. Kalia asks her straight out if she will still be gunning for Danielle and Rachel answers yes. I give her credit for being honest. Kalia decides to play for herself and not try and protect Dani. When Dani comes into the HOH, Kalia lies and she tells Dani that Rachel will give Dani and Kalia protection. Dani does not like this idea and does not want to play with Rachel. Kalia tells Dani that she feels like she is in her shadow and needs to step out and make a move. Dani tells her that she is making the wrong move. Dani thinks that Kalia is throwing away her week. The two argue back and forth about the issue. Kalia tells Dani that she will be protected as well but Dani does not trust Rachel.

The sacrificial lamb named Lawon
In the HOH Lawon offers himself up for not only nomination...but to be evicted. If Kalia is worried about someone leaving and coming back with a vengeance, Lawon says to evict him and he will come back it will be good. In the DR he says that he is offering himself up for eviction because he thinks that he will come back with a special power. Boy is he wrong. Lawon is very confident. Dani is feeling good with this plan. She feels like she can make a deal with Rachel to keep her, which will cover her butt with Rachel. They will evict Lawon (like he asked) and then he will come back...and if he doesn’t then whoopsie! It is a win-win situation for Dani, Kalia and Rachel. Kalia is shocked that Lawon asked to be evicted and says that if he doesn’t come back he will replay this moment over and over again. This may be the stupidest move in Big Brother history. In the past in Big Brother, there have been some stupid moves. In Big Brother 3, Marcellas Reynolds (BB3&BB7) chose NOT to use the POV on himself and was evicted. In Big Brother 8, Dustin Erikstrup (BB8) offered to go on the block against Evel Dick, after Dick won the Veto and saved Danielle. Dustin was evicted and as you know Dick won season 8. These are two famous stupid moves, but I think Lawon’s move might take the cake.

The POV Ceremony begins, Lawon tells the DR that he is going to give the acting performance of Big Brother history. Rachel is hoping that Kalia takes her deal and Jeff does not want Jordan to be nominated. Jeff stands and decides to use the veto to save himself. Like planned Kalia nominated Lawon. Lawon stands and looks serious/angry. Best acting of the century Lawon...good job. Everyone seems to be comfortable going into eviction. Rachel feels safe beside Lawon and says that she doens’t even think Lawon knows he has been nominated. Jeff and Jordan are safe and are still coming after Kalia. Kalia and Danielle feel like their targets have be shrunk. The rest of the floaters are still happily floating and Lawon is excited to be evicted...are these people crazy??? This is the Big Brother house, you should never feel comfortable.