Farewell Janelle

One of the best players to never win the game is how Big Brother 10 winner Dan Geesling described Janelle Pierzina to his “league of minion” Danielle, and he could very well be right. Of course there are those who will disagree with Dan’s homage, as Janelle has almost as many non-fans as she does fans. Nonetheless this polarizing player has always been the star of the show whenever appearing on the Big Brother stage.

Who can forget the buxom blonde when she first flounced into the Big Brother house on season six, her blonde hair curvaceous body, baby blues and bimbo like voice at first had many rolling their eyes. Then the real Janelle showed up earning the feedsters respect, taking on the Nerd Herd with reckless abandon. She answered her detractors by avoiding eviction no matter how many times she was on the block, winning competitions in true competitors style (even causing “a harm” when necessary to ensure victory) and lasted longer than most expected with such great odds against her. She was a player that had message boards and chat rooms afire. You either cheered for her, or jeered at her.

Then we welcomed (or begrudged) her return the following season for Big Brother All Stars. Once again Janelle, the Buxom Blond Bombshell proved her prowess, even more so by winning four HOH’s and five POV’s during the season of the stars. Of course Janelle did not win either season, falling victim to the nerds of season six, and to a nomance on season seven.

At the close of season seven many thought we’d seen the last of Janelle. But she would make an appearance for a competition on season eight, making Evel Dick a blabbering over the hill idiot as she once again flounced about in true Janelle style…she still had it. Then she for the most part fell off of the Big Brother radar, entering into matrimony and later motherhood. The Buxom Blond Bombshell had been tamed, roped in and taken off the market. Surely her Big Brother days were behind her as she entered into domestic bliss…but wait.

Janelle returned for a third season, the current season. She returned as one of four coaches along with Dan Geesling, winner of season 10. Mike “Boogie” Malin, winner of Big Brother All Stars and Britney Haynes Godwin, a “played” player who fell victim to the Brigade on season 12. Many were excited to see Janelle back for season 14, surely one of the best players to never win the game would dominate. She and her team (under her tutelage) would be a force to be reckoned with, or would they? Well, no…not so much. And since the coaches entered the game as regular players, her former team, as well as the other coaches, have distanced themselves from her. Especially since current HOH Danielle (who I hear has received an honorary mention from the Nerd Herd for her constant bashing of Janelle) placed her on the block for eviction.

And so tonight Janelle faces eviction from the Big Brother house for the third and likely final time. If evicted it will be her earliest exit from the game to date, and although I am a fan of hers, I will not be sorry to see her go. She has played a lack-luster game this time around. She has (in this feedsters opinion) lost her fight, her drive and her competitive edge. But still she has my respect as, to quote Dan, one of the best players to never win the game.