Friday July 15th 20111

The first live eviction of BB13 was last night. The game got more real for the house guests as they watched one of their own walk out of the doors of the Big Brother house. The veterans realized that they need to step up their social game in order to bring some newbies on their side to ensure that they have the numbers for the eviction and that in the event that they do not win the HOH, they hope to build enough connections that they will not go up. The beginning of last nights episode showed some last minute social game play and a famous Brenchel spat. The veterans also allowed Adam to think of a name for the alliance of the vets + Adam. They did this in hopes to bring Adam closer to their side and by appealing to the Big Brother super fan in him. He chose... “Adam’s Angels” comment.

Hey Everybody! Hey Julie!
Julie showed a clip from Dick to the house guests. Danielle looked visibly upset. Dick tells the HG’s that he will be watching every episode and he wants to see good game play, strategy, fighting and basically a good season. Which is something all of us as fans are also looking forward too. Naturally the first person Julie goes to is Danielle. She asks Danielle to say something to Dick since he is watching. Danielle reminds us that this part is not Big Brother and it is her life. She was put on the spot and handled herself well. She was nervous and visibly upset and then BANG Julie puts her on the spot even further by saying “no i love you”. It was uncomfortable to watch and I felt for Danielle, she was put in an awkward position.

Portia and Keith both pled their case to the house guests. The speeches were not spectacular. Keith reminded everyone that it is JUST a game. Whereas, Portia said how it has been nice to play with the veterans, the super fans (who know more than the veterans...perhaps they know more about their BB history but in terms of playing the game?) and the rest of the newbies. The live voting begins. The nominees and Rachel do not vote. The votes to evict went as follows...
Dominic, Cassi, Lawon, Adam all voted to evict Porsche
Brendan, Jordan, Jeff, Dani all voted to evict Keith
The last two newbies Kalia and Shelly switched over to the veterans side and voted to evict Keith.
Before casting her vote Danielle made a statement, “I just want to say really quick that I do love my father and I have done nothing but worry about him every day since I’ve been in here since he left”(Danielle Donato, BB13, Ep.4, CBS). Good job Dani!

By a vote of 6 to 4...Keith was evicted from the Big Brother house and therefore Porsche receives a golden key protecting her from eviction until the top 10. Keith exits the house and sits with Julie. One of the newbies says “someone is gonna get an ass whopping in this house”, I am not sure of who said it, but it is definitely in regards to two newbies flipping. One small note I would like to make is that as fans we know that the order the house guests vote is USUALLY determined by how CBS thinks they will vote. The last ones to vote are the ones that are either up in the air or the most surprising. In last nights case it was Kalia and Shelly to vote last...these are the two that flipped on the newbies. A super fan...should be able to figure this out based on the voting order.
While sitting with Keith Julie points out to Keith that throwing the Veto is NEVER a smart move. She also points out that choosing Porsche was probably not the best idea because your partner can make or break you. Keith seems very honest and is a good sport about leaving. His goodbye messages were good, Lawon called him a ticking time bomb, ready to explode...BOOM. Rachel's was very Rachel like and Porsche wore a shirt that said “you can look but you can’t touch”.

“The Big Brother Open”
And with that, we move on to the second HOH competition of the season. The competition is like miniature golf with all of the players trying to get into the hole marked with the number one. With numbers not on their side the veterans need to win this competition. Rachel (the out going HOH) Dani and Porsche (Golden Key holders) do not get to participate. Rachel determined the putting order, Dominic, Adam, Cassi, Shelly, Lawon and Kalia (the newbies) went first followed by Jordan, Jeff and Brendon. The strategy that the veterans had come up with the night prior was that of the veterans, Jordan would go first and hopefully beat the newbies so that Brendon and Jeff could throw the competition. The reason the veterans wanted Jordan to win HOH was so that next week in the event of an endurance competition Rachel, Brendon and Jeff are all able to play. This was a good strategy for them. All of the newbies putt, Dominic and Kalia tie with a 6. Jordan putts and gets her ball in the 3 slot...Jeff cheers, as does the studio audience. Jeff steps up and over shoots by far. Brendon putts and taps the ball in the opposite direction. The veterans celebrate as Jordan saved the day! The boys threw the game as planned. I would like to point out that Jordan is good at this game, this is the same game in season 11 that she won her HOH. If the boys had actually attempted to win, there is a good possibility Jordan would have won regardless. They do not give her enough credit.

Now that the veterans have won HOH two weeks in a row, how will Jordan’s reign as HOH effect the house? Who will she nominate and how will the POV come into play?
We survived the first week of Big Brother 13 and it was intense. Imagine what the next few weeks have in store.