Dumbledore-gate started with a simple remark by Kalia: she said that author JK Rowling was totally poor and wrote the book to make money and to entertain her kids. Then Rachel started to talk about Hagrid and Dumbledore. Kalia said that Rowling wrote the Dumbledore character as a originally gay. Everyone in HOH was surprised by this.

Jeff said "Who's Dumbledorf.. who is that, the big guy?".. Rachel then said "why would she want a gay character?" while Jeff in the background said "That would be perverted!" Kalia explained that she made the character so that her kids and other kids would understand homosexuality.

Jeff said "how is he meant to be gay? he doesn't have any gay tendencies..." Kalia interrupted and said "maybe that's the point! so that people like you don't stereotype gay people".

Jeff said "WHAT DO YOU mean stereotypes around gay people? He's in a school with little kids, you can't make THAT GUY GAY!"

Kalia squealed "WHYYYY? Gay men can't work with little kids!?"

Jeff said "It isn't right to have it in a little kids book, and have the head master locked away in this magical land, be gay. That isn't the right kind of writing to do."

Kalia doesn't see anything wrong with it. "I don't see why not!"

Jeff said "Oh I can see your PC view of it, but it's not the right thing to do..." she asked him "WHY is it PC?"

Jeff said to her "Listen, you know what I'm talking about and don't make it seem like you're doing the right thing by saying it's not! You are going to let your kids read a story book where little kids go to fantasy camp without their parents and the guy is GAY?"

Kalia: "Just because he is gay, doesn't mean there is a thing wrong with him!"

Jeff: "Get the fuck out! Don't start with that fucking shit!" While Kalia was trying to defend herself, Jeff yelled louder "Don't tell me the right answer for fucking T.V!"

Kalia: "I'm not doing it for t.v! You want to know why I do it? My little sister is gay!"

Jeff: "I don't give a fuck if your sister's gay! Think about what it is!"

Kalia: "I truly don't understand..."

Jeff: "You don't understand what I'm talking about?? Then I don't understand either."

Kalia: "I don't understand why he can't be a headmaster.."

Jeff: "You're right, you're right! I don't want to talk about it then!"
Then the subject changed, but the damage was done. Live feeders immediately put the entire thing on YouTube, and not long afterward CBS had it pulled. Entire transcript can be found here:

(I found the following comments on "Oh No They Didn't," a great site. )


"So sick of all the BB fans trying to excuse this shit just because they think he's hot."

"it's really sad- plus we all know BB is not going to show their Golden Boy on the live show doing this type of crap. Pathetic- someone in the diary room is probably going to hint to him to ask for forgiveness or something."

"...he probably only cares about what his image is & that this will make him look bad..... (instead of the fact that it was completely reprehensible for him to say it in the first place)"

"Oh, wow Jeff. I liked you, but now not so much. Asshole."

"Jeff doesn't hate hate gay people. He's just dumb and ignorant. He went to catholic school and was raised that way. Kalia is annoying so of course he blew up on her, it wasn't about him being homophobic, it was about how much she annoys him. - I kid you not. People will stan hardcore for decent looking white boys."

A writer on TV.com summed it up rather well. " never actually said this, but it was pretty clear what he was getting at: that Dumbledore's sexuality would automatically predispose him to being a pedophile and sex predator. He was suggesting that Dumbledore would molest boy wizards! That attitude-that gays can't be around children because they'd rape them-is a hugely bigoted and hopelessly outdated argument, traditionally used by homophobes to perpetuate hate crimes against gay people and deny them basic rights. It makes Jeff look really, really bad. And the fact that he argued so passionately for it over a completely fictional character in a children's book makes him look even worse. Idiot.
see http://www.tv.com/news/big-brothers-jeff-schroeder-goes-on-a-homophobic-rant-against-dumbledore-26238/ for more of this article. Very well written.

Schroeder was also asked about “Dumbledore-gate.” He said that he shouldn't have said what he said and he's “totally not that person.” He said he apologizes for the comment and that "he's not a bad guy."This was in the back yard interview at the finale.

A writer from Big Brother Access perhaps said it the best: "Jeff maintains a Twitter account at @jeffschroeder23, where he has previously expounded on his love of Justin Bieber‘s Never Say Never movie and fat free blueberry muffins from Dunkin Donuts. Dude, you love Bieber and fat free muffins and you are ranting about gays? Really?" http://bigbrotheraccess.com/big-brother-13-houseguest-profile-jeff-schroeder-351946/

I found comments in Jeff's forum here on Jokers: these seem to speak to how the world views him now that all is said and done.

Comments from Jokers

I love you & not because you're so extremely handsome but because you're so damn funny and you keep it real. You don't ooze fakeness like the rest of the houseguests. You and Jordan seem like a match made in heaven and I wish the best for you both.

I like You because You speak Your mind You show passion and you get excited about things you believe. I do think You need to work on controlling Your temper because there are haters out there looking for any stone to throw. You are what my Father would call a Man's Man ...Every Guys friend every girls dream lol . Good Luck the rest of the way and P.S. Marry that woman named Jordan that puts up with all Your quirks and still loves ya!!!Dont let her get away ...

Finally I researched Jeff's fan clubs.

Found huge Jeff/Jordan fan club (5288 members on FB. Still active Dec. 13, I see.) Did a search on "Homophobe". Nope, didn't come up. Only two posts had "Gay" in them. https://www.facebook.com/groups/115982876002/

This fan club reminds us that no matter what, Jeff remains popular: at the BB 13 finale, he won America's Favorite Player for the second time, something that's never been accomplished before.

This one only viewable by friends.

Jeff's Fan Page: 7281 'like' it.

How could people go through such an emotional transformation over a reality celeb?

I had a suspicion, but it would take much more research (sigh.) Finally I located numbers that, while not perfect, were close enough to validate my hypothesis: I'd be fascinated to learn what YOU think caused such a change in perception.

My hypothesis was simple: there are so many more TV viewers than feed viewers, the TV viewers were never aware of Dumbledore-gate. Next I had to track down numbers. It was a BITCH.

The audience on Showtime 2 grew eight percent this year, “averaging 168,000 viewers per night.”

There were 8.11 million TV viewers while from what I could had one hell of a time finding, somewhere in the neighborhood of 60,000 people who watch live feeds. Subtracting the Showtime and Live Feed numbers, you're left with 7,882,000 who never saw Jeff's rant. Ergo he won America's Favorite in spite of his actions, and he still has an enormous fanbase. Of course CBS will take that into account when putting him on shows such as TAR.

This works except for one factor: Internet viewers seem to still love him, too.

If you have any idea why this should be so, feel free to PM me (anon if you like) or email jokerette@jokersupdates.com and I'll add it to a final article.

(P.S. I never really did find the number of actual live feed watchers. First one who does and either tweets it or PMs it to me (with link to a valid site) gets a tee shirt.