BB12: Halfway Through the Epic 24-Part Series "Chumming With Brendon and Britney"

As the dunk count hits 12 and the BB Clock hits 8:45(ish), Britney wakes and asks "didn't we just do one?" Our chummy heroes stagger sleepily on over to the tub o' chum. Brendon mutters something that's lost to my ears and, possibly, to recorded history.

Ear-cleaning guidance is once again helpfully provided by Britney. As they head over to the now sun-drenched hot tub, Brendon confesses that this is possibly the deepest sleep he's ever gotten in the BB House.

Britney says - in a new dunk routine twist! - "Would you care if I go pee" and the chivalrous knight accedes. As Britney enters the bathroom we get BUBBLES! (not in the toilet, but the WBRB kind)

Will this be the last private dunking for the chums? Will the other HG's be up for the day to witness the lucky 13th chum cycle? Stay tuned for the next exciting installment!