Good Riddance Danielle

Dani this poem is a pleasure to write
It's a good riddance that's long overdue
But before the final goodbye is said
I have a few things to say to you

You’re smug, arrogant and conceited
The apple didn't fall far from its tree
You are definitely the daughter of Evel
That much is plain to see

I get that you played what you thought was good game
And I do think you're a strong player
But when the game you played first was played on you
You turned into an all out hater

You couldn't respect that the others
Have their own game to play too
But nope in true Dani style
You think everything is about you

You said in your eviction speech to the others
That you were the only one who loved this game
Are you seriously that full of yourself?
Nevermind…I recall your last name

You said to Julie that others were bad players
Further saying Adam was the worst ever
Well, Adam is still in the house and your not
So guess your little insult wasn't that clever

You played this game thinking you were badass
Seeing a house you could rule with a fury
Tell me Dani, how is your view now
The view from the jury

So Dani Danato, you're “danunzio”
Out of the money, it's kinda sad
But don't worry Big Brother will soon be over
Then you can scurry back to the shadow of your Dad

Good riddance Dani and thanks, for reminding me that it’s necessary to have a little Evel in the world, otherwise we wouldn’t recognize all the good.