Monday August 8th 2011

Kalia is victorious and Dani can stop holding her breath. Dani had just told her that same day that she had to win. Kalia is happy that she can show Dani, that she can pull her own weight. This win shows that Kalia is not the floater that everyone thought she was. After the HOH competition, Jeff is not happy with Porsche for putting Jeff and Shelly against each other. Porsche says that it was an honest mistake and that she was nervous. From watching the show you can tell that Porsche isn’t lying and that she was nervous and just spitted out the two names that were beside each other. Rachel is devastated with Kalia’s win and knows that she will be nominated, as well as with Brendon leaving the house. Kalia takes a moment to celebrate in the storage room as Rachel begins to cry in the have not room. Kalia goes into the bubble gum bedroom and talks to Porsche and Dani, they tell her that Jeff is mad at Porsche. Porsche goes into the Have Not room to comfort Rachel. Rachel thanks Porsche for being her friend. Jordan joins the pity party in the have not room and also attempts to lift Rachel’s spirits. Jordan tells Rachel that time flies in the BB house and that six weeks without Brendon will go by fast. She then reassures Rachel that this week was not a good week to win HOH because the person evicted has an opportunity to come back into the house. Porsche leaves and Jordan tells Rachel to be careful. Jeff comes in and the three of them talk about not trusting Porsche because she put Shelly and Jeff against each other. They agree that not winning HOH was not a big deal because of the new twist. Rachel is ready to compete and stop crying!

Who wants to see Kalia’s HOH room?
The houseguest’s go up to see Kalia’s HOH room. There is a sign on the table that says Kalia’s Room which has been on her bedroom door since she born. She sees the pictures of the mom and sisters and starts balling. She is holding the picture and crying. She really misses her mom.The pictures are really nice and her sisters all look a lot like her. Jeff doesn’t understand why she is crying so much. He likens it to walking into a morgue. There is a cute picture of Kalia and her youngest sister. Shelly understands how Kalia feels and she is crying in the DR, explaining that her little girl starts school Monday and it will be the first time that she has ever missed Josie’s first day of school. First days of school are big things for moms and seeing how close Kalia is with her mom is making her miss her baby more.

The sucking up begins...
Dani tells Kalia that when people come up to talk to her just to listen, because they will start pouring out information and throwing people under the bus. Just listen but do not tell them what your plans are. Rachel is the first one to knock on the bedroom door. Kalia asks how she is doing and Rachel says that it is hard and Kalia understands. She asks for a minute to talk to Kalia and Dani leaves the room. Rachel tells Kalia that she is excited for her and that she really deserved HOH. Rachel also tells Kalia that she respects her as a competitor and that even though she does not owe her anything if Kalia kept her safe that she would return the favor because it is a “competitive respect thing”. For Rachel to respect some one as a competitor (besides Brendon and herself) is like the highest spot on the Rachel Reilly totem pole. Whether she is being honest is still up for debate. Kalia thinks that teaming up with Rachel could be a good idea because no one would expect it.

Shelly and Kalia have a heart to heart about family and upbringing. Shelly asks if her parents were well off. Kalia explains that her parents raised to know that she can have everything she wanted if she works for it. They instilled confidence in her. Shelly asks if she has ever felt discriminated against and she says yes absolutely. Kalia explains that people have a certain stereotypes about blacks and that sometimes they are impressed with how she speaks, as if they expect her to live in the hood. Kalia says more so then the vernacular that being a women of color means that she is stereotyped as a diva or bitch. Shelly seems surprised that it happens a lot. Shelly feels like she is getting to know Kalia on a more personal level. On a some what related side note there is a book called The Help written by Kathryn Stockett. I just recently read it and the movie adaptation is coming out this Friday. I am generally not a fan of this book genre but I recommend it to everyone, the book was amazing. Or to save time you can go see the movie!

Adam calls everyone into the living room and un-ELF’s himself.
Kalia and Dani discuss nominations. They decide that Kalia will nominate Jeff and Rachel but first she will tell Jeff that he is going up so that he can play and win the POV, which will guarantee that Rachel leaves the house. Dani is happy that this week the blood will be on Kalia’s hands and not hers for a change.

Mixing It Up in the Backyard
Its time for the Have/Have not competition. In the backyard a Big Brother Martini lounge is set up. The houseguest separate into two teams. The blue team consists of Jeff, Jordan, Shelly and Rachel. The read team consists of Porsche, Lawon, Danielle and Adam. A member of each team must go up to the bar and mix a drink using three ingredients along with milk from a list of food. The members of each team will have to take a shot of the opponents concoction and try to correctly identify each ingredient. For each correct ingredient they receive a point. If they tie at the end of the round they have to have a “chug off” and the first one to finish the full glass wins that round for their team. There will be three rounds. Which means Rachel and Adam did not participate.

Round 1: Jeff vs. Lawon
Jeff’s Drink - Scrambled Eggs, Apple sauce, Gorgonzola Cheese
Lawon’s Drink- Corned Beef Hash, Creamed Corn and Potato Chips
Jeff and Lawon both correctly identify two ingredients each. They have a chug off and Jeff wins this round.

Round 2: Shelly vs. Porsche
Shelly’s Drink-Beets, Dill Pickles, Jalapenos
Porsche’s Drink- Carrots, Yams, Cocktail Onions
Shelly correctly identifies only one ingredient. Jeff tells her the second one is Yams and he does not take his advice. Porsche identifies two ingredients and wins this round. The team is suspicious of Shelly.

Round 3: Jordan vs. Danielle
Jordan’s Drink-Spray Cheese, Liverwurst and Creamed Corn
Dani’s Drink- Horseradish, Sauerkraut and Apple Sauce
Jordan could hardly take the shot. Both Dani and Jordan were only able to correctly identify one ingredient each, They tied and had to have a chug off. I dare all of you to try and chug horseradish! Danielle finished first and won for the red team.

After the competition Jordan was very upset and crying because she felt like she lost the competition for her team. Jeff tried to comfort her because he doesn’t like to see her cry because she is so innocent and was upset because she wanted to help her team. America voted and the have nots were given Coconuts and Catfish to enjoy in addition to slop. Jeff and Rachel are happy because there are a lot of things you can do with catfish. Jordan does not like fish and she wasn’t sure if you could eat coconuts or if they are for drinking. Clearly the only coconut’s Jordan has had are in Pina Coladas, which just happens to be Rachel’s favorite way to eat a coconut! Jordan is crying in the have not room about the competition. She is frustrated because Porsche and Lawon sit back and do nothing. She is sick of the people just swaying in the middle while Jeff, Rachel and herself compete. She apologizes for crying about it in the DR and is frustrated with the house which was amplified by the loss of the competition.

Shelly and Kalia talk final three. Kalia says that she wants to work with Shelly. Shelly proposes a final three with Dani and Kalia. In the DR Shelly explains that she was being disingenuous with Kalia and she wants to go to the final three with Jeff and Jordan, but she would be stupid not to make sure that she covers herself with both alliances.

Emotions runs high
Before the nomination ceremony Jeff and Jordan go to talk to Kalia in the HOH room. Kalia starts to tell them that they are not her target, but that Jeff will be going up. Jeff tells her that if Rachel wins that he will be evicted. Jordan looses it and gets very upset. She tells Kalia that she is making two big targets and that one person will win the POV and the other one will be coming back. Jordan tells Jeff that the reason he is going on the block is because they don’t care if Rachel wins the veto and Jeff goes home. Jordan asks why she wouldn’t put up a floater, someone who is dead weight and will not make a difference if they come back into the house. Jordan leaves the room and Jeff tells Kalia not to talk to him like he is a fool that if he gets the POV or if he leaves that she is now his number one target and he will come back and target her. Jeff reminds her that she should be making her own decisions and that it is not Danielle in the picture frames in her room. Jeff talks about floaters and says “They are floating around in rafts, this house I’m drowning in here because of everyone else in this house, they haven’t done shit”(Jeff Schroeder, BB13, Ep.14, CBS). Jeff says that he will win POV and if she puts Jordan up, that Jordan won’t go home against Rachel and if he gets evicted he will come back and get her...and if Jordan was evicted that she would come back to get her. So basically WE will come and GET YOU KALIA!!!! RUN AWAY....BE AFRAID
Its nomination time and you could cut the tension with a knife. The ceremony goes on as follows...Adam is safe, Porsche is safe, Danielle is safe, Jordan is safe and she says that they should have left her key out because she knows that if someone wins POV that she will be going up, Lawon is safe, Shelly is safe. This means that Jeff and Rachel have been nominated for eviction. Kalia says that in the end her family taught her to be a strong person and make the decisions best for her, and not to lay down and let others make her decisions. Rachel decides that she will follow Danielle around the house to annoy her. Dani sees this week as a win-win with either one of the nominees going home. Rachel warns that if she gets evicted, she will come back and fight tooth and nail to come after Kalia.

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