Friday September 2nd 2011

The duo twist is back and tonight claims its next victim. Julie tells us it is day 62 and the end of the most tumultuous week in the history of the game. After last weeks double of eviction of power players Danielle and Jeff both sides were down and Porsche won it for the newbies but with the duo twist back in and the odds stacked against Rachel she was able to pull out a win and save her and Jordan. Julie takes us to after Rachel used the POV to save Jordan and herself. Shelly has been working Rachel and Jordan since Rachel won the POV and she is ready to campaign. Adam is ready to kiss some veteran butt to save himself. Rachel and Jordan are in the DR together and Jordan says in her Rachel voice... guess what newbies, double trouble is back! Rachel says if you thought Brenchel was coming for you, now you have JOCHEL to deal with...Come on Rachel, Jordenchel or JoRa but really? Jochel? Jordan laughs at Rachel. Rachel says that Jordan and her control who gets evicted and she cannot wait to see Shelly grovel at her feet. Jordan says woooo Rachel. Porsche is not happy with her re-nominations and is not celebrating.

Desperation Sets In
Shelly goes into the fortune teller purple room and starts to think about her next moves. She is alone in the room with the door closed. She is convinced that the fortune teller does something and that perhaps it provides a twist or a special power. She presses the buttons on it and its eyes light up. She thinks it must do something else because what other purpose does it have for being in the house. Therefore, she proceeded to talk to the fortune teller machine and sit in the room for the next three hours waiting for the machine to do or give her anything. She realizes that she is loosing it when she says that she is grown women staring at this machine. She even tries flattery...and it does nothing except laugh when she leaves the room.

Cubic zirconia’s are a girls best friend?
Outside in the backyard Shelly tries to use flattery with Rachel to try and talk her way into the final three with Rachel and Jordan. Shelly tells Rachel to use her as a pawn and she would be crazy not to. Shelly tells her that she has tried to play the game and Rachel says that she understands that. If anyone understands playing the game it is Rachel. Rachel tells her that is why she is talking to her and giving her a chance rather than just evicting her. Rachel tells Shelly that she cannot trust her and does not know that Shelly would not nominate her. Shelly tells Rachel that she wouldn’t and Rachel smiles and tells her to be real with each other. Shelly then tells Rachel that she will give Rachel her Past Present Future diamond ring to hold onto and that she will not let Rachel walk out of the door with it, if she does she can keep it. In the DR Shelly explains that her parents gave her the ring and it is very special to her, it is three diamonds and Rachel liked it. Rachel’s response in the DR to Shelly trying to give her ring was,“I’m not going to take you ring lady. Like I don’t want your stupid ring, I just need to know that you won’t back stab me again” (Rachel Reilly, BB13, Ep.25,CBS). Shelly is desperate and Rachel tells her that she is considering keeping Shelly and she definitely knows Shelly has 100% lied and manipulated. Rachel says that she has been playing this game, probably better then anyone else. Shelly sees a glimmer of hope and in the DR reveals that the ring she has in the house is a duplicate of the real ring and is actually made with cubic zirconia. She seems to think that her ring sealed the deal.

In the have not room Rachel and Jordan talk about the possibility of keeping Shelly because she is a target. Adam comes in and tells them that he has been loyal to them. His final four was originally with Shelly, but now it is Rachel. Jordan says that they have done a lot for him and that he would owe them again. Adam says in the DR that he knows that he is not the best game player, but he will do anything to stay in the game. Rachel calls Adam the ultimate definition of floater and she knows that he goes where the power is each week. Jordan just does not have a good feeling about keeping Shelly. In the backyard Shelly, Rachel and Jordan talk. Rachel tells Shelly that they do not trust her. Rachel is considering keeping her to keep a target in the game, which is a good strategy, but not when we are down to the final weeks. Shelly asks for forgiveness again. Jordan says that if Shelly was that quick to vote Jeff out and turn on them, then what makes them think she won’t do it again. Jordan needs security that Shelly is actually with them. Shelly says that she is with them 100%. Jordan asks how many competitions she has thrown. Shelly claims that she only threw the first HOH and nothing else. Then we flash back to last week’s zingbot competition and we see Shelly throw the competition. Rachel thinks that the one good thing about keeping Shelly is that Kalia and Porsche do not like her and it is good to keep your enemies target. Jordan is struggling with the decision on who to evict.

Into the living room we go. Julie goes to Jordan and tells her with Jeff gone, she found herself partnered with Rachel this week, how has that been? Jordan laughs and says that Rachel is...Rachel finishes the sentence and says the best! She is laughing. Jordan says you are. Jordan tells Julie that she is a handful, very entertaining and she never gets bored with her. Rachel says that she saved them. They are quite the unlikely pair. Julie turns to Kalia and asks for her reaction to Porsche opening Pandora’s box. Kalia said that she was thinking since something bad would be unleashed that it better have been worth it. Julie asks Shelly what the most difficult part of the week was? Shelly said the hardest part was the ramifications of her game move last week and how they effected Jordan. Julie tells Adam has been the only man in the house for a week now, so what is the best part of living with all those women? He says that Julie should be asking the ladies how it is to live with the sexiest man to ever play Big Brother. They all laugh at Adam. He says that he is usually around women and he is used to it, he just needs his Apple-tini...and 90210. Julie asks Rachel is she thinks Brendon was surprised to see Danielle and Jeff as they entered the jury house. Rachel responds that she thinks Brendon was shoccccked to see Dani and Jeff.

Jury House Part 1:
A Donato in the jury house?! This is a first.
We get our first look at the jury house for the season. A lot of times everyone is more excited to see the jury house, because that is usually where the best players end up, since they all take each other out.
First we see Brendon in the jury house alone. He is picking oranges for orange juice and playing ping pong by himself. He hopes that his partner will know how to play ping pong or at least hold a paddle, so he could beat them. He looks really relaxed and very light. In terms of who walks in the door, he is torn because if Rachel walks through he gets a week vacation with her, but he would like to see Danielle come in and get a taste of her own medicine. He is studying at a table when...shockkkkker Dani comes in. They hug and Brendon is happy not to see Rachel’s red hair come through the door. Dani says that she evicted Brendon two times this season and apparently he is a zombie, is still alive and now she has to live with him. Brendon asks what happened and Dani tells him that Jeff won HOH and back doored her. They decide to watch her demise, they sit on a couch and she says “I’m not used to jury, I’m not used to being a loser like you”(Danielle Donato, BB13, Ep.25,CBS), he says thank you and as head loser he gets to work the remote. Brendon would have liked the zingbot competition. They watch Jeff nominate her after he uses the veto. Brendon says that she is melting him with her laser eye beams. She says she was trying not to say anything. Brendon asks her after watching that, does she want Jeff to come through the door? She says that as a bitter factor that she does. They go into the kitchen and cut oranges for orange juice. Dani says the person she wants to see most is Adam because he does not deserve to win the game because he has not played for himself. She says that Jeff’s back must hurt from carrying Adam. Brendon seems way to into the orange juice. Jeff walks in and you hear Brendon say “ohhh man” and Dani say... “shockkkkkker”.

Jury House Part 2:
Bookie, D.Donato & Big Jeff...One big happy family
When Jeff enters the kitchen he says, “So is our alliance still good, or what? Dude, double eviction sucks”(Jeff Schroeder, BB13, Ep.25,CBS). Brendon is surprised to see Jeff. Dani is excited and says KARMA. Jeff says that karma was when he got her out, and she says it is not because she was going to keep them safe. Jeff is more upset because he had no clue he even had a chance of leaving since it was a double eviction. He tells them that Kalia won HOH and Dani is excited and says “that’s my girl”, he then says that Porsche won POV and she is laughing because her girls pulled it off. He tells them Shelly voted to evict him, and Brendon is surprised by this, but Dani is not. Dani says that she loves that alliance. Brendon mentions their initial alliance and says that if they had all stuck together in the first place, that they could have made it to the end. Dani admits that all three of the jury members are there because of her, together at last. They sit down to watch the events of double eviction night. Dani is excited to see Kalia win the HOH and stick to her word by nominating Jeff. Brendan says that maybe Danielle should be a hypnotist after BB and she says or a coach? They then watch the POV and Jeff can’t believe that he threw out the clown shoe. He is mad that he didn’t look to the left and see the shoe that he threw out rather than continue to search for a shoe that was not in the ball pit. Brendon tells him not to play the “what if” game. Jeff says that it is ridiculous that he is out because of a clown shoe. They see Porsche win and Dani claps for her girl. They show Porsche in the veto ceremony saying that it is what Danielle would have wanted, Brendon looks at Dani and says OMG really? Dani is just laughing because the boys hate it that her girls were loyal to her even after she left. They sought revenge for her eviction. We see Jeff getting evicted and he is disappointed about how he left Jordan and was not able to tell her anything. He was feeling better and watching it brought him right back down. He is more mad about the fact that it was a clown shoe that got in his way of half a million dollars. He says he hates clowns and his kids will not get any birthday parties because it is ruined for him. Dani and Brendon will have to deal with it all week. He says her gloating makes him more sick about it and she says zinggg. Brendon asks if Jeff wants Shelly out next? He says yes and he has some words for Shelly. They are wondering who won HOH, they figure it was Jordan or Porsche based on the practice snake game. Jeff says if Jordan can pull this off and win again, then him going out happened for a reason. As mayor of Jury town USA Brendon welcomes Jeff and says that their population has grown to three.

What is interesting about the Jury house is that Brendon was back doored by Danielle and she became the next member of the jury. Danielle was back doored by Jeff and then he became the third member of the jury and now Jeff was betrayed by Shelly and she will be joining them in the jury. Vicious circle? or sweet revenge?

Back in the Big Brother house...
Julie goes to Porsche in the HOH room. Julie asks if Porsche regrets opening Pandora’s box? She says that she does. Julie asks what the status of Rachel and Jordan’s final four deal is? Porsche reveals that the final four deal was offered before she opened Pandora’s Box. This means we had some clever editing in this week’s episodes. If the final four was offered BEFORE Pandora’s box...that means that Pandora’s box happened AFTER Rachel and Jordan were already nominated for eviction. Which is not how the episodes this week showed the order of events. This means that Rachel and Jordan were nominated, CBS came up with a Pandora’s Box twist that would allow a duo to win POV together...coincidence? This is fishy especially since it is very late in the game for a Pandora’s Box to pop up. Julie asks Porsche who she wants to sit next to in the final 2? Porsche says that she wants to sit next to Kalia or another newbie and not a veteran because she does not want the jury to pick sides. Porsche is right because since the Jury house is made up of veterans, taking a veteran would not be a smart move on her part. In the case where a newbie and veteran sit in the final two spots it could go both ways. If they picked sides the vet would win 4-3 BUT, we have to keep in mind that Danielle may not vote with the other veterans especially if Jordan who is a past winner sits in the final. Danielle could easily be the swing vote.

We Are Back
Julie asks Shelly and Adam to stand and give their pleas. Shelly stands and says she loves Tony and Josie. She turns to Rachel and Jordan and says that tonight Rachel and Jordan are the most important people in the room. Kalia’s face is priceless since Shelly just completely discounted her vote. Shelly is begging Jordan and Rachel and basically saying that she can bring them to the final three and they need someone who will help them, and the others can’t say that. She is solely focusing on them and she tells them that she is with them 100%, the three of them are the future and their decision is huge. Porsche and Kalia do not look impressed and the audience is making sounds while Shelly is speaking. Julie turns now to Adam. He stands and says that it has been his dream and they have the ability to hit the snooze button and make it go on a little longer. He tells them to vote how they want to vote and he appreciated the time he has been there. He says that he wants to hang out outside of the house, but hopefully that is not tonight. The voting begins...
Kalia: “Apparently it doesn’t count, but I vote to evict Adam”
Rachel: hesitates and then votes to evict Shelly [the audience cheers]
Jordan: “Another hard choice, I hope I’m not wrong. I feel bad. I’m really sorry. I gotta go with my gut and I vote to evict Shelly”
It is official by a vote of 2-1 Shelly is evicted from the Big Brother house!
Hugs all around and they say their goodbyes.

Outside the house Julie tells Shelly that she is a fighter. Julie says that she even offered up her ring to Rachel. Shelly says that it is not so real, but Julie says that she didn’t know that. Julie asks Shelly what she thinks went wrong? Shelly says that it was her big move last week and she needed to get Jeff and Jordan apart. Julie said she thought it was too soon (come on Julie, its the final 5). Shelly tells Julie that she thought it was her only opportunity with Jeff not playing in the HOH. Julie said that there was still so many people to pick from and it was an early big move. Shelly says it was an early, big, DUMB move. Shelly wants to apologize to Jeff because she realizes that she hurt him and Jordan. She says that she wants to rebuild the bridge between them and that everybody loves Jeff and Jordan and she does too. She also says that in hindsight, if she had seen Jordan’s reaction she wishes she could have rewinded and not voted Jeff out. Julie ask her about lying and writing sentences. Julie asks how big of a wall they need for Shelly to write sentences? Shelly says that Josie will have mommy writing sentences and that she can pick the number. They watch the goodbye messages. Adam says that she was a great player, but she played herself out. Porsche says that she does not know how the house would have stayed clean without her and that she was a great motherly instinct and told her when he skirt was too short or her bathing suit was too sexy. Porsche tells her that she is a great women. Kalia thanks her for being a great friend and a mom away from mom. She tells her she did vote for her because she had to think about her game (but at the last minute Kalia did end up voting for Adam to be evicted). Rachel says that she is engaged and she knows rings and that Shelly’s is not worth half a million dollars. She says Shelly whats that? I can’t hear your motherly advice. Because your evicted. Jordan says that Shelly opened up her eyes because she never thought she would have turned on her and Jeff and that is why she got so mad at her. Jordan says that she never disrespects her elders [the audience laughs]. Jordan says “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”(Jordan Lloyd, BB13, Ep.25, CBS).

“Rollin’ in the Dough”
For the HOH competition the backyard is transformed into a bakery themed paradise. There are baked goods every where and an obstacle course. To play the game house guests must make their way through the gooey doughnut glaze, under the giant rolling pin, under the giant wooden spoon and through the pit of sprinkles to retrieve doughnuts on a table. They will have thirteen minutes (a bakers dozen...season 13...get it?). They must bring back as many doughnuts back to their stand within that time frame and can only bring one doughnut at a time. The house guest with the most doughnuts at the end of the thirteen minutes will be crowned the new HOH. A game similar to this has been played in seasons past. They start and are going fast. Rachel takes an automatic lead, followed by Adam, Jordan and then Kalia. If I have ever seen a competition made for Rachel, this is it. The doughnut glaze is really weighing down the players. After the commercial break Rachel is still in the lead. I am impressed by how close behind Adam is. The HOH is left as a cliff hanger for this week, but you can probably guess who won it.

We are getting down to the wire my friends with less than 14 days left in the game things are going to progress quickly and emotions are going to run high. By next Thursday we will have our final three! The format for this week will be a bit confusing so I will re-iterate with Julie had said...

Sunday September 4th: End of HOH competition, Pandora’s Box (only if the HOH chooses to open it), Nominations

Wednesday September 7th: A special eviction episode will feature the POV competition, POV ceremony and eviction. Which will not be live. We will be left with a finale four. A HOH competition will also be shown.

Thursday September 8th: A live eviction and the start of the FINAL HOH competition of the season between the final 3 players.

The final competition is a three part competition, where the final round is played on finale night (September 14th). Sunday September 11th may show the second round of the competition and will show the final three reflect on their time in the Big Brother house. I am curious to see what kind of visibility live feed viewers will have in the upcoming week since someone will be evicted prior to this Wednesday and these events are usually not shown on the feeds.